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Extension budget talks productive, constructive
By Bernie Cassity

Trying to keep alive our county’s rich traditions of agriculture, education, and serving youth, a contingent of the University of Missouri extension center’s staff made an impassioned plea for financial survival in Thursday, January 16th morning’s Clinton County Commissioner budget meeting.

Ms. Debbie Davis, accompanied by Ms. Brenda Norton, a life-long 4-H member now with the Clinton County Health Department, along with Dale Hunsburger, nine-year veteran extension center employee, gave a well-rounded opening statement, leading the way for an interesting and positive discussion that hit on a variety of themes. Ms. Davis said that after getting the early December, 2013, alert from the Commission about a possible $12,000 budget cut for 2014, the staff had thought through a few things. She stated that they weren’t in attendance to protest the cuts, but trying to “make a tipping point, because without the presence of an extension office, a lot of things will change. How can we work together?”

Final budget cuts 13% from Sheriff’s funds
By Bernie Cassity
The Sheriff’s Department has had a big financial bulls eye on its back for at least seven years and running. By far the biggest line item on the county’s budget, it seems logical to get the most scrutiny. The 2014 budget for Sheriff Porter Hensen has been cut 13% from last year, and in addition, the county is now taking the auto insurance for the sheriff’s vehicles, which the county owns, right out of his budget. A point which perplexes the Sheriff, and he said so during his final meeting with the Commission before they officially signed off on the budget on January 23rd. The sheriff didn’t think that was right, especially since it hasn’t been done in the past.

“All the county department’s should take a 13% cut, too, if you want to be fair about it,” he said. “Remember, we are on 24/7 and 365 days a year.”

Extension budget talks productive, constructive
By Bernie Cassity
Trying to keep alive our county’s rich traditions of agriculture, education, and serving youth, a contingent of the University of Missouri extension center’s staff made an impassioned plea for financial survival in last Thursday morning’s Clinton County Commissioner budget meeting.

Ms. Debbie Davis, accompanied by Ms. Brenda Norton, a life-long 4-H member now with the Clinton County Health Department, along with Dale Hunsburger, nine-year veteran extension center employee, gave a well-rounded opening statement, leading the way for an interesting and positive discussion that hit on a variety of themes. Ms. Davis said that after getting the early December, 2013, alert from the Commission about a possible $12,000 budget cut for 2014, the staff had thought through a few things. She stated that they weren’t in attendance to protest the cuts, but trying to “make a tipping point, because without the presence of an extension office, a lot of things will change. How can we work together?”

Budget talks continue at the county: Prosecutor sees the next cut
An Editorial Commentary Report by Bernie Cassity
The drama builds. Round two of the on-going identification crisis/soap opera began again in earnest last Thursday afternoon, with Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken zealously protecting the county’s business from invasion by a local spy, an alleged illegal reporter without proper credentials. Give me a break, are you kidding? Immaturity at its worst. Two days earlier, on Tuesday afternoon, I had given Mr. Wilken a dated letter from Ms. Pauli Clariday, owner/publisher of the Lathrop Rural Reporter newspaper. The letter, printed in full in last week’s edition, when presented along with my 2013 Press Association card, would be authority to attend any and all public meetings as a representative of the press until my 2014 Missouri Press Card arrives.

I had arrived late for the Thursday afternoon meeting, arriving about 1:40PM, due to a “goat escape” at my small farm. While going through the metal detector, when raising my pant legs for the guard to see the top of my cowboy boots, ensuring there’s no pistol in there, I noticed that the knees of my jeans were wet after partially kneeling into goat urine soaked hay in the barn. Great. Now I’m already late, and smell like goat (urine) and poop. But, by George, I had the letter and my 2013 press card with me, and was good to go.

County “borrowing” clarification
In last week’s “Be Our Guest” editorial, Bernie Cassity stated the county had ““borrowed” $180,000-$190,000 to turn the county’s red ink into black.”

Mr. Cassity was citing a November 28 story in the Clinton County Leader, titled “Clinton County will borrow to stay in the black.” The Leader’s article went on to say Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken anticipated the county being over budget by as much and will “likely look to borrow money from tax revenues collected this fiscal year and meant for FY2014.”

To clarify, the county would not “borrow” funds from an outside source, but rather borrow from other county funds, (for example, Road & Bridge) which must be paid back.

At year’s end, the county did reach into its emergency fund for approximately $83,000, and borrowed approximately $28,000 from early turnover 2014 taxes paid to compensate for the 2013 overages. These are tax dollars earmarked for 2014 expenditures, and must be made up.

Hensen asked to cut budget by $36,000 - Budget talks begin at County: Cassity Comments
An Editorial Commentary Report
By Bernie Cassity
Tuesday afternoon while driving to the Plattsburg Courthouse to attend the County Sheriff’s budget meeting at 1PM, I couldn’t help but notice what a pleasant day it had turned out to be, the sunshine was both bright and warm. Well, that bubble burst when the cold water was thrown.

A few minutes before the start time, while going through the metal detector, I noticed that the foyer was mostly full with what appeared to be visitors and attorneys waiting for the court session. After entering the commissioner’s office, I sat down in front of the long desk, the one with all the gigantic gavels lined up in front of each Commissioner’s chair. I admired the gavels while enjoying some small talk with Charlie Dawson. Nice pieces of wood, very impressive and powerful looking, boy, I thought, you could sure knock somebody in the head with those suckers. I wondered what they were for.

Collision on ice covered road results in death of Easton child
According to the MSHP on January 6, 2014, 8:00am on Route C, four miles east of St. Joseph, in Buchanan County, a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Alicca M. Williams, 24, of Easton, MO was northbound on Route C and a 2002 International 2554 Dump Truck and Snow Plow, driven by Everett D. Goddard, 54, of St. Joseph, was southbound, when Ms. Williams lost control on the snow/ice cover roadway. The Pontiac crossed the centerline, striking the plow with the front of the vehicle. The International travelled off the east side of Route C and came to rest upright off the roadway, facing north. The Pontiac travelled off the west side of Route C and came to rest on its wheels, partly on Route C, facing southeast.

Kaiber L. Williams, 1 year old occupant, son of Ms. Williams was taken by Ambulance to Heartland Medical Center, then Lifenet to Children’s Mercy Hospital and was pronounced at 10:48am by Dr. Raman. The child was not wearing his safety device and was the first fatality in Troop H in 2014.

Mr. Goddard was taken by Heartland Ambulance to Heartland Regional Medical Center with minor injuries. Both he and Ms. Williams were wearing their safety devices.

The International received minor damages and was driven from the scene. The Pontiac was totaled and towed by Randy’s Repair of Gower.

Investigated by Tpr. K.F. Jeffers, assisted by Sgt. W.S. Sims, Tpr. T.J. Black, Tpr. T.B. Heintz, Crash Team members: Sgt. G.Q. Billings and Sgt. H.A. Sears, CVO Supervisor M.T. White, and the Buchanan County Sheriff Department.

Clean Line Transmission project draws opponents 750-mile proposed project would
After Clinton County residents breathed a sigh of relief by avoiding the intrusion of the Midwest Transmission Line project earlier this year, a current project, Grain Belt Express, now threatens to travel through Clinton and Caldwell Counties on its way from Kansas to Indiana.

The 750 mile High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line, called the Grain Belt Express (GBE) is being proposed by Clean Line Energy Partners, LLC of Houston, Texas. The project claims to project thousands of temporary jobs during the construction phase and hundreds of permanent jobs and will deliver wind farm energy from Kansas to the East Coast.

Opponents, however, are organizing efforts to oppose what they see will be detrimental to land values and open the door to eminent domain on hundreds of farms across Missouri.

Chris Fine discusses Common Core: Reference to “racy textbook” clarified
By Pauli Clariday
In last week’s article concerning the discussion of Common Core standards in the Lathrop School District, a comment was incorrectly cited. A quote attributed to Elementary Principal Chauncey Rardon concerning the selection of textbooks with “some that were a little racy,” was not made by Mr. Rardon, but rather Superintendent Chris Fine. In addition, it was not textbooks to which he was referring; it was a listing of sample texts from books used to exemplify the level of complexity of reading material. We apologize for the error.

As parents cited questions and concerns at last week’s meeting, Mr. Fine jotted notes and took papers shared by concerned parents. Following the trail of articles, links, and reference materials in the volumes of objections… and support… is a daunting task.

As a professional educator and school administrator, Fine points to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as the authority in the state’s decision to adopt Common Core standards, and stands by his staff in their research to select and implement curriculum to meet those standards.

Lathrop Sports Complex Initiative underway
By Pauli Clariday

Officers have been elected, formal steps to file as a 501(c)3 have begun, and immediate plans for fund raising are in the works. Parents and citizens have a vision to begin building a new sports complex for Lathrop High School, and they are willing to put their own time and effort into seeing it become a reality.

On Sunday, November 10, president of the newly formed organization Tom Macomber spoke to approximately 40 in attendance about their plans and to nix any rumors that the efforts were a precursor to a political action committee for a future vote.

“We are here to raise money to go to the kids,” Macomber told the audience. “There will be no money going to the vote.”

Parents raise concerns about Common Core
By Pauli Clariday
Although a recent report by The Kansas City Star states that 70% of Missouri school districts are well on their way to adopting the common core standards, a group of concerned parents spoke at a community meeting Sunday, asking Lathrop School District Chris Fine to consider the implications of the curriculum change and fully investigate the spectrum of consequences.

Courtney Armstrong, whose editorial appears on page two of this week’s Rural Reporter, asked superintendent Chris Fine what it would take from the community to sway the district’s adoption. Lathrop implemented the common core standards last year, and the curriculum this year, but will fully be held accountable to testing next year.

Armstrong, along with other parents, expressed their concern and frustration with the abstract-concept math homework their elementary aged children were facing. They questioned the curriculum, which appears to omit science and social studies. But most importantly, they questioned the validity of a set of nationwide standards that were not written by Missouri educators, as Missouri statute mandates.

Clinton County woman charged with animal violations: Forever Friends operator ch
By Pauli Clariday
A woman who was served a summons and entered into a consent agreement with the State of Missouri over violations charging her with animal abuse in Clinton County is now facing additional charges in Kansas City.

Debbie Sharts, who helps run the Forever Friends animal shelter on North Oak Trafficway, was charged this past August in Kansas City with several city ordinance violations including failing to keep animals from unsanitary conditions and inadequate vet care.

Kansas City Animal Control, the Humane Society, and the Missouri Department of Agriculture seized over 70 animals from the shelter on Wednesday, October 30. According to the KC Pet Project, where the animals were taken, several of the animals have upper respiratory health concerns.

Soccer’s Field of Dreams
By Pauli Clariday
In a small town that does not have a soccer program in high school, many young athletes are forced to lay the game aside once they hit their freshman year. Resigned to participate in what is readily available, youngsters that grew up on the soccer field, through rainy springs and drizzly autumns, often have little choice but to leave their soccer cleats and shin guards at the bottom of the hall closet.

But not in Lathrop. Not under the leadership of Lathrop Soccer Club board and its president Jennifer Gentzell. And not with the encouragement and passion of soccer players Tyler Jones and Tyler Gilliland.

In a town where recreational soccer is the only outlet, two of Lathrop’s 2013 graduates today dress out in the green and white uniforms of the Maple Woods Monarch’s college soccer team.

Growing up on the Lathrop Soccer Fields, the two Tylers had a passion and an enthusiasm for their sport. So much so that in a community where pulling together enough players to field a high school co-ed team is difficult at best, this past spring the league fielded two U-16 and one U-18 Coed teams.

Despite the fact that many high school athletes were already participating in school sports, dual-sport athletes continued to put on their cleats and shin guards, brave the mud and cold rains, and hit the fields on a Saturday. They rallied their friends and kept the fun alive and the demands low.

“They told (their friends) they didn’t even have to come to practice,” Tyler Jones’ mom, Melessia Jones said. “They just wanted to play.”

And play, they did.

Man in custody for DWI after causing damages to two vehicles
According to the MSHP on September 21, 2013 at 5:00 p.m., northbound on I-35, 2 miles east of Lathrop, driver Michael A. Hardison, 51 of Weatherby, MO in a 1995 Chevrolet Town & Country, was travelling at a high rate of speed and struck the rear of a 2001 GMC Sierra in the driving lane, driven by William G. Thilmont, 41 of Independence, MO. Mr. Thilmont pulled over onto the shoulder and Mr. Hardison continued north on the interstate. Mr. Hardison then exited from I-35 at exit 40 and struck the rear of a 1998 Chevrolet Minivan that was parked on the shoulder of the exit ramp. Mr. Hardison’s vehicle then became disabled and he was taken into custody for DWI.

Mr. Thilmont received minor injuries and taken by Tri-County Ambulance to the Liberty Hospital. He was wearing his safety device and his Sierra received minor damages and was driven from the scene. The unoccupied Chevrolet Minivan received moderate damages, and was also driven from the scene. Mr. Hardison’s Chevrolet received extensive damages and was towed by Sam’s Tow. Mr. Hardison was not wearing his safety device.

Polo man receives serious injuries on 116 Hwy. in one car crash
According to the MSHP on September 22, 2013 at 9:50 p.m., westbound on 116 Hwy., 5 miles east of Lathrop driver Benjamin D. Germani, 28, of Polo in a 1999 Dodge Dakota, drove off the right side of the roadway and down a deep ditch, the vehicle impacted the ground at the end of a driveway. It then became airborne and came to rest on its wheels on the driveway.

Mr. Germani was taken by Tri-County Ambulance to Liberty Hospital with serious injuries.

The Dodge Dakota was totalled and towed by Walker’s Towing, Mr. Germani was wearing his safety device.

Investigated by Cpl. R.A. Sherman, assisted by Tpr. Gates, Clinton County Sheriff Dept and Lathrop Fire Dept.

Rural Reporter brings home 6 awards from Missouri Press Better Newspaper Contest
In its first year of entering Missouri Press Association’s Better Newspaper Content, the Rural Reporter brought home six awards, including a first place in the “Best Sports Photo” category.

Norma Ward, Gower/Easton editor and all-around photographer, submitted a photo taken during the 2012 spring baseball season. The photo, a straight-on shot of Brandon Yelton delivering a pitch, caught the attention of the judges, and was a clear winner in the category.

“This image was the clear winner in a very deep group of sports photos,” stated the judge’s comments. “The photographer captured what could have been a generic, run-of-the-mill, everyday photo of the pitcher and turned it into a visually stunning work. By capturing both the follow-through and the ball on its trajectory and with a little luck in getting the pitcher eye contact it creates a unique image that certainly catches the reader’s attention. Masterful job of turning a high school baseball photo into what felt like a high-pressure pitch in the World Series.”

Norma has had a camera around her neck since coming to the Rural Reporter in 2002. A loyal fan of both the East Buchanan Bulldogs and the Lathrop Mules, she has captured memorable shots of every sport at the high school, and little league level for 12 years.

Commissioners weigh jail plan options
By Pauli Clariday
Sketches and floor plans are back on the table at the Clinton County Commissioner’s office. And the subject is once again, jail facilities.

As the county continues to contract with the correctional facility in Pattonsburg to the tune of over $20,000 per month, alternative plans for housing Clinton County inmates is coming from several directions.

Last week, commissioners discussed once again the $5.7 million dollar complex away from downtown Plattsburg with architects from Florida. This included nearly $1 million in land acquisition and would result in an 84-bed facility. Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken appears to favor this project, but understanding that a project like this would require a vote of the citizens.

Another option explored by the commissioners included a discussion with the DeKalb County commission, whereby joining a cooperative jail district could meet the needs of the county. According to 1st District Commissioner Charlie Dawson, this arrangement was not favorable in his opinion, as the investment would begin at $1 million.

Clinton County’s Emergency Management will join the state’s most elite emergency management teams
By Pauli Clariday
Some say we are fortunate to live in Middle America. We are blessed to have neighbors who look out for one another. We are blessed to have emergency personnel and volunteers who drop everything to come to the aid of a family experiencing a disaster.

But to the folks in Waynesville, Missouri, that blessing extended beyond their neighbors…beyond their emergency personnel… beyond their local volunteers and resources. Their blessing extended into Clinton County, when Clinton County Emergency Management Director Blair Shock and Clinton County Emergency Management Specialist and Clinton County Deputy Corey Sloan left for Pulaski County Friday, August 9. While flood waters ripped through their small river town, leaving homes destroyed, families stranded, and two dead, responders from across the state came to their aide.

Robbed: In broad daylight
By Pauli Clariday
When David Ward returned to the area after being gone 23 years, a home burglary was not what he expected to greet him.

Some time between 10 am and 1 pm on Tuesday, August 20, thieves stole a big screen television and a high powered gas pressure washer.

“What gets you is that you try to work and have nice things,” he said, “and then have someone take them.”

Ward lived in the area from 1964 to 1990. He just moved back in June to his mother’s place. His home sits right along the outer road of I-35, and the first home when you turn on to 312th Street south of Cameron.

The area experienced a rash of burglaries three years ago, which compelled rural residents to form a neighborhood watch.

Head-on collision on 33 sends two to hospital
According to the MSHP on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 2:20 p.m., two miles south of Lathrop on 33 Hwy. Driver Laurie Howerton, 45 of Lathrop was southbound in a 2002 Chevrolet Cobalt, and Driver Edna Talboy, 58 of Parkville, MO was northbound in a 2010 Subaru Outback, following an unidentified vehicle “A”. Vehicle “A” swerved to the left into the southbound lane, driver Ms. Howerton swerved to the right to avoid vehicle A, losing control and sliding back across the roadway into the path of Ms. Talboy Subaru Outback. Ms. Howerton and Ms. Talboy vehicle struck head-on. Ms. Howerton’s vehicle came to rest on its top in the ditch embankment off of the east side of the roadway. Ms. Talboy’s vehicle came to rest in the roadway. Vehicle “A” was not identified.

Escape from Caldwell County jail
By Pauli Clariday
The man being held in the June 15 kidnapping of a 23-year old Hamilton woman is eluding authorities once again, following his escape from the Caldwell County Detention Center in Kingston, Mo.

On August 10, 2013, at approximately 11:30 p.m., Brian James Adkison escaped through the ceiling tiles at the jail and left in an unknown direction. At the time of his escape, he was barefoot and wearing white boxer shorts.

According to the Columbia, MO Police Department, he is believed to have stolen a white 2000 Ford F350 dually pickup truck with MO plate 44A0WT, 2013. The truck has a crease in the driver side door, a DPMS sticker with a tiger’s head on it in the back driver side window, and a diamond plated after market fuel tank in the bed of the truck. The keys were left in the vehicle as well as the owner’s check books. The truck was stolen from a residence near Kingston early Sunday morning.

Judicial review board will not pursue complaint against Judge Elliott
By Pauli Clariday
According to an August 6, 2013 article in Missouri Lawyers Weekly, and a press release received at the Rural Reporter on behalf of Judge Brent Elliott, the state’s judicial discipline commission has declined to pursue a complaint against R. Brent Elliott, 43rd Circuit Judge. The Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline stated in a July 15 letter obtained by Lawyers Weekly, they found “no probable cause to proceed” with the matter.

In December 2012, attorney Michele Puckett-Burkhead of Cameron alleged in open court that Elliott illegally removed and destroyed documents from at least two court files and that he tried to personally interview witnesses in a case without disclosing conversations. The accusation came in the court of Judge Bart Spear during a probation revocation hearing.

Attorney Joseph Gagnon takes Oath of Office
43rd Circuit Judge Brent Elliott performed the Oath of Office Monday, July 29th, as Joseph Gagnon was officially sworn in as the new Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney.

Lathrop attorney, Joe Gagnon, appointed as new prosecuting attorney for Clinton County
On Thursday, July 18, 2013, Gov. Jay Nixon appointed Joseph A. Gagnon, of Lathrop, as the new Prosecuting Attorney for Clinton County. The position became vacant upon the resignation of the former Prosecuting Attorney, Bill Burris, effective June 28, 2013.

Gagnon, a Democrat, has operated his own law practice in Lathrop since 2008, and previously was an associate with the Kansas City firm of Shook, Hardy & Bacon. He represents the cities of Lathrop and Trimble as their city attorney. A graduate of Polo R-VII High School, Gagnon obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri and his law degree from Duke University School of Law. He serves as an officer with the Lathrop Rotary Club and as a trustee of his church.

“It’s an honor to be appointed by the governor,” stated Gagnon. “The job of Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney is a big one, and I am ready to get to work for the citizens of the county.”

Motorists - Use caution on rural roads and highways with Farm Machinery usage
As the 2013 growing and harvesting season gears up, you are sure to find yourself sharing the road with large, slow-moving farm equipment, often early in the mornings and late into the evenings.

Caution should be taken when you encounter farm equipment. Even with the attachments pulled tight to the body of a tractor, many are over 15 feet wide and moving off to a narrow shoulder does not give much space for a car to pass.

In many cases, the equipment may be longer and wider than you think. While you think you may be driving behind a single hay wagon being pulled by a tractor, it could actually be a train of equipment.

When encountering farm equipment, obey the rules of the road. It is illegal and very dangerous to pass in a no-passing zone. As noted above, farm equipment may be wider and longer than what is visible from behind, and it is often difficult to see traffic approaching in the opposite direction.

Tractor-trailer and farm tractor accident sends local teen by LifeNet to hospital
According to MSHP on Monday, July 22, 2013 at 12:05pm, on MO 116, 3 miles west of Plattsburg at Swartz Road, Driver Andy Mink, 15, of Gower, driving a 2000 New Holland Tractor eastbound and Driver Jodie Downs, 47 of St. Joseph in a 2001 Mac tractor trailer, also eastbound who crested over a hill and began to pass the Holland Tractor. The 2001 Mac initiated a pass while Mr. Mink attempted to turn north onto a gravel road. Mr. Downs applied his brakes to avoid impact. The front of the 2001 Mac struck the left rear of the Holland Tractor. Both vehicles travelled off of the northeast side of the intersection and came to rest on their wheels.

Andy Mink received serious injuries and was taken by LifeNet helicopter to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Mr. Downs received moderate injuries and taken by Tri County Ambulance to Liberty Hospital.

Both vehicles received extensive damages. According to family members, Andy received several sets of stitches and staples, along with a head injury and was being released from the hospital on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. The MSHP crash reports states that Mr. Downs was wearing his safety device, but it was unknown if Mr. Mink was wearing one or not.

Investigated by Cpl. M.S. Belshe, assisted by Clinton County Sheriff Dept. and Plattsburg Fire Dept.
According to a study by Iowa State University, an average of over 300 accidents involving farm equipment and motorists, with the majority being rear end collisions, has occurred every year, since the study began.

Please stay alert and pay attention to slow moving farm machinery! Keep Clinton County & ALL Farmers safe!!!

Lathrop man charged with 1st Degree child molestation
A Lathrop man is being held in Clinton County jail on $25,000 cash bond for Class B Felony charges of child molestation in the first degree.

Matthew Arnold Williamson, whose address is listed as 510 Park Street Lathrop, was arrested by Lathrop Police Department on a warrant issued through Clinton County on July 6, 2013.

According to the probable cause statement, an incident allegedly occurred on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at approximately 9:25 p.m., in which Williamson is accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a 9-year-old boy.

Williamson is scheduled to appear before Judge Paul T. Luckenbill on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. indicates Williamson’s date of birth is 1991.

Final route for transmission lines chosen: Giarratana, Mackintyre’s Church out of path
Special to the Rural Reporter
(ST. JOSEPH, MO., June 25, 2013) –The Midwest Transmission Project announced today that it has selected the final route for a new 345-kV electric transmission line between Sibley, Mo. and Nebraska City, Neb.

And as Al and Sara (Baskett) Giarratana anxiously awaited to hear the fate of their equine facilities, the yellow line in the final map presented by MTP, was routed much further to the north of their Turney farm.

“Oh,” Sara said with excitement and relief, as she viewed the electronic map from the company’s website. Following the line througout the 180 mile route, as it turned and approached Clinton County from the north, she was reserved in her excitement.

As she identified street numbers, state highways, and finally I-35, it was clear the transmission lines were not crossing her land.

“Now we’re going to have to work on an Open House...we’re going to build our new barn and begin getting boarders.

“I can start training and giving riding lessons,” she continued as the realization sunk in that her dream-once threatened by the power lines that could have crossed right through her land on southeast of Turney-was going to come a reality.

“Everything I’ve always wanted to do... that Lauren will have, and Guido will get stuck with!”

Her 13 year old daughter Lauren will take her mother’s love of horses into the next generations... and she and her husband Al’s 2-year old son Guido, will grow up on what Sara and Al hope to see as a thriving equine facility. Without the threat of electric transmission lines putting a stop to her dream.

Wells throws hat in ring for Clinton County Collector Race in 2014
Michele Wells has announced that she will be running for Clinton County Collector in 2014.

Wells is a Clinton County native, and a 1986 graduate from Cameron High School, who was born and raised in Cameron MO.

She worked for the United States Postal Service with over 20 years of service. She recently retired from the position of Postmaster in Lathrop MO.

Ms Wells stated that if elected she would like to upgrade to a system that taxpayers could pay and view tax payments on line, and with approval would accept quarterly or semi-annual payments. She would like to expand the hours of the office during the months of November and December for the convenience of the taxpayers.

A Sneak Peek ... Just a few things to see this weekend at the 35th Annual Antique Car, Tractor & Engine Show

ALL NEW! Barbershop
This is new this year, with original mirrors from an old barbershop in Lathrop.

This will be the first year open for the barbershop, and is complete with restored barber chairs (including a little kid’s “Pony” chair)... And marble tops. Memorabilia and artifacts of barbershops of the early 20th century line the shelves.

Marsha (Allen) Searcy, Paul Allen’s sister, will be giving haircuts...she has a barbershop in Excelsior, and will tell the story of how the Barbershop at the Show Grounds came to be.

Lathrop Post Office Window
From the original post office in Lathrop, along with original PO Boxes, and also a unit of the brass PO boxes many remember as recently as the 1990s. The original window and boxes were stored in the basement owned by Elaine Evans (now home to Home Movie Vault), and were donated. The brass boxes were donated by Postmaster Julie Wilson when the new, keyed boxes were installed. On the back side of the boxes, names are still taped to them!

Mail Sorter
Original mail sorter, stored in the basement owned by Elaine Evans was also donated. This piece also has the names from the last century taped onto them.

Donated by a gentleman in his 90s from San Diego. He went to school at Plattsburg and made this cart when he was a junior in HS. The wood is original, and the framing and wheels came off an old Model A.

Horse-Drawn Oil Delivery Tanker
This classic beauty is a restored horse-drawn oil delivery tanker, and will be making its debut at the Antique Car & Tractor Show this weekend. The wooden wheels were made on the grounds with a wheelwright’s machine. The metal hubs were salvageable, but the wooden spokes were made by hand, with a skillful handling of the metal band around the edge.

On the front of the wagon, a newly restored canopied seat awaits its driver for a team. Look on page 7 to see what else is new this year! See you at the Show Grounds Thursday, and watch for the parade through town Thursday morning!

Much, Much More!
There is much more to see this year at the 35th Annual Antique Car, Tractor & Engine Show! The show will run this Thursday through Sunday (June 13th - 16th). Watch for traffic on 33 Hwy when traveling in and out Lathrop!
Be sure to visit and “Like” the Rural Reporter on Facebook for the latest photos and updates during this year’s show!

Cameron Chief of Police Resigns
As published on
After serving as chief of police for the city of Cameron for the past nine years, Corey Sloan has submitted his resignation from the position, effective June 24, 2013.

Cameron City Manager Mark Gaugh confirmed that Sloan submitted his letter of resignation Monday.

When contacted by, Sloan indicated he did not want to comment on the reason for his resignation from the position.

“The men and women of the Cameron police, fire, and emergency medical services are the best in the state. Point blank,” he said.

Sloan began his career with the Cameron Police Department as a reserve officer in July 1991. He became a full-time officer in January 1993. He then left in March 1996 to work for the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office. He returned to the Cameron police department in June 2001. He was on the NITRO Task Force from October 2002 until April 2004, when he was hired as chief of police. Sloan also served as the emergency management director for the city.

Sloan, a 1988 graduate of Winston High School, received an associate of science degree in criminal justice from Missouri Western State University in May 1991. He then earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in fire administration and fire prevention technology from Western Illinois University in December 1999. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in sociology and criminal justice from Lincoln University, which was awarded in December 2011. He is currently working towards a Master of Science degree in fire and emergency management at Oklahoma State University.

The big show is coming up... What’s new at the Show Grounds?
This year marks the 35th Annual Antique Car, Tractor & Engine Show at the Lathrop Antique Show Grounds for June 13-16. Patrons can expect the traditional horse and tractor pulls, along with the antiques, crafts and flea market. But this year will offer a few additional attractions.

This year’s show is the host for the National JI Case International Expo, featuring Case Expo exhibits.

On Saturday at 3:00 p.m. there will be a live Bald Eagle at the Show Grounds and a program about the Bald Eagle.

Click here to download a schedule of this year's show

County P&Z adds part time staffer
By Pauli Clariday
One county office, which runs solely under the direction of the County Commission, without an elected officeholder, is the Clinton County Planning & Zoning Board. With volumes of ordinances, a 9-member board, and the frontline contact for development and land use, the Zoning Office is a key function in the courthouse.

During its approximate four-decade history, the office has been faced with sudden and unexpected vacancies. Putting a succession, or a back up plan in place, has been a priority, and in any unforeseen circumstance, a necessity.

P&Z Chair Vic Davis, approached the Clinton County Commission last month, expressing his concern should there be an unexpected vacancy. Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken concurred.

“I have been concerned about the lack of a backup since I’ve been in office,” he said. “Two Planning and Zoning Administrators have passed while in the position.” Commissioner Wilken was referring to long time administrator Karen Eads, and her successor LaDonna Flinn.

“Then there was the issue with Ms. Van Dyke,” he continued. Planning Administrator Ronda VanDyke was terminated from her position upon discovery of mishandling of funds for the Economic Development Council of Clinton County in December 2009.

Beth Farwell took the position in February 2010. While other Zoning Administrators have had assistants in the past, Ms. Farwell has managed the duties during the economic slow down. Brenda Norton, Clinton County Health Department, handles septic inspections, a job that was once by the office.

The Clinton County Planning & Zoning office may be slow in picking up steam following the recession, but undoubtedly, Ms. Farwell is beginning to see more activity. Diane Zahnd was approved by the Commission to serve on a part-time, as-needed basis. She will assist daily in the office for the next two weeks, then will be available when the schedules or need arises.

Lathrop teens plead guilty to misdemeanor negligent burning
Joshua D. Leibrandt and Caleb R. McNight, the two Lathrop teens charged in a chemical bomb explosion on Sunday, April 14, have plead guilty to a Class B Misdemeanor.

Both were charged to pay restitution of $463 each and serve two years supervised probation.

Central Committees will recommend replacement for Prosecutor: Lathrop Attorney Joe Gagnon has announced his application for consideration
By Pauli Clariday
With the resignation announcement by Clinton County Prosecutor Bill Burris, Clinton County Central Committees for the Republican and Democratic parties are charged with making a recommendation to the Governor for his replacement.

Burris made the announcement exclusively with the Rural Reporter on Thursday, May 2, stating he would leave office effective June 28, 2013. The four-year term does not expire until December 2014, leaving a need for appointment until the November 2014 election.

The Central Committees—both for the Republican Party and the Democrat Party—are comprised of elected citizens (one male and one female) from each of the nine townships in Clinton County. Traditionally, as in recent unexpired vacancies with county officials, Central Committees accept applications or seek qualified candidates to recommend for the position. Governor Jay Nixon (D) will make the appointment, but only after the office is vacated.

Dan Snodgrass serves as the chair of the Republican Central Committee. The committee’s responsibility, he said, was to find a qualified candidate who meets the criteria and is willing to serve.

“It’s premature at this point to name a recommendation,” he said, “but we are actively pursuing and hope we find the right candidate.” A candidate, he explained who is not only politically motivated, but also motivated to do the job.

County Road & Bridge adds to the 2013 County fleet
by S. Daily Warren
For the first time since 2008, the Clinton County Road and Bridge crew are behind the wheel of a brand new vehicle - a 2013 4x4 Chevrolet extended cab 2500 HD with the legendary Vortec engine under the hood.

The purchase comes at a tough financial time for the county. Even with the purchase of 5 badly needed new vehicles for the Sheriff’s Department, budgetary projections have Clinton County as being a whopping $.86 in the black. Because proceeds from equipment sales by Road and Bridge go back into the general fund where it is not readily accessible to those who put it there to begin with, Goppert Financial Bank offered the loan to the county for the new truck, with the first payment not due until February 2014.

The 2013 4x4 truck has a 5-man capacity, and though it won’t be used to push snow, other features will be useful. A gooseneck trailer attachment and a 100+ gallon auxiliary fuel tank will be used to ferry gas to the road grader when it runs low. But at a cost of $30,773, the new Chevy wasn’t cheap.

Commissioner Charlie Dawson agreed the price tag was nothing to sneeze at.

Hopes of an equine facility and safe homestead feared at risk by high power lines
by S. Daily Warren

In this fascinating modern age we live in it’s not possible to build and maintain infrastructure without crossing some lines. In this case lines demarcating the property of Sara and Al Giarratana who own a cattle and horse ranch southeast of Turney. The proposed route of the 345 Kilovolt line will, according to Sara Giarratana, come within 120 feet of both her and her mother’s home. The question of needed electrical infrastructure and property rights coupled with health concerns weigh heavily on both sides of the balance scales.

“These power lines put out a Class 2 carcinogen that the World Health Organization says increase the chances of leukemia by 1.5% in children under the age of 15, and they want to put them less than 50 yards from our homes,” says Giarratana. “Our children will never be safe anywhere on our property.”

Indeed, the Giarratana homestead already has a 160 Volt line running through their narrow acreage, along with 3 pipelines pumping crude oil and natural gas. The Giarratana’s are avid equestrians and have recently built an indoor arena, a boarder barn and in addition to 60 head of cattle, their land is home to a world champion timed tie-down and team roping appaloosa, LukeN Pretty Cool. Their plans are for a full-fledged equine facility, and the health concerns add to their anxiety about the proposed power lines.

“Fortunately zoning boards don’t have to get much involved in these matters, but there are health concerns that come to mind with overhead power lines,” says local pastor Vic Davis, who also serves on the Clinton County Planning and Zoning Board. “Why don’t we bury them? So many people are unnecessarily injured or killed by power lines during tornadoes and other disasters. Burying them – while initially expensive – should be cost effective in the long run with regards to maintenance, especially with Missouri’s famous ice storms.”

Local recycling district, events face de-funding
By Pauli Clariday
Clinton County residents appreciate and value the services provided by Region D. Or at the very least, they need the services provided by the regional recycling and waste management district.

Funded in part by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Region D collected over 200 televisions; countless computer parts, cell phones, microwaves, and other electronics during their 4-city drive this past week. Lathrop, Gower, Plattsburg and Stewartsville residents participated in the free service, keeping tons of potentially hazardous byproducts of these items out of landfills.

As protested by local city and county governments, this much-needed service is at risk of being de-funded. Senate Bill 13, which is still on the informal calendar in the Senate, has two weeks until it could determine the fate of regional recycling. The bill proposes that funding currently distributed among the state’s 20 regional districts, would be distributed to what local officials fear, not rural Northwest Missouri.

“It’s more than just jobs,” stated Region D District Coordinator Brenda Kennedy. “It’s the future of recycling and keeping the landfills from overfilling.”

Clinton County Prosecutor resigning
by S. Daily Warren

I am resigning the office of Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney effective June 28th, 2013 at 4:30pm. After nine years in the prosecutor’s office, it is just not financially feasible to continue. This is a family decision and while I have been fortunate to serve as prosecutor, my family comes first.

I will be entering private practice soon and will continue to work for a fair and just legal system. I have been fortunate to have worked with outstanding prosecutors throughout the state over the last nine years and commend each of them for the work that they do. They are truly the unsung heroes of our courtrooms.
-Bill Burris, Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney

Effective June 28th, Clinton County Prosecutor Bill Burris will be resigning from his elected post to pursue a career in private practice. Burris, elected in 2006 and taking office January 1, 2007, recently lost to 43rd Judicial Circuit Judge Brent Elliott in the Democratic primary last fall. He maintains that his decision to move on is a practical and professional matter and not at all related to the election and a somewhat fractious working relationship with Judge Elliott.

“I simply have to stop looking past my family,” said Burris in an exclusive interview with staff members of the Rural Reporter. “I haven’t had a pay raise in seven years, no cost of living increase, and I work weekends and even on vacations for a job that pays about half of what I should be making, at least.”

It is unknown at this time who will replace Burris, who has served for almost nine years. His resignation letter will be sent to Governor Jay Nixon and a process is in place to fill the vacancy created by Burris’ departure. Governor Nixon is expected to use a tried and true process that consults lists of possible appointees from both the Clinton County Democrat and Republican parties. This central committee will submit names and democrat Nixon is almost certain to choose Burris’ replacement from this list until the next election.

Remains identified as Carol Thompson, missing since June 15, 2012
By Pauli Clariday
As television crews and news media crowded into the small office of Star Investigations, LLC in Kearney, Carol Thompson’s family expressed their appreciation for support and love shown to them during the last 10 months. Surrounded by two of Carol’s sons, Ian and Corey, their cousin Jessica, and Carol’s boyfriend Dwight Adkison, Judy Courtney spoke with the media about the end of a long, painful journey.

After nearly a year with no answers, the skeletal remains discovered Sunday, April 7 less than a mile from where she was last seen were positively identified as that of Thompson’s through dental records. The 51 year-old Lathrop mother of three and grandmother of five was last seen on June 15, 2012 at the home of her boyfriend on Missouri Highway 116 in southwest Caldwell County. She left behind her purse, identification, phone, and medications.

“She was very sick that night,” Carol’s niece Jessica Thomas told the media. “It just hurts to know she was that close.”

Despite search efforts immediately following her disappearance, and later by recovery teams, the area that she was found had not been carefully searched. Skeletal remains were discovered along a creek in a wooded area 300 yards off Gold Road.

Caldwell County Sheriff Jerry Galloway contacted Judy Thomas, Carol’s sister, with the news of the discovery last Sunday. Although positive identification had not yet been confirmed, it was reasonable to suspect they had found what her family had been searching for.

“It was nothing I didn’t feel wasn’t coming,” Judy told the press. Despite an inward longing to hope for the return of her sister from some adventurous journey, as time passed, the reality of the grim likelihood sunk in.

In January of this year, the family sought the assistance of private investigator James Murray of Star Investigations, LLC of Kearney. (Editor’s note: In last week’s article, it was incorrectly stated that he was a retired police officer. Murray has been a private investigator for many years and enjoys a great relationship with local law enforcement.)

Working alongside and in cooperation with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, Murray and Galloway have developed not only a strong working relationship, but a friendship as well.

“The Caldwell County Sheriff has done an outstanding job,” he told the press on Tuesday.

Upon discovery, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office called for assistance from the Missouri Highway Patrol’s Special Crime Unit. Cooperation, support, and shared resources are critical in rural areas.

“She loved her family unconditionally,” said Jessica, who was affectionately called “Mini Me” by her Aunt Carol. “And she loved her community.”

While the cause of death has not yet been determined, the family expressed no suspicion of foul play. Her physical condition and state of mind, they believe, simply took its toll.

“We are not going out to investigate,” said Jessica.

Grateful they can close the door of this long, painful chapter; there will be a celebration of life this Saturday, April 20 at the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Visitation begins at 1 pm with the celebration-taking place at 2.

Rewards offered for information in bald eagle shootings
Kansas City, Mo. -- Agents for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are investigating the shooting deaths of two bald eagles. Cash rewards are available for information leading to convictions in the cases.

On Jan. 17, MDC Conservation Agent Vincent Crawford found a dead eagle with a gunshot wound near the Panther Creek low water crossing on Toledo Drive in Caldwell County. Crawford found the eagle after receiving a citizen tip. He is investigating the case along with James Persson, a special agent for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Agent Crawford can be reached at 660-605-2912.

In Clay County, a rider on horseback found a dead eagle on Feb. 18 on the Jack Rabbit Bend Trail at Smithville Lake. The location is near a power line cut east of Collins Road on the south side of the lake. An examination revealed that the eagle had been shot, but that it was in good health prior to the shooting.

The dead eagle was reported to Conservation Agent Daniel Schepis of Clay County. Schepis is investigating the case along with Special Agent Persson of the USFWS. Agent Schepis can be reached at 816-392-4578. The bald eagle is our nation’s symbol, and this raptor was killed on federal land managed for fish and wildlife.

Special Agent Persson can be contacted at the USFWS Office of Law Enforcement at 816- 461-5245.

Persons with information about the case may also call the Missouri Operation Game Thief (OGT) toll-free hotline, 800-392-1111. Persons calling the Missouri OGT hotline do not need to leave their name, they do not have to appear in court, and they may be eligible for a cash reward.

The unlawful shooting of a bald eagle is a state and federal offense, which violates the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The penalty under the Eagle Protection Act is a fine of up to $100,000 and not more than one year incarceration or both. The penalty under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a fine of up to $15,000 and not more than six months incarceration or both.

Snodgrass chosen as State of Missouri GFWC LEADS Candidate
By Rural Reporter Staff
Lathrop High School Alumnist Lori Snodgrass, daughter of Gerald and Cheryl Snodgrass, has received the distinct honor as being chosen as the State of Missouri GFWC LEADS Candidate.

Lori Snodgrass is the President of the GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) Lathrop Study Club. She started the tedious application process several months ago with includes several strict criteria including: demonstrating leadership capabilities at the club level as as an active president or officer, exhibiting a commitment to the Federation, exhibiting an understanding of the GFWC mission of community service, demonstrating leadership skills, exhibiting an interest in and willingness to pursue higher leadership positions in GFWC and more.

“I am very excited for this awesome opportunity to meet wonderful and engaging women from around the world,” said Lori Snodgrass. “The Leadership Education and Dedication Seminar will help build my knowledge and experience to guide me for future roles in GFWC and in my profession.”

Lori will be the only candidate from the state of Missouri to attend the Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS). There she will have the opportunity to build upon her strengths in leadership with further training and participation opportunities. The LEADS program is held annually the day before the official opening of the GFWC Annual Convention. It is a full day of activities, and includes breakfast and lunch.

“The GFWC Lathrop Study Club congratulates our president, Lori Snodgrass, for being chosen as GFWC of Missouri’s LEADS candidate for 2013. Lori is a young woman who is very deserving of this honor. We are proud to have her representing our state in this great leadership adventure,” said Carolyn Lovelace, past GFWC State of Missouri President and active GFWC Lathrop Study Club member. “As I will be attending the GFWC Annual International Convention while Lori attends the LEADS Seminar, I will have the honor of seeing her graduate. Best wishes, Lori!”

Lori will attend the LEADS Seminar in conjunction with the GFWC National Convention in Hollywood, Florida on June 29, 2013.

Lori has been an active participant in the GFWC Lathrop Study Club since 2001. She is also been a community leader in the Lathrop United Methodist Church where she has been the Treasurer for over 10 years. She now resides in Kansas City, Mo and works at Key Bank Real Estate Capital.

Cut-a-Thon & silent auction to aid Jacobs
TMS Salon in Lathrop will hold a Cut-A-Thon from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday, April 15, at the salon at 608 Oak St. This will be a walk-in event only.

Half of all hair cuts and 25% of product sales will go to Patty Jacobs to support her in her fight against cancer. In addition to the funds raised from haircuts and product sales, proceeds will be generated from a silent auction. Auction items have been donated by local businesses and individuals. Silent auction items will be available for bidding starting April 11, with closing bids on April 15.

Silent auction items include Lathrop R-II Activity Pass, Adirondack chair, Surface beauty package, Sporting KC tickets, wine & cheese gift basket, Muck boots, & much, much more!

Stylists Rosemary Hoppins, Theresa Stokes, Carlee Hope and Amanda Traxler will be cutting hair all day on Monday, April 15 to raise as much money as possible for this charitable cause. Women’s cuts are $25, Men’s $20, Teens (13-18) are $15 and Kids are $12. Don’t need a cut? Stop by to check out the amazing silent action items or to make a donation.

“Ms. Jacobs has done so much for so many students over the last 28 years,” said TMS Owner, Theresa Stokes. “It’s only fitting our community pulls together for her in her time of need.”

Patty Jacobs has been a teacher at Lathrop R-II for 28 years and was recently diagnosed with cancer.

For more information about the Cut-A-Thon or to donate a silent auction item, call TMS Salon at (816) 528-3610.

Lathrop Telephone Office closes July 1 to walk in traffic
Due to the changing needs of our customers, Lathrop Telephone Company announces effective July 1, 2013, the Lathrop Telephone office will not be open for walk in traffic. The LTC office will still be a busy hub for technicians as they continue to work earnestly to provide quality and dependable services.

After July 1, customer service will be just a phone call away. Customers will be able to call 777 or 1-800-551-1930 for customer service and repair requests. Calls will be answered by customer service representatives in the Grand River Mutual Bethany, MO business office.

Goppert Financial Bank has agreed to accept Lathrop Telephone Company payments from those customers who wish to pay their bill in person. Customers may also access their LTC bill online at by clicking on eBill. Automatic bill pay can be established at this same site.

Lathrop Telephone Company has strong ties to the community and will continue to provide quality service to the residents and businesses. LTC values the loyalty of the Lathrop community and looks forward to continuing to participate in community events and activities as well as support the local Chamber of Commerce and school system.

In search of answers; Open government and accountability lies in the hands of the people
Exclusive to the Rural Reporter

In the February 7 edition of the Rural Reporter, free-lance reporter Bernie Cassity reported on the concerns of a long-time Clinton County resident who asked the question, “Who is accountable?”. The resident, 73-year-old Dennis Lindsay has found himself repeatedly at the steps of the courthouse, seeking answers to that very question. On this day, his query pertained to the chronic absenteeism of the elected county collector, and the unanswered questions of follow-up with the imputable state audits of 2006 and 2010.

On February 25, 2013, Cassity mailed a certified letter to Clinton County Collector Sharon Cockrum, with copies to the Clinton County Commissioners and Clinton County Prosecutor Bill Burris. Below is text from that letter:

In an article published in the Lathrop Rural Reporter newspaper on February 7, 2013, it was stated that the office employees of the Collector’s office do not make cash or check deposits for the county. It was also reported that, due to illness, you performed your work at home.

These facts beg the question of how does the county’s cash (or check) deposits eventually get in Bank Liberty? Are there cash and checks delivered to your house, then deposited? How do you receive the cash and checks, and from whom? Does any county monies, cash or check, remain in your house overnight?

Due to the fact that it was reported in the Missouri State Audit 2010-104, that there was $92,000 undeposited cash found in the Collector’s office on November 30, 2009, accrued over a seven-month period, there is ample reason to present these questions about the current whereabouts and security of taxpayer monies. The Missouri State Auditor at the time, Ms. Susan Montee, when her office was contacted after the release of the 2010 report, said that the $92K discovered in your office was a big “red flag.”

We believe that the information requested should be readily available, and would like a response from you as soon as possible. You are welcome to make your response in writing, or an interview can be set up, but please reply by the end of the workday, Friday, March 1, 2013.


According to Mr. Cassity, there has been no response or phone call from Ms. Cockrum. There has been no reply for messages left at her office, her home phone, or an answer to the registered letter.
Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken stated he had checked the statutes and the Commission “has no iron in this fire.”

Where is the openness and transparency of local government? Cassity asks. It’s not here in Clinton County government, he says.

His concern, the same as when Mr. Lindsay’s tax payment went uncashed for weeks, is “Where is the money?” In interview--or attempted interview--after interview, Cassity has yet to get an answer to satisfy his basic rights as a taxpayer.

“The audits were clear that tax payments were not deposited in a timely fashion. Courthouse employees confirmed they did not have authority to make deposits. And our County Collector reportedly works from her home,” he said, as he laid the ground work for even more operative questions.

After 10 years vacant, Lathrop Health Facility will see new life
By Pauli Clariday
“We’re just a couple of old, hard working Boy Scouts.”

Attributing their work ethic and creative solution abilities to the Boy Scouts is not a far reach for Don Fotheringhame and Owen Rogers. The two businessmen who opened Home Movie Vault in downtown Lathrop have embraced a dream and have the skills and passion to pursue it.

On Tuesday, March 5, the business partners closed on the purchase of what was the Lathrop Health Facility. At 25,000 square feet, and with 10 years of vacancy, the duo will embark on renovating and customizing the facility not only for their growing video transfer and document scanning business, but also for leasing office space.

“The feedback has been great,” Don said of the contacts he has made with potential lessees. “With the telecom technology Lathrop Telephone is bringing into Lathrop, it is an ideal office complex for those who work internet businesses or satellite offices.”

Lathrop Telephone Company will be bolstering the fiber optics capabilities to handle three times what an office building might require. With the capability of video conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and fiber optics speed and bandwidth, the potential is limitless.

“Steve Miles and Lathrop Telephone have been phenomenal,” Fotheringhame said. Home Movie Vault and LTC’s partnership has been key in HMV’s continued residence in Lathrop. With HMVs business model, live streaming video training sessions were a must for the company. Since their move to Lathrop in 2009, they have been building the infrastructure and technology to do exactly that.

Also on the drawing board will be a sound recording studio for high school and college students to professionally record their performances.

“I’ve done audio and video production for almost 20 years,” Don explained. “We’ve always had to work with setting up and tearing down the equipment. This way, a permanent sound studio will make it more affordable for a young (or older) person to realize their dreams.”

Their current studio is the top floor of where Dr. Dawn Liebrant’s chiropractic office resides. They are quickly outgrowing their current space of 2,100 square feet, and will be moving the operation into its new home once renovations are well underway.

“We are able to do this work ourselves,” Don explained. He and Owen are also partners in 221 Construction and will be able to handle the remodeling needs themselves.

One requirement they are rapidly realizing is the need to have separate workspaces for a growing portion of their business—medical record scanning. HIPAA and HITECH certified, regulations are strict when it comes to scanning sensitive documents.

So even with the growing video transfer and document scanning business, even with the proposed sound production studio, the resurrected nursing home still has plenty of room for fellow entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and budding business ventures that need a professional office space.

Marty Clariday, an Independent Executive Contractor with Home Movie Vault, announced the purchase at last week’s Lathrop Chamber of Commerce meeting.

“This is a very exciting time for us,” he said. “And we believe it will be very exciting for Lathrop’s business community.”

“We would love it if we could lease out an entire wing at a time,” he said. “That could always happen. But for the single office, double office, or even office-sharing situation, the HMV/221 Construction and “old Boy Scouts” look forward to making the silent structure on the south edge of town full of life once again.

Anyone with questions can call Don at (816) 903-3837.

Clinton County website now live -
By Pauli Clariday
With $.86 leftover in the 2013 budget, and with many other looming, fundamental needs, a county website seemed to be a luxury for Clinton County. Despite the fact that Dekalb, Caldwell, and other area counties of smaller size have a presence on the world wide web, Clinton County had just never found the time, resources, or funding to develop a sustainable website for the general public to locate information about the county.
The county has had a domain and server for several years, which resides in the courthouse. Thanks to the efforts of Blair Shock, Clinton County Health Department Administrator and Clinton County Emergency Manager, the Clinton County Sheriff and Clinton County EM do have an internet presence.

“This (a county website) is long overdue,” Shock said. “The legwork and gathering of information is what is so time-consuming. I can build a website,” he said, “but I just didn’t have time to pull together all the information.”

Last year, the Clinton County Great Northwest Day committee pulled together information from across the county’s communities
and governments, and distributed flash drives at the Great Northwest Day event in Jefferson City.

But for the dollars invested in the impressive giveaways, its audience was limited, and the fate of a flash drive is uncertain. This year’s goal for the small cross-community organization was to give the county a website.

Trimble heist foiled, robber shot by bank employee
by S. Daily Warren
On Friday March 1 at about 1:30pm, Michael Oliva walked into Trimble’s First Security Bank to make a withdrawal, the kind you make with a ski mask and a fake gun. All caught on surveillance camera, Mr. Oliva failed in the robbery after being shot in the face by a bank employee with a CCW and a .357 Smith & Wesson. Leaving a blood trail from the front door of the bank across the parking lot, Mr. Oliva was captured minutes later by combined law enforcement. After a chase nearing speeds of 100mph, Oliva’s Dodge Stratus was disabled on I-435 near 76th street using “spike strips”. No one else was injured.

“It’s FBI jurisdiction on the bank robbery, but the shooting will be reviewed by the local county prosecutor,” said Trimble Chief of Police Larry Fish. “We’re glad that no good guys got hurt, and the suspect is being released into federal custody.”

Suspect Michael Stephen Oliva, 34, of Liberty remains hospitalized and in federal custody pending a detention hearing. He has been charged in the Western District of Missouri Federal Court with attempted bank robbery.

Trimble and Smithville PD’s, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Clinton County Sheriff’s Department all responded to the incident. Oliva was shot in the jaw and chin area and is alleged to have asked the arresting officers, “You guys going to let me die?”. The suspect, held in custody initially by a mutually assisting KCMO PD, was transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Clinton County Emergency Management leverages Social Media to keep the storm crises at bay
By Pauli Clariday
With the February 21st storm barely in the rearview mirror, emergency management personnel in Clinton County found themselves facing another winter weather blast. Snowfall estimates came in at 6”-8” with a clearly defined swath through the heart of Clinton County.

Clinton County Emergency Management Director Blair Shock, who also serves as the Clinton County Health Department Administrator, was ready for the big show. Along with Cameron Emergency Management Director and Chief of Police Corey Sloan, the two directors had their game plan in place, their playbook distributed, and a full roster of players ready to go.

“We have seen a huge improvement with winter weather forecasting,” he said. “When they predict a storm’s impact, it’s becoming very accurate.”

Shock and Sloan are made aware of impending storms about a week in advance. Working with all the area emergency response agencies—sheriff’s departments, city police and fire departments, along with public works departments including MoDOT and road departments—the emergency management plan is ready for implementation.

Missouri gun control battle rages on House Dems propose assault weapons ban, GOP responds
By S. Daily Warren
Missouri House of Representatives Democrats, led by Rory Elinger of St. Louis, have proposed one of the most sweeping and inclusive pieces of gun control legislation in Missouri’s history, HB 545. With a Republican super-majority firmly in control of both houses, the bill is considered to be DOA as soon as it hits the floor for debate. Elinger’s office did not respond to inquiries on the matter.
“It (HB 545) will be beaten, soundly beaten.” Says GOP representative Jim Neely, who co-sponsored antithetical legislation last month. “There’s no doubt about it, the bill stands no chance of being enacted into law. None.”
Then why would Missouri liberal lawmakers forward such legislation, which is considered just as radical by conservatives as last month’s HB 170 was considered by democrats? It could be a case of tit-for-tat, a little payback from both sides of the aisle as everyone tries to weigh in on the national 2nd Amendment debate. Democrat congressional leaders derided HB 170 as “unconstitutional” and “doomed to end up in court”, and may have introduced similarly doomed legislation in retaliation.
“It borders on the ridiculous,” stated one Missouri lawmaker who preferred not to go on record. “Using the house chamber as an arena to settle political squabbles is irresponsible at best and inherently dangerous at worst.”

Citizen voices concerns with County Collector Office
By Bernie Cassity
Special to the Rural Reporter
Like one of the characters in the movie No Country for Old Men, 73-year-old Dennis Lindsay feels deserted in his old age. He holds deep sentiments concerning the un-relenting general gloominess of many national issues. Local issues, as well.

Lindsay, a retired 30-year UAW member and active Shriner, came forward in a two-hour interview last week, stating he often feels that there’s nowhere to go to seek re-dress or answers for his issues.

“There are millions of citizens like me,” the XX-year Clinton County citizen concluded. “(We are) frustrated and confused about the role of government, as nothing ever changes, and in the end, no one is held accountable.

“On any level.”

With the 2013 Clinton County budget eeking in with a mere $0.86 expected carryover, the handling, collection, and responsibility of over $1.9 million in county residents’ property taxes weighs heavily on this citizen’s mind.

Mr. Lindsay explained.

In June of last year, he went to Clinton County Collector Sharon Cockrum’s office at the courthouse in Plattsburg to obtain copies of old tax receipts for 1982 and 1988. Office personnel told him that he would have to see Ms. Cockrum personally for the receipts. Every day for the next three weeks, he said, he called the office to speak with the Collector. With each call, he says, he was told she wasn’t there.

On January 3rd of this year, Mr. Lindsay went to the Collector’s office and paid his 2012 taxes, including the late fee penalty. He was given a receipt for his check, he said, but in following-up with his bank since then, they reported they had not received the check for payment. Mr. Lindsay called to inquire at the Collector’s office, and was told again that Ms. Cockrum had not been in the office, and that remaining personnel were not authorized to make deposits.

MTP Caves on Mackintyre’s Church
by S. Daily Warren

Last Friday on Feb. 1st, an impromptu meeting was held at the Clinton County courthouse to address the grave public concerns over where the Midwest Transmission Project (MTP) will run its lines. Hosted by the county commission, packed with local residents and a score of school children showing their support for Mackintyre’s Church, representatives from the project answered the call of the people and assured them the church area would not be disturbed.

“We care about keeping this church here, his grave untouched,” said an emotional Gwendolyn Young, mother to a friend of the late Mackintyre McDill-Garton, to representatives of the project. “You have no idea how much you will be hated if you tear this church down. I believe you’ll even be called to account by God.”

It doesn’t get much stronger than that when it comes to public sentiment, and for the 50+ people in attendance the stakes were high enough to warrant their time and their passion. Quickly skirting what could be termed a public relations nightmare, representatives of the project sent a letter to Stacey Garton, mother of young Mackintyre for whom the church is named, assuring her of the respect they would show to his resting place.

Gun Fight In the Show-Me State
Sheriff Hensen weighs in on HB 170, co-sponsored by 8th District Representative Neely

Succinctly stated, H.B. 170 protects all private and commercial guns and high-capacity magazines from any new federal act, protects against registration and most boldly threatens federal officials, agents or employees with a Class D felony if they attempt enforcement of any new law passed after Jan. 1, 2013. It also specifically prohibits all officers or employees of Missouri to likewise attempt enforcement, even down to licensed gun dealers. Sponsored entirely by GOP Missouri lawmakers, the message sent to Washington is clear.

by S. Daily Warren
A showdown may be coming, a collision between the federal government and the Several States on the issue of gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. The points of contention are many; demographic, geographic and political just for starters. In Missouri the response has come in the way of H.B. (House Bill) 170, legislation modeled on similarly bold initiatives out of Texas and Wyoming. It’s known as the Missouri 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.

Succinctly stated, H.B. 170 protects all private and commercial guns and high-capacity magazines from any new federal act, protects against registration and most boldly threatens federal officials, agents or employees with a Class D felony if they attempt enforcement of any new law passed after Jan. 1, 2013. It also specifically prohibits all officers or employees of Missouri to likewise attempt enforcement, even down to licensed gun dealers. Sponsored entirely by GOP Missouri lawmakers, the message sent to Washington is clear.

“Let’s just do the right thing here, the right thing by the Constitution.” says newly elected State Representative Jim Neely who co-sponsored H.B. 170. “Reasonable people in office can then come up with reasonable solutions.” Republican Casey Guernsey of Bethany sponsored the bill, which sets up a battle between the Supremacy Clause (Article IV, Clause 2) of the U.S. Constitution and the rights reserved to the States under the 10th Amendment. Issues like this quite often end up in court.

“We have a lot of pressing issues in the state right now,” says 91st District Democrat Jeanne Kirkton of Webster Grove who believes the measure will pass the House. “Why would we waste time and resources on legislation that will clearly be deemed unconstitutional?”

But that begs the question of local law enforcement’s expectation of duty. The tragedy of Newtown has ignited the debate over the 2nd Amendment and has put cops “between a rock and a hard place”, as Neely states. Clinton County Sheriff Porter Hensen agrees.

“That’s a real conflict. Which law supersedes?” says Hensen, a recently re-elected blue sheriff in a red state. “I’m very much for both the U.S. and Missouri Constitution, but sometimes we act too quickly and that’s why we have a Supreme Court in place as a backup to any knee-jerk reactions.”

With its sweeping implications and over 60 sponsors, with a veto-proof GOP super-majority in both the Missouri House and Senate that could negate any response by democrat Governor Jay Nixon, H.B. 170 stands a very good chance of both becoming law and of then landing on the court docket. But with around a dozen Missouri Sheriffs signing a letter by republican Sheriff Charles Heiss of Johnson County and sending it to the President stating that the recent federal initiative is blatantly unconstitutional and will not be enforced, the situation gets very sticky.

Automatic Aid should mean better response times between Holt and Plattsburg areas
Holt and Plattsburg Fire Protection Districts are pleased to announce the implementation of an Automatic Aid agreement between the two departments effective Wednesday, January 10th.

While fire departments throughout the area have consistently provided mutual aid to each other when needed, this automatic aid agreement heightens the level of cooperation between the districts and increases the level of service citizens in the affected areas receive.

With automatic aid, when a 911 call for a fire in a structure such as a house, barn, or retail establishment is received by the dispatch center, both Fire Districts will be simultaneously dispatched and start making their way to the scene. Automatic aid increases the level of manpower and equipment that respond to a reported fire within the first crucial minutes after the 911 call is received.

With traditional mutual aid, the primary fire department would have to request assistance from another fire department which often did not happen until the primary department confirmed that there was an actual fire which could take 5 – 10 minutes after the 911 call was received. The automatic aid agreement eliminates this time delay and means additional necessary resource arrive at the incident several minutes earlier.

If the primary fire department arrives on scene and discovers they do not need the additional resource, then those resources are returned to service, often while still in their own jusrisdiction.

The area covered by the automatic aid agreement includes the area south of 240th st on the east side of Smithville Lake in Plattsburg Fire’s district and the area between 228th st in Clinton County down to MO W in Clay county, west of MO 33 highway in Holt Fire Protection District’s area. While Mutual Aid has been the traditional means of fire district cooperation, Holt Fire Chief Looper and Plattsburg’s Chief Lawrence agree that Automatic Aid is the best way to serve their citizens and to help insure the appropriate amount of water, trucks, and equipment arrive on scene to stop a fire as quickly and safely as possible.

Ready for a disaster? The Red Cross and Community Outreach are ready to do their part
Where would you go if your neighbor was destroyed by a tornado? What would you do if an ice storm took out your electricity for hours, or even days?

Volunteers with the Lathrop Community Outreach brought in American Red Cross Mass Care Specialist Ralph Dishong to give them instruction and training on how a Red Cross shelter would work in the event of such an emergency.

The Lathrop Christian Church and the First Baptist Church are each making their facilities available to the Red Cross to be used as a temporary shelter.

Step by step instructions for establishing protocol, registering those requesting shelter, and communicating clear rules for a shelter was addressed.

Jan Shrewsbury and Donna Stenberg have initiated education and finding training resources for those in the Outreach that see a need for emergency preparedness.

Jan has attended recent LEPC meetings, where community relief representation is a part of the regular program. In the event of a tornado warning, the Outreach members would like to see the church facilities be available to those who need shelter.

Dishong emphasized the need in the community to collaborate with the Emergency Management coordinator in Clinton County, and Don Moore, Lathrop City Administrator and chair of the LEPC.

While no building in Lathrop has a generator suitable to run an occupied facility for an extended period of time, the Red Cross and state resources are available to bring in generators.

“Communication is important,” Dishong told the group. “Community volunteers are needed to run a Red Cross Shelter, but we have to make sure we have a collective collaboration between the county, the city, and the Red Cross.”

Area plagued with recent suicides
By Pauli Clariday
A life taken unexpectedly is a tragedy for any family. But when a death is attributed to suicide, the pain a community feels ripples under the surface to our very core.

In a short 24-hour period, two suicides were reported in the area, including a 36-year old male near Gower on County Line Road, and man in his 20s in the city of Lathrop.

This follows the tragic death of three family members in a double homicide-suicide in rural Clinton County in mid-December, and a young Plattsburg High School student earlier in December.

Even though the holidays are behind us, struggles and difficulties remain.

According to the American Association of Suicidology, one person in the United States takes his or her life every 13.7 minutes. It is the 10th ranking cause of death in the U.S., and the 3rd among the young. White males comprise of 72% of all suicides that were recorded in 2010.

For every person who dies from suicide, statistics show that at least six other people are intimately affected. is a 501(c)3 organization that publishes hundreds of pages to help families and individuals facing depression, mental health issues, suicide and survivorship.

Upon landing on the page, the instructions are clear: If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. Local law enforcement and First Responders have had training to handle dangerous situations.

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression or mental health issues, treatment from a doctor or hospital should be sought. If you cannot afford to see a doctor or therapist, seek out some clinics that have reduced rates. There are many affordable places to go. The national suicide hotline is 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) to get listings for clinics in your area. Do not hesitate to call. You can also check in your phone book.

Open Court allegations make the pages of statewide legal magazine
By Pauli Clariday
An accusation of misconduct by 43rd Circuit Court Judge Brent Elliott during an open court session last week got the attention of the Missouri Lawyers Weekly. The magazine and online edition is one of seven publications owned by Missouri Lawyers Media of St. Louis.

According to the article, written by Scott Lauck, Attorney Michele C. Puckett-Burkhead, of Cameron, alleged that Elliott illegally removed and destroyed documents from at least two court files. She also alleged that Elliott tried to personally interview witnesses to a robbery without disclosing those conversations to the attorneys in the case.

The allegations were made before Associate Judge Bart Spear during the probation revocation hearing of 19-year-old Anthony Gross of Cameron.

The article went on to say: “Puckett-Burkhead said that Elliott’s allegedly improper witness interviews were done in connection with one of several criminal charges that her client, Anthony Gross, has faced in the last year. Puckett-Burkhead charged that Elliott’s intervention in the case had made Gross lose confidence in the justice system.”

Elliott was not in the courtroom when the accusations were made on December 17th. A short interview by Missouri Lawyers Weekly with Elliott didn’t shed any light on the subject. According to Lauck, Elliott stated that judicial ethics prevented him from talking about the pending case.

The article states that Puckett-Burkhead says that it was after she made a $500 donation in late June to Bill Burris, Elliott’s primary election challenger to the office, that the questionable conduct took place. Burris is Clinton County’s part-time Prosecuting Attorney. The article says she states that on the day after the August primary, Elliott allegedly went to the DeKalb County Courthouse and removed 24 pages of documents from at least two case files.

Documentation and court practice and procedures have emerged as a point in question.

Tuesday crash on Hwy 116
This 1995 F-150 ended on its top Tuesday afternoon, after a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix rearended it while stopped to make a turn. According to witnesses, the F-150 driven by Billy Eads, Turney, was east bound on Hwy 116, preparing to turn into Dollar General. The Grand Prix, driven by Marvin Gregory, Greentop, Mo., ran into the rear of the truck, lifiting the bed of the truck into the air and over on its top. Eads, 50, and his passenger Christopher Claycomb, 55, received moderate injuries and were transported by Tri-County Ambulance to Liberty Hospital. Gregory’s passenger, 68 year old Sharon Gregory received minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

Vigil of hope and prayers for Carol
By Pauli Clariday
It was a message of hope and remembrance, as about 75 people endured the frigid temperatures Saturday to honor and bring awareness to the missing persons case of Carol Thompson. Thompson, whose 51st birthday was October 31, has been missing since June 15, 2012.
Speakers sent a message of comfort and hope, including a poem written for Carol and read by Debbie Brandley, the mother of Lisa Irwin. A prayer box was available for those that wished to share a memory, a poem, or a prayer for Carol; and the support shown to the family while they grasped for answers that have yet to come, were comforting.
Carol was last seen asleep on the couch of her boyfriend’s house in Caldwell County in the early morning hours of June 15. By 6:30 a.m., she was not to be found, while her phone, identification, and critical medications remained.

“Animal shelter” on Haynesville Road agrees with Consent Judgement entered by State
By Pauli Clariday
When Debbie Sharts and Juliana Merryman applied to the Clinton County Planning & Zoning board in September 2008 for a special use permit, the application requested consideration for the operation of an animal sanctuary. With 18 certified letters to neighbors, a public hearing was held October 2, 2008. They were denied the request.
Three years later, complaints had escalated from neighbors of the 10-acre residence on Haynesville Road. A story ran in the September 22, 2011 edition of the Rural Reporter that well over 100 cats and dogs were at the residence, awaiting adoption. Forever Friends, a not-for-profit corporation, serves as a no-kill adoption center through the generosity of donations and volunteers.
According to an interview with Ms. Sharts at the time, she denied operating a business or being out of compliance with any county codes.
However, by July of this year, Sharts was served with a summons charging her with animal abuse, a Class A Misdemeanor. Residents had not only complained about the noise of barking dogs, but claimed the animals were not cared for, even stating they could see animal carcasses from the road.
So whether or not there was a grey area in County Planning and Zoning ordinances as to whether she was operating a business without a permit, the case rose to the attention of the Missouri Attorney General and Department of Agriculture.

Judge assigned in Crenshaw, Lathrop Senior Housing suit
By Pauli Clariday
On Thursday, October 18, The Honorable Daren L. Adkins was assigned to the wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit filed September 18 by former Lathrop Senior Citizen Housing employee, Rachell LaRose.

Represented by Stephen K. Griffin of Cameron, James T. Crenshaw, candidate for the 8th District Missouri House of Representatives, requested a motion to dismiss on October 10.

On October 11, LaRose’s attorney, Kevin Baldwin, requested a change of venue and judge, and filed an opposition to the motion to dismiss.

LaRose was the manager of Lathrop Senior Citizen Housing, Inc., when she filed a complaint with the Lathrop Police Department of sexual harassment and expressed concerns of mishandling of LSCH funds. The case was handed to Clinton County Prosecutor on June 4. LaRose states she was terminated from her position on June 21, for what she believes was retaliatory actions by the LSCH Board.

Second Degree Murder charges filed in death of Holt child: Richmond parents charged in death of their 3 week old
By Pauli Clariday
On the heels of the tragic death of 4-year old Lucas Barnes Webb comes another charge of felony abuse resulting in the death of an infant in Richmond, Mo.

On October 15, 2012, at approximately 3:10 p.m. a Clinton County ambulance was sent to a residence in Holt, MO, due to an unresponsive four-year-old male child. The child was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. On October 16, 2012, an autopsy indicated that the child’s cause of death was due to blunt force trauma.

On October 17, 2012, deputies from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and the Northwest Major Case Squad arrested Justin R. Webb, 34, and Melissa D. Webb, 32, both of Holt, MO. These arrests were made following the death of Lucas Webb, 4, at a residence in Holt, MO, on October 15, 2012. Justin Webb is the father of the victim and Melissa D. Webb is the stepmother of the victim. Justin Webb has been charged with the Class A felony of murder in the second degree. Melissa Webb has been charged with the Class A felony of murder in the second degree.

National search team scours miles of ground for Carol Thompson
By Pauli Clariday

Three and a half hours away from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina is the unassuming office of Monica Caison. The maps that cover her walls are not those of campaign trails or political posters. They are topographical maps of rugged terrain, missing person posters, and framed portraits of murder victims.

Caison’s home in Wilmington, North Carolina serves as the central headquarters for a national missing persons search organization, Community United Efforts (CUE). It was this organization that Judy Courtney came across and found solace, validation, and action. Judy is the sister of Carol Thompson, the Lathrop woman who has been missing since June 15.

Last Thursday at about 11 p.m., trucks, cars, search and recovery trailers, and trained recovery dogs rolled into the Clinton and Caldwell Counties. License plates from Texas, Florida, and East Missouri caravanned into Lathrop to assist in the vigilant ground search for the 50-year old mother and grandmother.

Eleven weeks have passed with no news of her whereabouts. With nearly three months of unanswered questions, no number of hikes into the timber could bring Judy peace. In her search for help, Judy placed a call to the CUE Center, and the heartfelt concern she received was overwhelming.

“These people are a Godsend,” stated Courtney, who has spent hours tracking through the woods and land around the home where Carol was last seen, as well as Carol’s home in Clinton County.

The volunteers are professionally trained searchers, but many serve in law enforcement as their regular profession. Through Caison’s humble headquarters in Wilmington, NC, a team was put together and carefully studied all the information Judy had for them. They set out to work with local law enforcement, as well, as is their policy.

The plan was to come in and use whatever resources necessary to provide a thorough, exhaustive search. They brought with them several certified recovery dogs and a deep passion for what they were doing.

Friday’s search began with the help of Dwight Adkison and Carol’s nephew Brad Courtney, giving the team an idea of the landscape, and what possible hazards they might encounter.

“Where I come from,” explained Christy Davis, Florida State Coordinator who headed up the team, “we have to watch for things like alligators and snakes,” she said, as she described the life and times of a career search volunteer. “We have flankers who help us as an extra set of eyes when we’re handling the dogs,” she said. “I’ve watched my dog be on such a hard track that he sunk into a hazard almost like it was quicksand.”

Friday brought straight-line winds that put an early stop on the search efforts. But Saturday’s early rain, and later muggy heat, did not stop them from the work they drove hundreds of miles to perform.

The wait… the anxiousness… the unknown
No one knows the heart and state of mind of Carol Thompson better than her lifelong best friend, her sister, Judy.

Since Carol’s disappearance 11 weeks ago, Judy has exhausted her efforts in reaching out to hospitals, law enforcement, missing person websites, and anyone who could point her in the right direction. Anyone who would listen. Anyone who could not just empathize with her pain, but who had the knowledge and the means to help.

Knowing the CUE team would be coming was like opening a window and a fresh breath of cool breeze blew through. Unanswered questions, frustrated efforts, and the scorching frustration were finally acknowledged. Finally, she had someone who knew and understood her pain… someone who knew the need that family members have when a loved one goes missing… someone, she says, who would listen.

“Anytime you have a loved one go missing,” explained Davis. “Your world kind of stops. The general public doesn’t understand. You can still function. You can still go to work.

“But everything in you is wanting to find….wanting to find… wanting to find.”

And that’s all Judy has been wanting. I just want to find my sister.

But eventually, Davis continued, people drop off.

“They don’t know what to say to you,” she said. “They don’t want to upset you by asking those questions.”

Having an organization like CUE Center, she explained, gives those family members a voice.

It’s been that voice, and that validation, that has given Judy strength to continue.

Finding peace in finding nothing
As the trucks reconvened at the house on Hwy. 116 late Sunday afternoon, the search was over. Nearly 100 acres had been covered in the three days of searching, both in Clinton and in Caldwell Counties. The professionally trained group had spent approximately 30 hours scouring terrain, fighting the elements, and working together for the single purpose of bringing Carol home.

They came out of the fields with nothing that indicated she was there.

But it wasn’t all for nothing. It wasn’t in vain, and it wasn’t a failure.

As Christy and Judy came face to face, knowing that their efforts had not brought Carol home, Christy, with her gentle nature and wise words gained from years of experience, gave Judy a hug.

“Well,” she said, as she reassuring looked Judy straight in her eyes, “we don’t know where Carol is.

“But we know a lot of places she isn’t.”

And this, Judy knows, can bring peace to the unanswered questions she has been asking since the day Carol disappeared. The search by law enforcement that was called off at the scene of her disappearance within only a short few hours had sent her back to the cornfields and tree lines many times over.

Time after time, her own searches kept the nagging questions… What if I had turned left instead of right? What if I could have gone down that draw? What if I had just been able to go 20 more yards? Could I have found her? Could someone have found her?

Those questions can be put to bed. Carol is not in those fields or tree lines.

Where is Carol?
This question remains unanswered. The details of her disappearance have been broadcasted over many networks, through law enforcement, and through the efforts of countless friends and family that have put up flyers, have sent flyers out with truck drivers to disperse, and have kept her story alive through Facebook and email.

CUE is not only a resource for physical searches…be it with dogs, horses, water crews with sonar, or ATVs. They have volunteers that specifically work with national databases to share information on the missing. They ask family members to immediately provide DNA to law enforcement to provide the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and National Missing and Unidentified Missing Persons System (NamUS).

This involvement… this commitment CUE has made with Carol’s case, does not end when they pull out of Caldwell County and head back to their homes and their families.

“We will come back if something new develops,” Davis said. “We are not finished, and we will not forget.”

What’s next?
Awareness. Continually keeping the search in the hearts and minds of the community. CUE works endlessly on awareness campaigns that include billboards, if necessary, and a National Tour Rally Stop Campaign that is set to begin in less than two weeks.

The stops can generate candlelight vigils, balloon releases, special speakers, and public event or safety activities.

“The Tour Stop Campaigns empowers the families that someone cares,” said Davis. “Somebody’s actually out there traveling 4,000 miles to bring awareness to a missing person.

“It gives them hope and strength to keep on.”

Some cases receive national attention, she said. Oftentimes, they are beautiful, young college girls, or infants and toddlers. But CUE, she said, believes everyone deserves to be found. From the short, squatty, buck-toothed homeless man, to the person that maybe has hit some rough patches in their life and made bad decisions.

“I have made bad decisions in my life,” Davis said. “But I have also made some great decisions and have helped people in some amazing ways.

“If I had gone missing after I made one of those bad decisions,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been around to make some of the great ones I made.”

Awareness and advocacy
Davis encourages community members to not shy away from showing their interest and concern in Carol’s disappearance.

“People will drop off after awhile,” she said. “They don’t know what to say. They don’t want to offend. They don’t want to hurt.”

But it is quite possible that the only pain greater than having a missing loved one, is having a missing loved one that is forgotten.

“I’m letting CUE be my advocate,” Judy said when the day was done. “I have 100% faith in them. Period. There’s nothing else. I feel God led me to them.”

Editors Note: The family and friends of Carol Thompson wish to express tremendous gratitude to the folks at the Quality Inn in Kearney for their extraordinary hospitality to the CUE members during their stay in Missouri. They also acknowledge the generosity of Cosentino’s Apple Market on North Oak for providing food and water to the volunteers.

CUE has a special 24-Hour Tip Line for those that have any information they wish to report and are uncomfortable reporting to law enforcement. That number is (910) 232-1687.

Carol case gaining national attention
Carol Jo Thompson’s family recently registered to have the CUE Center for Missing Persons help investigate her case. Her photo and information have also been added to its website.

City of Lathrop sees insurance cost jump $30K
By Pauli Clariday
In the past seven years, 23 claims have been filed against the City of Lathrop’s insurance policy, to the tune of $206,602.88 in Gross Incurred Losses. Ranging from minor injuries due to defective equipment at the city park, to eight auto accidents, to two whopping employee lawsuits totaling $86,158 for wrongful termination, the city’s insurance company, Trident, is looking to recoup some of its losses.

Lathrop R-II MAP Scores make a rebound, but Distinction in Performance slips by
By Pauli Clariday
With the Spring 2012 MAP scores in from the state, Superintendent Chris Fine is very pleased with many of the results, but it wasn’t all good news.

Taxpayers will see 20 cent increase for school taxes
By Pauli Clariday
What may have gotten missed in the many open meetings for Lathrop R-II last spring, was a repeated review of the district’s budgetary exercises. The Board of Education, however, finalized their tax levy decision at the Wednesday, August 8 Tax Levy Hearing.

With state and federal funding volatile, and property values decreasing, the district had been conservative in their debt service payments over the past several years. To the extent, Superintendent Chris Fine stated at public meetings last spring, that the combined shortfall of assessed valuations and $0.4725 debt service levy, was threatening to take a bite out of the district’s healthy reserves.

Rosalie Ingle authors first book - The Stage is Coming
Local Gower author Rosalie Vandewater Ingle plans to release copies of her children’s book, The Stage is Coming—Hallie’s Stage Stop Journey this summer. Appropriately titled, the historical fiction book for children takes the reader back to the stagecoach era of the 1800’s. Whimsical artwork by illustrator Lisa Sprague makes the storyline come alive as readers travel back to the time of Western expansion. A unique twist for Midwestern readers is that the book is based on an actual stage stop/hotel home just outside of Orient, Iowa. This is the home where the author grew up, and is the inspiration for the book. It was first built as a hotel in the middle of the prairie, as it served as a stopping place for riders on horseback, in open wagons, and possibly an occasional stage coach. It should be noted that stage stops dotted the country as people headed West. The book represents many of those such stops.

Drought and heat take its toll
By Paige Ahart, Polo, Missouri
Park University Intern
Record breaking high temperatures and the absence of rain has caused NOAA/NWS, U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Drought Mitigation Center to classify all of Caldwell County and part of Clinton County to be in a severe drought.

Clinton County Plat book “flagship” product for new owners of Mapping Solutions
By Pauli Clariday
Where do you go when you are looking for county township and plat information? Where do you go if you want an interesting compilation of history?

You go to the 2012 Clinton County Plat Book produced by Lathrop’s own Mapping Solutions.

Plattsburg man sentenced to seven years for 2011 DWI manslaughter case
Thursday, July 12, 2012 in Clinton County Circuit Court by Judge Thomas Chapman, Donald L. Mick Jr. was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing Jeremy Cheesman, an occupant of Mick’s on Sunday, October 9, 2011 in a roll over accident, a one vehicle accident that occurred on 292nd Street, 4 miles north of Plattsburg, at 4:30 p.m.

Reward up to $1,500
Prayer Service for Carol Thompson at Mackintyre’s Church Sunday, 6:30 pm
Community members have shown their support to help find Carol Thompson, the Lathrop mother of three that went missing June 16, 2012 from a residence eight miles east of Lathrop.

Pledges are being received and donations accepted at The Hamilton Bank of Lathrop, 214 North St., PO Box 429, Lathrop, MO 64465, 816-528-4200 (phone), 816-528-3297 (fax).

Most recent efforts have included distributing flyers to hospitals. No further information has been received.

A prayer service will be held at Mackintyre’s Church, 1241 SE 228th Street, Lathrop, Missouri 64465. The church was established in memory of Mackintyre Garton, the eight year old son of Glen and Stacey Garton who passed away September 12, 2008 from a brain anuerysm. Stacey has been a vigilant voice and force in the efforts to promote and find her friend and neighbor of 20 years. A Facebook community, entitled “Find Carol Thompson” now has nearly 300 Likes and is being shared by friends, families, and others who are experiencing the pain of a missing loved one.

In Honor of a Brave Warrior
Publisher's Note: Officer Jason Rogers lost his battle with cancer Wednesday, July 11 after this week's edition had gone to press. The sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Roger's family and friends.

As volunteers, ambulance personnel, and area law enforcement escorted Officer Jason Rogers into his home, several saluted the Lathrop PD veteran, who is in his last days with his battle with Melanoma cancer. A Celebration of his life will be held this Saturday, July 14 at his home at 601 Center Street. Friends and community members are invited to visit and celebrate his life, his service, and his bravery.

Can you identify the unnamed LHS Staff?
The Van Buren-Spaeth Museum at the Antique Show Grounds needs your help in identifying the missing names of staff member pictured below:

Front Row (seated) 1. Hugh D. Welch - Principal & coach. 2. ??, 3. Raymond Brock, Superintendent 4. Gertrude McCord

Back Row (Standing) 1. Bettie Hubbard 2. Mabel Douglas 3. ??? 4. Eva Sass 5. ???? 6. Virginia Doherty 7. Martha Sims 8. Gladys Thompson

Just give the newspaper a call, 740-4444 if you are able to help in identifying the missing staff members. Or email us at

Vanburen-Spaeth Library Board Presents $30,000 Donation to the Lathrop Antique Show Grounds
Board members for the Vanburen-Spaeth Library and Museum, Cheryl Snodgrass, Patty Spaeth and Norella Beane, presented Sam Swindler of the Lathrop Antique Show Grounds a check for $30,000 at the Executive Meeting for the Show Grounds on Friday, July 6.

Lathrop’s Annual 4th of July Fireworks Display
Photos by Pauli Clariday

Wash House Car Wash falls victim to vandalism and theft
Sometime in the early hours of July 1, someone broke into the office at the Wash House Car Wash and stole the change machine from the building. The hole on the left side of the picture above shows that the thief or thieves took the entire machine, which in and of itself is valued at approximately $4,000. The machine had recently been emptied, but there was still several hundred dollars in quarters, which makes this a felony crime.

According to interim police chief Glen Garton, the thief broke through the safety glass on the office door and reached in and unlocked it. Due to the nature of the glass, the criminal was badly cut, most likely pulling their hand out. They have reason to believe the suspect will have notable cuts on their arm. DNA samples of the blood have been sent to the Missouri Highway Patrol for testing.

Anyone with any information should contact the Lathrop Police Department at 816-528-6550.

Notice to ALL early morning travelers on 116 Hwy
Carol Thompson, 50, has been missing since Friday, June 15. She was last seen at a residence on Hwy 116 at the Caldwell County line wearing a Lathrop Friendship Festival pirate shirt and dark pajama pants. If you have any information, please contact your local police department.

If you travelled 116 Hwy between Polo and Lathrop in the early morning hours between 2 am and 6 am, on Friday morning, June 15th - Did you see a small-framed woman walking in either direction??

Carol Thompson disappeared from a residence just east of the county line (Caldwell & Clinton Counties) on 116 Hwy. on June 15th, and hasn’t been seen since.

If you are a regular traveler on 116 Hwy. during these hours, if you saw anything or anybody on foot, please call the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, 816-586-2681 with any information you may have. Help us find Carol!

Garton appointed interim Lathrop Chief
By Pauli Clariday
With the upcoming retirement of Police Chief Leonard Eads, the Lathrop Board of Alderman has appointed Glen Garton as Interim Chief.

County Planning & Zoning denies commercial zoning at 116 & I-35
Editors Note: The following is the unofficial minutes, in its entirety, of the Clinton County Planning & Zoning Board meeting of June 7, 2012. The Public Hearing addressed the rezoning of 10 acres approximately 1 miles south of Highway 116 on Powell Road, the outer road on the east side of I-35.

The LPD donates retired patrol cars to Mayview Police Department
On June 12, 2012 the Mayview Police Chief, Steven Tracy and Mayview’s Mayor, Lee Bucklew traveled to Lathrop to pick up two patrol cars from the Lathrop Police Department.

Lathrop Resident Honored in Colombia, South America for Double Platinum Children’s Album
Marlore Johnson, Lathrop resident, was honored on June 3 for her children’s album CantiCuentos going double platinum in Colombia, South America.

Hundreds Gather for Cross Estate Auction June 9
The Center and Maple Street properties were filled with antique furniture, jewelry, records, photos and more. This describes just a tiny bit of the items that were sold on-site Saturday at the Cross Estate Auction in Lathrop, Mo.

Area Business Helps to Raise Funds for Plattsburg Fire Department Expansion
As part of their support to Lathrop and surrounding communities Lathrop Chiropractic partnered with the Plattsburg Fire Department last month, May 5th, to provide neck scans at the cost of $20 with all the proceeds going toward the fire department.

Newest Business in Downtown Lathrop
By Norma Ward
RFS Nutrition (Revolution Fitness Solutions) at 602 Oak St., Lathrop has opened its door to Lathrop residents.

A Lathrop Legacy Comes to an End
By Mika Snodgrass Hufford
Photos courtesy of Terri Wilson
This Saturday marks the end of an era for one of Lathrop’s most well-known and influential families. After the passing of Dorothy Hariett Cross in April, the Cross estates and most of the contents will be sold at auction on Saturday, June 9.

“The Wall that Heals” procession to begin in Lathrop - June 26th, 2012
The Traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall will begin its procession in Lathrop on its way to North Kansas City on June 26, 2012.

Goppert Foundation purchases tram for use at fairs
It’s not just folks from all over that perused the auction lot across from the Antique Show Grounds last spring. A bargain was found by Lathrop’s own Goppert folks when they came upon this trolley that was for sale. What would a bank use with a trolley you say? Well, the Goppert Foundation, the charitable organization affiliated with the Goppert Financial Banks in Lathrop, Holt, Lawson, and Norborne, decided they would find use for the transportation vehicle at various community activities. With fairs and festivals in each of the communities in which the Goppert Financial Bank serves, they will be on hand to provide rides to the elderly and handicapped throughout the events, assisting as a parking shuttle, general transportation, and good will. Bright blue in color, it might not be their first choice in color, but signage will be on the sides soon.

Police Chief Eads to retire
Lathrop Police Chief Leonard Eads will retire from the department on July 1, 2012.

After 25 years in law enforcement, Lathrop Police Chief Leonard Eads is retiring, having served his current post since November 22, 2008.

Lathrop Assembly of God to celebrate 75th Anniversary
It was the spring of 1936 when Rev. Samuel Baldwin, his wife, and five children came to live on a farm near Lathrop and rented the theater building on main street to hold revival services. In the depths of the depression, the early years of the church’s beginnings were humble, and oftentimes difficult.

Clinton County Route 33 in Lathrop closing on Wednesday, June 6
ST. JOSEPH, MO - This Missouri Department of Transportation has announced that pavement repair work has been scheduled in the City of Lathrop on Wednesday, June 6 (weather permitting).

Decker Construction Service, Inc. of Lathrop will be working on Clinton County Route 33 approximately one-half mile south of Route 116. The road will be closed at this location between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. while pavement repairs are completed. Message boards will be placed to alert motorists of the closure and direct them to use alternate routes. The work is scheduled to take one day to complete.

Donation to Antique Show Grounds sponsors post office building
On May 11, 2012 during the Antique Show Ground members meeting, Lathrop Post Mistress Michele Wells, presented President Jim Plowman with a personal check for $2500, the remaining amount that totaled $5000 for the construction of a retro Post Office on the grounds.

Crash on Hwy 69 throws rider from motorcycle
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on May 15, 2012 at 4:24 pm in Clinton County on US 69 at SE 212th St. – 4 miles north of Lawson, two vehicles were driving northbound on US 69. An unknown driver of a Chevy pickup with flatbed trailer had slowed to make a right turn onto SE 212th Street. Driver Glenn Lane, 44 of Turney, Mo., crested a hill and swerved to avoid hitting the pickup. Lane braked hard and slid across the southbound lane of traffic, coming to rest on the northwest corner of the intersection, where the driver was thrown from the motorcycle. There was no contact between the vehicles. The driver of the pickup made the turn and continued on, this driver may not have been aware of the accident.

There were no injuries reported in this accident. Driver Glenn Lane was wearing a safety device.

Investigated by MSHP Trooper T Garton and assisted by Clinton County Sheriff and Lawson Ambulance.

Holt man receives moderate injuries in one vehicle accident
According to the MSHP on May 13, 2012, 10:10 a.m. on MO 33, 1 mile north of Route PP in Holt, Mr. Donald R. Carlson, 79, resident of Holt, driving a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria southbound, when the driver drove off of the right side of the roadway. The vehicle then traveled across both lanes of MO 33 and was driven off of the left side of the roadway. The vehicle continued over an embankment and hit a tree. The Crown Victoria came to rest on its wheels facing southeast.

Mr. Carlson was taken to the Liberty Hospital by Holt Ambulance, with moderate injuries. Mr. Carlson was wearing his safety device. The Crown Victoria was totaled and towed by Dawson’s Towing of Holt, MO.

Investigated by MSHP Tpr. S.S. Gates, assisted by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and Holt Fire Department.

Is Clinton County Due for a Drug Court?
By S. Daily Warren
Drug Courts are into their second decade in the Missouri judicial system, and their success can be gauged in a very simple manner using the two “R’s”: recidivism rates. Recidivism, which is legalese for “repeat offender” has been statistically proven to decline when Drug Courts or other specialty courts are employed.

KC semi-pro women’s soccer team has Clinton County genesis
EBHS graduate overcomes personal affliction to see reality emerge from a dream

By Pauli Clariday
Adapted from Shawn’s personal story
From the soccer fields of Gower, Lathrop, and Plattsburg, few young hopefuls in the sport of soccer follow their dream to play beyond recreational competition. By the time KCI Conference athletes hit junior high, they find their options limited to football, volleyball, softball, basketball, wrestling, track, or baseball. Attempts to bring soccer into the conference come and go, but European footballer fans have yet to convince districts.

Lathrop City Council goes to semi-monthly meetings
By Pauli Clariday
Eager to see things move along, the Lathrop Board of Aldermen moved to begin twice monthly meetings starting in May.

Lathrop resident receives serious injuries in three car accident
According to the MSHP on May 1, 2012 in Clay County, at Route C and 164th St., 4:21 pm a 2002 Ford driven by Keaton Robertson, 17 of Plattsburg traveling southbound, struck a stationary vehicle, a 1997 Ford, driven by Jennifer Orr, 35 of Kansas City, MO, from behind as Ms. Orr was attempting to make a left turn onto 164th St. from southbound Route C. The Orr’s vehicle was pushed into the northbound traffice and struck a 1998 Ford driven by Kenneth Dodson, 66, of Plattsburg, head on.

Occupant of Ms. Orr, Edward Larson, 66, of Lathrop was taken to Liberty Hospital with serious injuries. Ms. Orr was taken by private vehicle to the hospital with minor injuries. Driver Kenneth Dodson was taken to Liberty Hospital with minor injuries.

Mr. Larson was the only person not wearing his safety device, all three vehicles were totaled.

Investigated by MSHP Tpr. Wilhoit and assisted by Clay County Sheriff’s Department.

Three Lathrop residents injuried in one car accident
According to the MSHP on Friday, April 27, 2012, at 3:30 p.m., within the city limits of Lathrop on 116 Hwy., driver Charles Chaney, 71, of Lathrop was travelling westbound on 116 Hwy, in a 2010 Nissan 4D, when he fell asleep, driving off of the north side of the road, the vehicle struck an embankment and culvert. The Nissan came to rest on its wheels facing west.

Mr. Chaney and occupants, Ester Chaney, 71, Lathrop and Cathy King, 52, Lathrop, received moderate injuries and were all taken to the Liberty Hospital by Clinton County Ambulance. All three were wearing their safety devices. The Nissan received extensive damage.

Investigated by MSHP Cpl. M. K. Allen, assisted by the Lathrop Police Department.

Early morning crash on 116 claims two lives
After a brief 21 years the life of a Lathrop local Mat Tucker ended in a fatal car accident in the wee hours of the morning of April 27th on 116 Highway just west of Polo. Mat Tucker was loved by all who knew him, and most knew him as the “kid who beat cancer” and whose life was defined by overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

Tragic Accident Takes the Life of Lathrop Alumni
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on April 27, 2012 at 4:55 am in Caldwell County on MO 116, 2.8 miles west of Polo, driver Mathew Tucker, 21 of Lathrop, Mo., was eastbound in a 2009 Ford F-150 when he crossed the center line. Driver Rory Hicks, 52 of Cowgill, who was traveling westbound, attempted to avoid impact by driving on the shoulder. Tucker's vehicle struck the left front of Hicks' vehicle. After the impact, Hicks' vehicle spun counter-clockwise and came to rest facing north, blocking the westbound lane. Tucker's vehicle continued eastbound and a second impact occurred when Tucker's F-150 struck a 1989 Chevy driven by Keith Staus, 28 of Polo, head-on in the westbound lane. After this impact, Tucker's vehicle slid counter-clockwise and came to rest facing north blocking the roadway. Staus' vehicle overturned and came to rest on it's top off the north side of the highway and caught fire.

Mathew Tucker suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced at the scene by Caldwell County Coroner, Dana Brown. Rory Hicks suffered minor injuries and was taken by a private vehicle to an unknown hospital. Keith Staus received fatal injuries and was pronounced at the scene also by Caldwell County Coroner, Dana Brown.

Investigated by Sgt. H A Sears, Cpl. S E Pritzel, Tpr. D J Kline, Tpr. B R Sanson, Tpr R V McCormick, Caldwell County Sheriff's Department, Clinton County Sheriff's Department, Polo Fire, MODOT and Caldwell County Coroner Dana Brown.

Deputy Banks Retires from Sheriff’s Department
by S. Daily Warren
In what was more a celebrity roast than a retirement party, Clinton County bade an official farewell to Deputy Jim Banks at a get-together Monday, April 23rd, in the basement of the courthouse. Those who frequented the courthouse often will remember him as the “man at the door” who wore a generous smile for visitors, workers and officials of the county.

A+ New State Requirements - Bid accepted for asphalt parking lots at EB Schools
Board Summary
April 16, 2012
The East Buchanan C-1 Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 16, 2012. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Nancy Roth, Board President at 7:32 p.m. in the Board room of the Central Office. Seven members were present along with a large group of guests, many representing the gifted students support group COMPASS.

LHS State Champion Wrestler Signs Letter of Intent to wrestle at MU
By Mika Snodgrass Hufford
Lathrop’s own Tyler Berg, state wrestling champion, signed a Letter of Intent to wrestle with the University of Missouri - Columbia on Wednesday, April 11 where he will be wrestling, on scholarship, as a Division 1 wrestler.

Beer garden, slow-moving vehicles topics of discussion at Lathrop City Council Meeting
By Pauli Clariday
Could the Lathrop Friendship Festival be the venue for a beer garden during the evening activities? Possibly, if the Lathrop Board of Aldermen agree to adopt an ordinance that will allow a Picnic License to be issued.

Holt man injured in Ray County crash
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on April 11, 2012 at 2:15 pm in Ray County on Route M, 2/10-mile south 17th St., driver Debra McDaniel, 48 of Camden, Mo., was southbound in a 2006 Jeep when she crossed the center line and struck driver Randy English, 53 of Holt, Mo.

Successful Fundraiser for Turney Historical Society
Through out the afternoon nearly 150 people filled the tables at the historic Turney Community Center. Giving support to the Turney Historical Society, at their recent successful fundraiser held Sunday, April 15th.

101st Airborne Vets “Barnstorming” Missouri
Leaders of the newly-formed Missouri Gateway Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association are “barnstorming” Missouri cities and towns, spreading the word in search of Screaming Eagle veterans. The purpose? To develop an ongoing, statewide “deployment” to honor and serve all military veterans from border-to-border.

Hundreds Show Their Support at Benefit Dinner for Local Resident
The tables of Gambino’s Pizza were filled on Saturday, as supporters gathered for a Benefit Dinner for Gambino’s co-owner and community volunteer, Coetta Whiteley.

Over 200 people showed up in support of Whiteley, at one point the line reaching out the door of the restaurant. “It is amazing how the community came out in support,” stated Whiteley’s husband Zach, co-owner with Whiteley of Gambinos. “Lathrop really has the ability and the heart to help people out. This is a small town with a big heart.”

Whiteley was informed just two weeks ago that she had a blockage in her heart and would need open heart surgery. Whiteley, who has no insurance, underwent the invasive surgery last week. Zach, Gambino’s co-owner and husband of Whiteley gathered with friends and family to quickly put together a benefit dinner to help to offset the cost of the surgery.

At the time of publication, the amount raised so far was unknown. An account for donations has been set up at the Hamilton Bank for people who want donate to help out Whiteley.
View more photos from the Benefit Dinner

Is There Gold in Goats?
by S. Daily Warren
Long a multi-ethnic staple of diets around the world, there’s a man in Turney taking a cutting edge approach to the burgeoning goat market and after only a few seasons is starting to turn a serious buck.

Turney Village operating with full board
By Pauli Clariday
Following the April 3 election, and a clarification by the Clinton County Clerk Mary Blanton, the Village of Turney is moving forward with a full board.

Mysterious C-KC 110 Highway Signs Explained
Highway signs emblazoned with the mysterious C-KC 110 have been spotted along I-35 and raised several questions from local residents.

LFD Chief Eads celebrates 40th year with department

Bluegrass and Gospel Music at the Mackintyre Church
Enjoy bluegrass and gospel music at the Mackintyre Church the second Friday of every month beginning April 13. Festivities will begin at 6:45pm. This event is free of charge, though a free will donation is encouraged.
Local band, “Best of Friends” Dough Speaks, Mary Speaks, Dave Robinson, Jerry Luttrell, Ron Ford, Koye Shaw and Don Laffey will be performing.
The Mackintyre Church is located at 1241 SE 228th Street in Lathrop. All donations will be used to further projects at the church such as water lines and bathrooms.

Turney Historical Society Fundraiser
The Turney Turney Historical Society will be holding dinner fundraiser on Sunday, April 15 from 11am to 2pm at the Turney Community Center (199 N. Ridge Street).
All are invited to come and enjoy some delicious food and fellowship, all for a good cause. Dinner will include: Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread, Dessert, Tea, Water and Coffee. Free Will Donation.
A Cake and Pie Auction at 1pm. All the proceeds will directly benefit the Turney Historical Society to help pay for utilities, insurance, upkeep on land, building, and cabooses. Contributions may also be mailed to: Turney Historical Society PO Box 102 Turney, MO 64493.

Chamber Volunteers of the Year
Coetta Whiteley (left) and Terri Wilson received the Chamber Volunteer of the Year recognition for their outstanding efforts in 2011. Leading up the Events Committee, Coetta and Terri brought some much appreciated beauty and festivity to downtown Lathrop. The Annual Banquet was held Friday, March 30. 2012 Officers are President Miranda Gorham, Vice President Tracy Deason, Secretary Mika Snodgrass, and Treasurer Jessica Howard.

Columbia College awards full-ride scholarship to Lathrop senior
COLUMBIA, Mo., April 3, 2012 — March 9 was a day Michael Thomas will not soon forget. Thomas was surprised by officials from Columbia College with news that he had been selected to receive one of five prestigious Presidential Scholarships, worth full tuition for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Local residents injured in area wrecks
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on March 31, 2012 at 11:30 pm in Clay County on NB I-35 at the 5.8 mile marker, driver Howard McDonald, 54 of Kansas City, Mo., was northbound in a 2006 Pontiac when he travelled off the right side of I-35, striking a concrete barrier. After returning to the roadway, McDonald was struck by a 2008 Ford, driven by Nicholas Schulz, 24 of Kansas City, Mo.

A Clinton County version of Parkville’s Hawthorne House? Not if the neighbors have their say.
by S. Daily Warren
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
- 2nd Section of the Declaration of Independence, adopted July 4th, 1776

One of the biggest hearts in Lathrop needs your help
The family and friends of Coetta Whiteley, co-owner with her husband Zach of Gambino’s, will be holding a benefit dinner on April 7 from 5-9 pm at Gambino’s.

Coetta, who has so generously donated her time, pizzas, and efforts for the betterment of Lathrop, received the frightful news that she was in need of open heart surgery, after an emergency room visit two weeks ago revealed she had blockage in her heart.

Frightful enough in itself. But the fact that the Whiteleys have no health insurance is even scarier.

Coetta, along with Terri Wilson, were given the Volunteer of the Year award at Friday evening’s Lathrop Chamber Annual Banquet. Coetta has had a passion for the youth of Lathrop, as well as the sense of pride and community. It was through her inspiration that the downtown was beautifully decorated during the fall, and it’s been Coetta that kept the Trick or Treat Downtown Lathrop alive over the past few years.

The Hamilton Bank has set up an account for donations to offset the cost of surgery.

Douglas, Holsted earn seats; Water Bond passes by large margin
With barely 20% voter turnout, the Tuesday election netted big returns for supporters of Robin Douglas and Matt Holstead, as they took the two seats for the Lathrop R-II School Board.

MSHSAA announces the re-districting for Football & Basketball
East Buchanan football will no longer be in the same district as rivals Mid Buchanan, North Platte and West Platte, dropping to Class I District 8 and will compete against Albany, Braymer, Gallatin, King City, Maysville, Polo and South Harrison.

Maundy Thursday Service
When we think of the Last Supper, we often call to mind the great painting of that name, the master-work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

New Site of Lathrop Medical Clinic to open Monday, April 2
By Pauli Clariday
Since remodeling the old Cole Print Shop in 1996, Cameron Regional Medical Center has had a presence in Lathrop. Formerly Cameron Community Hospital, the regional facility has branched out into 10 communities, including Lathrop, Gallatin, Plattsburg, Hamilton, Polo, Stewartsville, Maysville, Jamesport, and Pattonsburg.

LPD writes 68 reports for February 2012
During the month of February, the Lathrop Police Department wrote 60 reports, including the following:

BBQ Fundraiser a Huge Success for Local Student
Over $5,000 was raised at a BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, March 24 at the Lathrop Antique Showgrounds supporting Cassidy Hensen, LHS Freshman, and her People to People International Trip.

Individuals owed payment from former Gallatin Livestock Auction may file a claim through April 27
(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) – The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) encourages all Missouri livestock producers and buyers who have not received payment for business transactions with Daniel Froman or R&K Real Estate, Inc., d.b.a. Gallatin Livestock Auction to contact the Department immediately. The Gallatin, Mo.-based business’ bond funds were transferred to the Department following claims on unpaid receipts. The deadline for filing a claim is Fri., April 27, 2012.
“The Missouri Department of Agriculture makes every effort to protect our state’s agriculture industry,” said Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler. “We continue to monitor this situation and all of Missouri’s livestock auctions, and stand ready to assist affected farmers and farm families to the fullest extent.”
Livestock producers and buyers who have unpaid transactions and have not yet filed a claim with MDA should call the Department at (573) 751-5617. The Gallatin Livestock Auction bond of $125,000 will be distributed to those owed payment on a pro-rated basis in the event that the value of claims exceeds the bond amount.
The Gallatin Livestock Auction’s Missouri Livestock Market license expired in December 2011. The auction’s former owner, Daniel Froman, is currently serving a six-year sentence in federal prison on criminal charges related to his actions as a principal of Gallatin Grain Company.
For more information about the Missouri Department of Agriculture and its programs, visit

Gower Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Sisters in Service will hold their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Gower City Park on Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. SHARP!

May Deadline for State Foundation Formula, lack of Legislative action = $260,000 loss of State Aid
Board Summary
Superintendent, Paul Mensching
March 19, 2012

Meet the Candidates - Village of Turney
Village of Turney: Ruth Newell

Local man receives moderate injuries in accident
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on March 16, 2012, 8:08 a.m. at the 12.2 mile marker on I-35 (Clay County), driver Larry W. Archer, 67, of Lathrop, MO was northbound on I-35 in a 2002 Ford, when he lost control of the vehicle and ran off the right side of the roadway. The Ford overturned and came to rest on it’s top in a ditch.

2nd Annual Lathrop Easter Egg Hunt
The Lathrop Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 7. The hunt will be begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Lathrop City Park and will last until all the eggs are gone.

All children, toddlers to 5th grade, are invited to attend. Special this year is the “Golden Egg Giveaway”, a special golden certificate inside an egg redeemable at the park for a special prize. Look forward to a much larger selection of eggs this year!

Gower - Meet the Candidates
Each election year the Rural Reporter asks your local candidates to answer a questionnaire for voters’ knowledge of the Candidate, then publishes them for our readers. Questionnaires were mailed to each city/school board candidate. Their answers will appear each week before the April 3 Municipal Election, as they arrive.

Gower Author publishes first book
Sandy Perry, resident of Gower since 1977, wife, mother, grandmother and postal worker for 28 years, has published her first book, “Glimpses Of The Truth, with AuthorHouse publications.

Spring Festivals a Missouri Tradition
Jefferson City, Mo. — Yea! Spring has sprung . . . well, it will on March 20. Even though it hasn’t been a hard winter, everyone is looking forward to spring in Missouri. Springtime is filled with exciting festivals celebrating everything from dogwood blossoms to barbecue, bluegrass music to agriculture, and local history to life itself. It seems there is a festival for everything.

Many festivals offer similar activities, including: carnival rides; arts and crafts vendors; artisan demonstrations; special activities for kids; live music, magicians and other performers; period-dressed reenactors; fireworks; cook-offs; pageants; games; beer and wine stands; and food, food, food.

With that in mind, we bring to your attention some diverse festivals, broken down by Missouri’s five regions. There’s no way we can cover all of the springtime festivals in Missouri, so here is a sampling of what’s to come.

April 21 — Springtime on the Farm Festival - Lawson. Spring has come to Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and State Historic Site. This festival celebrates spring with a day of fun and learning about farm life in the 1870s. Reenactors perform many skills of the period.

April 27-29 — Weston Bluegrass Festival - Weston. More than 20 groups, performing traditional bluegrass, rockabilly, up-tempo bluegrass, and folk music. Food and gift vendors.

May 3-5 — Truman Heritage Festival - Grandview. Along with the largest parade in years, the festival features a large carnival; food and drink vendors; performances by bands and singing groups; car and motorcycle shows; a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned barbecue championship; and a beer garden.

May 4-5 — Mushroom Festival - Richmond. A festival about mushrooms. Loads of fresh mushrooms for sale; more than 130 food and craft booths; a carnival; parade; motorcycle show; antique tractors; live Christian music; tractor pull; talent contest; 5K FunRun; Little Mr. & Miss Mushroom contest; largest morel contest; and a beer garden.

May 4-6 — Apple Blossom Festival - St. Joseph. The third oldest apple blossom festival in the United States includes a barbecue contest, the Sound of Speed Air Show, and a huge parade.

May 5 — Truman Days Celebration - Independence. Admission for a buck each at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate, Vaile Mansion, 1859 Jail and Marshal’s Home, Harry S. Truman Library and Museum, Puppetry Arts Institute, National Frontier Trails Museum, and Leila’s Hair Museum. Visit with Harry Truman and several reenactors; live music and entertainment; concessions; children’s activities; and a parade. The Chicago & Alton 1879 Depot is serving free birthday cake and punch.

April 11-15 — Kansas City Film Fest - Kansas City. This downtown festival celebrates the creativity and hard work of filmmakers from around the world.

March 24-25 — 50 Miles of Art - Hannibal, Louisiana, Clarksville. Celebrating artists and artisans along the scenic, 50-mile corridor of Route 79.

March 24-25 — Hermann Wurstfest - Hermann. Sample some of the finest sausage in Missouri; sausage-making demonstrations; old-time wine and sausage-making equipment; a Wurst competition; German music and dance; the Wiener Dog Derby; winery tours; and other activities.

March 30-April 1 — Art Fair at Queeny Park - St. Louis. A juried, national exhibit and sale of fine arts and crafts by more than 130 artists from 20 states. Live musical entertainment throughout the weekend.

April 13-15 — Missouri Tartan Day - St. Charles. This celebration of Scottish-American Heritage features an array of Scottish music, athletics, dance, crafts, storytelling, exhibits and interactive activities for the whole family.

April 13-15 — Titanic Centennial Weekend - St. Louis. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic. Experience the history, fashion, food and music of the elegant Edwardian Era. Several venues offer special activities.

April 18-28 — Plein Air Art Event - Augusta. Watch the rich colors of spring burst forth in nature ... and on canvas. Watch and interact with artists painting outdoors throughout the Wine Country. Witness artists completing their art works in the tradition of “Plein Air” (outdoors), capturing the nuances of natural light in their work. Special events at area wineries.

May 2-5 — Saint Louis Storytelling Festival - St. Louis. Professional storytellers from across the nation tell many delightful tales during this four-day extravaganza. Stories are suitable for all members of the family. Features include a concert; a storytelling workshop; a storytelling program for the deaf; an evening of faith-based storytelling; and ghost stories. Watch video.

May 4-5 — St. Louis Microfest - St. Louis. A St. Louis craft-beer tasting festival, featuring beers from more than 80 North American craft breweries along with 50 international beers; plus great food from area restaurants. The event features live music and a homebrew competition. Proceeds benefit Lift For Life Gym.

May 5 — Cinco de Mayo - St. Louis. More than 10 bands, on two stages; DJs; roaming street performers; creative handmade wares; artisan demonstrations; original artwork. The People’s Joy Parade is a parade unlike any other parade: a grassroots menagerie of crepe paper float makers; homemade costumes; dancers; minstrels; puppeteers; Elvis impersonators; drag queens; marching bands; wrestlers; and the Virgin of Guadalupe.

April 14 — Old Drum Day Festival: A Tribute to the Dog - Warrensburg. A celebration of “man’s best friend,” this event features, among other family activities, a Best Friend dog show; 5K Run/Walk; kids dog-themed crafts; and reenactments of the trial of Old Drum (the origin of the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend”).

April 19-22 — Dogwood Festival - Camdenton. In its 62nd year. Fun for the entire family: crafts; pageants; food; entertainment; parade; a golf tournament; fish fry; and a carnival.

April 28 — Lake Area Fiber Arts Festival – Osage Beach. This unique event features yarn and handmade fiber craft items, scarves, shawls, garments, accessories. Shop vendor booths and enjoy the fashion show.

May 4-6 — Wild West Fest - Kingdom City. Leave your cares behind and enjoy the pleasures of a more adventurous time. This is a six-gun shootin’, bar-b-quein’, ropin’ n ridin’, rootin’ tootin’ adventure. Walk into an old west fort, featuring entertainment, food, games and costumed characters. Enter the Texas Hold’em Tournament and the chili cook-off contest.

May 4-6 — Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals - Lake Ozark. A unique show celebrating all makes, models, and years of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Vehicles from across the U.S. travel to the Bagnell Dam Strip to show off their street style. Event is free and open to the public.

Those should keep you and the family busy for a while. As you can see, at Missouri spring festivals, great times are had by all. These are only a few of the festivals and spring events in Missouri. Find more on Missouri’s Official Tourism website,

Adopt Your Very Own Wild Horse or Burro in Missouri
The U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will offer approximately 40 wild horses ranging from yearling to 5 years old to potential adopters on March 30-31, 2012, at MO-KAN Livestock Market located at Rural Route 2, in Passaic, Missouri. As an adopter, your challenge will be to develop a trusting relationship with your wild horse or burro. Consider what your goals are for the animal and base your selection on that. You can adopt an animal for a minimal fee and get a buddy horse for $25. Each animal has its own personality; horses and burros come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are of no particular breed, although some exhibit characteristics associated with certain breeds.

“While the adoption process is simple and straightforward, anyone considering adoption of a wild horse should remember that the animals are wild and require gentling and training, said BLM-Eastern States State Director, John Lyon.” Prospective adopters must have sturdy corrals that are 20’ x 20’ (or larger), at least 6 feet high for an adult horse and at least 5 feet high for horses younger than 18 months, and have a shelter directly attached to the corral. Adopters must provide a stock-type, step up trailer (ramps and side-by-side two-horse type trailers are not allowed).

The Saturday adoption will be on a first come, first served basis. The animals can be previewed on Friday, March 30, from 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Adoption hours on Saturday, March 31, are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A minimal adoption fee of $125 for animals less than three years of age and $25 for animals three and older is required for adoption. In addition, you can take home a buddy animal for only $25 when you adopt any animal at the full fee of $125.

“The BLM manages, protects, and controls wild horses and burros under the authority of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act,” Lyon said. “This law authorizes the BLM to remove excess wild horses and burros from the range to sustain the health and productivity of the public lands.

USDA seeks applications for economic development funding to create jobs in rural areas
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2012 – USDA Rural Development Under Secretary Dallas Tonsager announced today that USDA is seeking applications for loans and grants to help rural businesses create jobs and spur economic development.

Lager Capitol Report 2012 Mid-Session Review
By Brad Lager
This coming week, the Missouri General Assembly will be on spring break thereby signifying the midpoint of the 2012 legislative session. We began this session on a mission to rebuild our state’s financial foundation, improve our business climate for job creation, protect our children’s education, and fund the recovery efforts in the wake of devastating natural disasters.

Shopko Stores and Pamida finalize merger
GREEN BAY, Wis. and OMAHA, Neb. – March 1, 2012 – The merger between two of the nation’s leading Midwest-based general merchandise retail chains, Shopko and Pamida, is now complete, creating one of the largest U.S. retailers focused on serving smaller, rural communities.

NWS issues Red Flag Warning, be firewise to prevent wildfires
JEFFERSON CITY Mo -- The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a “Red Flag Warning” for much of Missouri. According to the NWS, “This means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now or will shortly. A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity and warm temperatures will create explosive fire growth potential. For more information from the NWS, visit

Secretary of State’s office receives finalized state Senate District maps
Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan released the following statement after the State Senate Reapportionment Commission filed finalized district maps with her office:

Schweich releases summary of Sunshine Law findings
JEFFERSON CITY--(March 12, 2012) A report issued today by State Auditor Tom Schweich found that state and local governing bodies routinely violate Missouri’s Sunshine Law, which calls for open, transparent government.

PWSD #4 discuss water rates increases
“It will be coming,” Jeff Streeter, President of Board

District #4, upon signing with Plattsburg Water District, will see rate increases as Plattsburg finalizes loans for improvements to the Trimble Water Plant.

City will ask voters for $4 million on April 3
Zero rate increase; zero tax increase

By Pauli Clariday
At the forefront of Lathrop’s need for sound infrastructure for future growth is a water supply system that will meet the needs when the need for expansion arises.

Paradise Meats Takes Top Awards at March MAMP Contest
By S. Daily Warren
What hangs from a meat hook in the back room, wins awards and doesn’t have a trace of artificial antibiotics or hormones? If you guessed a scene from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” then guess again, because we’re talking about Paradise Locker Meats of Tremble, Missouri, recent winner of no less than 6 regional awards for their outstanding and locally produced products. The secret?

Event Recycling Containers Available
Region D Recycling & Waste Management District has available for loan, event-recycling containers. Cans and bottles can be recycled rather than landfilled, reducing trash disposal costs. The containers are lightweight portable with large see-thru collection bags.

Event organizers, call Region D Recycling & Waste Management District at 816-393-5250 to reserve recycling collection containers for your event.

Missouri’s Complex Fence Laws to be Explained
A program to discuss Missouri’s Complicated Fence Law will be held on Thursday evening, March 15th from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Howard has announced his candidacy for another term in the office of Clinton County Assessor
He has been certified by the State of Missouri due to his experience and extensive training in assessment procedures and continues to fulfill the education requirements.

Circuit Judge Tom Chapman Files for Reelection as Circuit Judge, 43rd Circuit, Division 1
On Tuesday, February 28, 2012, Circuit Judge Tom Chapman filed to run for reelection to the position of Circuit Judge for the 43rd Circuit of Missouri, Division 1.

Burris announces bid for Circuit Judge in the 43rd
Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Burris has announced he is running for Circuit Judge in the 43rd Judicial Circuit. Burris, a Clinton County native, is serving his second term as prosecutor.

Show Grounds receives nod from County for Commercial Zoning
By Pauli Clariday
The Lathrop Antique Car Club will continue their commercial endeavors on the east side of Hwy 33, with unanimous approval from the Clinton County Planning & Zoning Board.

Clinton County Republicans Continue Their Rise
by Ann Mowry
Drawing upon their election victories in 2010 and successful events in 2011, the Clinton County Republicans (Republican Central Committee and Club) gathered together Saturday evening to celebrate their annual Lincoln Day at the Lathrop Middle School gymnasium. An estimated 175 people took part in a meal prepared by the Plattsburg Future Farmers of America and enjoyed a musical program presented by the Lathrop 7th grade band.

Gower/Lathrop Post Offices on the Chopping Block?
by S. Daily Warren
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last four years you may have realized the entire nation is in a bit of a money crunch. This mounting pressure, which can threaten everything from new construction to public pension plans, has hit the US Postal Service pretty hard, and drastic measures may be in the works that could possibly affect us right here at home in Clinton County.

Clinton County Filings for August 2012 Primary
Gentlemen and Ladies…Start Your Machinations!

Tuesday, February 28 started off the month-long filing window for Clinton County’s 2012 election year and candidates were lining up to fill empty seats. There were new names and old and a couple of surprise competitors for seats some thought would run virtually uncontested. And all this on the first day of filing.

Board of Aldermen approve Zoning Board members
The February 13th, regular meeting of the Gower Board of Aldermen was called to order by Mayor Klein at 7 p.m., with Aldermen Taber, Barnhill, Veraguth and Brendle present. Also present were City Personnel: Clerk Gwen Ballou, Chief Wellington, Carroll Fisher, Attorney Hubbard and Zoning Administrator Monte Yager.

The Winter that Wasn't
By S. Daily Warren
The Farmer’s Almanac, that trusty old tome of country wisdom and lore, has been dead wrong so far this winter when it promised us a wet and wild winter. With about 25 days until spring, Northwest Missouri has been to date experiencing the winter that never was. Temperatures have been unusually high and there has been very little precipitation.

Cross Corners: Update
by S. Daily Warren
The Missouri Department of Transportation is conducting studies to find the best solution for the intersection at 116 and 69 Highways, but there’s been some activity as well. New “rumble strips” have been added, existing ones refreshed and bright reflectors have been attached to existing signage, but MoDOT is just getting warmed up when it comes to making Cross Corners safer, and is working closely with the Clinton County Commissioners and other officials to achieve the smartest solution for the best buck.

Absent Voter Information
The County Clerk’s Office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, for Absentee voting for the upcoming April 3, 2012 Municipal General Election beginning February 21, 2012.

Plane crash victims identified
The names of the victims of the February 14th plane crash was released Friday, February 17th, 2012.

Republican Caucus to be held March 17
The Clinton County Republican Central Committee will hold the 2012 Clinton County Missouri Republican Caucus for the purpose of electing Republican Delegates and Alternates to the Republican 6th District Convention and the Republican Missouri State Convention.

Valentine’s Day Plane Crash in Osborn claims two lives
by S. Daily Warren
What may have been a friendly fly-by over the tree tops ended in tragedy Tuesday afternoon for two occupants of a single engine aircraft that crashed on the outskirts of Osborn, just north of the Shatto Dairy Farm.

Details are scant, but the victims are two adult males whose names have yet to be released. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Sheldon Lyon, the 1967 Piper Cherokee crashed about 200 yards north of 9781 N. Highway 33, practically in the front yard of the home of Aaron and Jennifer Cross, who were unavailable for comment.

#4 changes meter setting fee
At the regular PWSD#4 meeting February 4, Director Jeff Streeter reported on his recent meeting with the Plattsburg mayor and water district members, reporting the current capacity of the district treatment plant is 700,000 gallons per day. Within a three year period and improvements, the plant’s capacity will increase to 2.5 million gallons per day. There was no notication of a rate increase at this time.

The Directors then addressed the need to make a resolution to ratify and approve the water purchase contract with Plattsburg Water District, without the consent of Clay #3. Clay #3 had been notified with no response and hadn’t purchased water from #4 for several months.

Lathrop Alderman Injured at Infamous 116/69 Highway “Cross Corners”
by S. Daily Warren
Like a modern transportation Golgotha, three crosses stand at a well-tended memorial at the intersection of Highways 116 and 69, a place that has come to be known by some as “Cross Corners” because of the number of fatal accidents that occur there. Two people lost their lives on December 1st, 2011, but the latest accident involved Alderman Gerald Snodgrass of Lathrop on February 1, 2012. Snodgrass and Carolyn Jennings of Winston, the driver of the other vehicle, both sustained moderate injuries, were wearing their seat belts and were immediately transported to Liberty Hospital.

Great Northwest Delegation from Clinton County Visits Senator Lager, MoDOT in Jefferson City
February 2, 2012
Jefferson City - Sen. Brad Lager entertained the Great Northwest Delegation for the sixth time as the 12th District State Senator. Delegates from throughout Northwest Missouri and the counties that comprise the 12th Senate District visited with Sen. Lager throughout the day on Tuesday and later in the evening at the Great Northwest Days Reception held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City.

Northwest Missourians Stand Together in Jefferson City
In a spirit of ongoing cooperation and partnership, Great Northwest Day at the Capitol 2012 drew nearly 300 area constituents together to showcase their region in Jefferson City January 31-February 1. Eighteen counties, multiple communities and regional representatives from business, education, healthcare and government provided a unified partnership which began with a luncheon panel discussion of unfunded mandates in Missouri.

On Tuesday afternoon, a roundtable discussion was held with Department leaders.

Medicare Update @ Lathrop First Christian Church
There will be an Insurance Informational talk at the Lathrop First Christian Church at 7:00 p.m. February 1st. This is for anyone, people just getting Medicare, Veterans, disabled, wanting information about Medicare, supplementary insurance or have questions about Medicare and Medicaid. There will be no selling of insurance, this is purely to help us understand all the ins and outs of Medicare and all the issues around it that drives us crazy!
If you are interested, please join us for dinner at the church at 6 p.m. then stay for the meeting. The Christian Church has dinner each Wednesday night, open to all. Community Outreach will be cooking on February 29th, and all donations will go to the committee.
If you have a need, concern or questions, please call 816-582-9675, we’ll do our best to assist you.

Civil Rights investigation leads to compliance concerns findings
By Pauli Clariday
Lathrop resident Richard Williams has advocated for two years that the city and schools comply with the Americans with Disabilities Acts.

Last fall, after a heated public participation session at the monthly Board of Education meeting, he took his complaint to the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Mr. Williams was refused the floor during public participation because his topic of discussion was not on the agenda.

Primary and a Caucus in Missouri?
So you want to help select the next Republican presidential candidate? If you are a resident of Missouri you may be asking yourself if there is anything you can do to affect who is on that ballot in November of 2012. The answer is: Yes, but it’s not as easy as simply going to the polls.

Missouri will have a Presidential Preference Primary on February 7, 2012 AND a caucus on March 17, 2012. The primary is estimated to cost the counties of the state a total of 8 million dollars. The truth is, the results from that vote will have absolutely no impact on who Missouri chooses to be on the November ballot. Why?

LEPC: A meeting it may be disastrous to miss
by S. Daily Warren
Every month sees officials from across Clinton County get together in a coordinated effort to protect our community in the event that any of a number of worst case scenarios come to pass. They are the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency, also known as the Clinton County LEPC, and they meet at noon on the third Tuesday of each month in the lower level of the Clinton County courthouse.

Fortunately, most of the meetings are conducted in a professional manner. Unlike Joplin and New Orleans, Clinton County has been mercifully spared from the terrible effects and after-effects of a large scale emergency.

Lathrop residents involved in vehicle accidents
The MSHP reported on January 26, 2012 at 1:05 p.m., southbound on MO 33, 2 miles north of Holt, Driver Jeffery L. Reece, 42, of Lathrop was travelling south on a 2012 John Deere Gator, and was turning east into a private drive, when Driver Francis D. Askren, 57, of Plattsburg, also travelling south in a 2000 Chrysler Sebring, attempted to pass the John Deere Gator as it was turning left. Mr. Askren struck the Gator in the rear. Mr. Reece was ejected from his vehicle. Both vehicle came to rest on their wheels in the roadway.

Vardy charged with 2nd degree murder, 1st degree assault, and armed criminal action
Vardy charged with 2nd degree murder, 1st degree assault, and armed criminal action

By Pauli Clariday
Richard Vardy, 56 of rural Plattsburg, has been charged in the shooting death of his 28-year-old son, Richard Jason Vardy. The elder Vardy’s wife suffered a headshot injury by what investigators believe was the same shot that hit her son in the chest when she was trying to protect him.

On Tuesday, January 24, police were called to a residence north of Plattsburg off Y Hwy. and 296th Street. Radio traffic indicated that there were two victims had been shot, with one not breathing.

As police arrived, radio traffic indicated the suspect was inside talking to his wife.

Former deputies charged with stealing drugs at Clinton County Jail
Two former deputies of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department have been charged with fraudulently trying to obtain a controlled substance, a Class D felony, while working as jailers at the Clinton County Jail. According to a probable cause statement filed in November, both men are accused of taking prescription medications during their shifts in August and September.

After waiving his right to a preliminary hearing, Aaron Scott Abbott, 21, is scheduled to appear before Judge Brent Elliott on Tuesday, February 7. Kevin Bunch, 23, St. Joseph, appeared before Judge Paul Luckenbill on January 31.

A warrant was served on both men November 10, 2011. Both men were released on a $2,000 cash only bond.

Goppert Foundation donates $10K to Children’s Mercy
On Wednesday, January 11, Kathryn Harvell, representing Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics of Kansas City, Mo., received a $10,000 donation given by The Goppert Foundation and Goppert Financial Bank for the establishment of a new Children’s Mercy East facility.

Children’s Mercy East is a new facility, now under construction, which will bring the world class pediatric specialty care of Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics closer to the families of Eastern Jackson County and the surrounding region.

Lifelong Lathrop resident passes at 96
By Pauli Clariday
If there is ever a family name that is embedded in the history of Lathrop along with Guyton-Harrington and others from the era, it is the Chenoweth name.

Harold Ray Chenoweth was born in Lathrop on November 29, 1915, and spent his entire life farming and serving the community. His family and close friends remember him fondly, and it was his generosity that enabled the Lathrop Antique Car Club to acquire the land for the Show Grounds.

Whose Turn in Turney?
Election time has come again for the Turney board, but with 3 open spots on the ballot there is only one verified candidate at this time: Ruth Newell.

Election laws can be difficult waters to navigate, but the one thing you can count on is that only up-to-date taxpayers can get on the ballot. This might be part of the latest of Turney’s problems, as Mrs. Newell is current tax-wise but her husband may not be.

Does Disaster Loom for 911 Service in Missouri?
by S. Daily Warren
The 911 phone number has become a mainstay for emergency responders and citizens alike in American society. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine life without it. But the recent and growing trend of cell phone use away from land lines may be jeopardizing what we’ve all come to depend upon when crisis comes calling.

The problem is two-fold, but simple. First, in Missouri our 911 service is funded only by a surcharge on your land line. Second, with a landline emergency, responders always know where the crisis reporter was calling from, whereas a cell phone is by definition portable.

Candidate Filings for April Election
Lathrop City Council
2 Seats
Susan Pryor (incumbent) - South Ward
David Peters (incumbent) - North Ward

Lathrop R-II School Board
2 Open Seats

Three with minor injuries after car struck by semi
Tuesday, January 10, 2012, at 1:41 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated an accident on US 69 Highway at Route V, 6 miles north of Lawson. According to their report, a 2002 Pontiac was northbound on US 69, followed by a 1999 Peterbilt. The driver of the Pontiac, Kali A. Shaffer, 23, of Lathrop, allegedly slowed abruptly to make a turn, and the driver of the truck, Rolan W. Ford, 28, of Jefferson City, was unable to stop in time. The semi struck the back of the car; upon impact, the car traveled off the northwest section of the road and came to rest on its wheels, facing north.

Barricaded subject in Lathrop ends peacefully
Rural Reporter Staff
On January 16, 2012 at 7:27 a.m., Lathrop Police Chief Leonard Eads responded to a 911 call of domestic assault at 304 South St., Lathrop. He arrived to find the victim and two other witnesses outside the residence. The suspect, Michael J. Evans was still inside the residence and refused to come out. Officers were told that Evans had made threats of harming himself and did have access to firearms within the residence.

According to police reports, at least one other incident of domestic violence had been documented.

Making way for a new and improved truck stop
Trex Mart’s Travel Express, located at the junction of I-35 and 116 Hwy. completed demolishation of their Trex Mart Cafe and Truck Stop, Thursday, January 12, 2012 by noon.
Trex Mart has been at that location since 1993, in a building that dates from the 1960’s.
Plans for a 10,000 sq. foot two story complex with at least 11 bays for semi-truck refilling will be completed late spring or early summer of 2012.

Holt Fire Board Mum on Volunteer “Resignation”
by S. Daily Warren
The Holt Fire Protection District Board met Tuesday night, Jan. 10, but declined to go into any detail about the recent dismissal of volunteer fireman Derrick Reed on January 2, 2012. Under the Missouri Sunshine Law various exemptions are made, and often abused, for government entities to avoid media scrutiny and matters of personnel is one of those categories.

Reed has been a Holt firefighter since March of 2009, just one month before the passing of local favorite Billy Ray Moore, the popular and long-time Holt station chief recently replaced by current Chief Gary Birch.

Court: Missouri Farmers Must Hire Vets for Basic Animal Care Hired Hands May Be Prosecuted, If Paid
St. Louis, Missouri—The Clinton County Circuit Court in Plattsburg, Missouri, has ruled that it can and will enforce a state law that forbids any non-veterinarian to accept payment for providing basic animal husbandry services. The judgment allows Brooke Gray, a young woman with eight years’ training and experience at removing sharp enamel points from horses’ teeth, to continue assisting Missouri’s animal owners—but if she gets paid for her efforts, she will be fined and possibly sent to jail.

Local districts fight eight fires across Clinton County New Year's Eve
by S. Daily Warren
According to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department activity report, graciously submitted to the Rural Reporter each week, there was a far flung spat of fires across our fair county on New Year’s Eve. Unlike some arsons that have been reported recently in the national news, the culprits in this case are high winds and common sense, or a lack thereof.

The Gower Fire Department responded to five fires in Gower and Stewartsville on December 31st and one on New Year’s Day. According to Jessica Roe of the Department, she stated, “I thought the day would never end.” The dry conditions contributed to the spread of the grass fires.

Car vs. deer results in injury to passenger
On Tuesday, December 20, 2011, at approximately 9:30 a.m., one car was involved in an accident on Route V, about five miles southeast of Lathrop.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Katherine D. Ringer, 38, of Lathrop, was westbound in a 2003 Mercury when a deer crossed her path. The animal was struck and killed, and a passenger in the vehicle, Laura A. Howard, 50, of Lathrop, sustained moderate injuries from the collision.

2011 - the Year in Review (Lathrop)
1/6/2011 On January 3, 2011 newly elected Clinton County officials, Prosecuting Attorney Bill Burris; County Clerk Mary Blanton; Treasurer Leann Gump; Collector Sharon K. Cockrum; Circuit Clerk/Recorder of Deeds Molly Livingston and Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken, Jr. of Clinton County were sworn in at the Courthouse.
2/3/2011 At a special city council meeting held Thursday, January 27, the Lathrop Board of Aldermen accepted the grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation for work to be completed on the downtown sidewalks on the south side, which will provide $141,700, to be matched by funds or in-kind contributions by the city of approximately $61,000. The work will include new sidewalks, ADA accessible parking, crosswalks, and lighting from the intersection of 33 Hwy and Oak Street to Ridge Street at the city park.
• At the annual meeting of the Economic Development Council of Clinton County, Jim Hasler and Vic Davis stepped down from their seats on the board, and Judy Wright, Turney, and Mario Fantasma, Trimble, stepped on to the Council as Chair and Secretary, respectively.

New store for Trex Mart
As of 8:00 on Wednesday, December 28, 2011, Trex Mart, located on 116 at I-35, will be closing its doors for a time. The building, which housed Stuckey’s many years ago, will be torn down and a new store built. The new building is hoped to be ready by spring or summer of 2012.

Dawson buys nursing home, proposes new jail not be built there
The irascible Charlie Dawson, Clinton County’s colorful commissioner for the 1st District, purchased the former convalescent home on Center Street south of town this last week. The Lathrop Convalescent Center closed about nine years ago under a cloud of fiscal ambiguity, and in a stalled commercial real estate market has not reopened its doors since.

“The whole place has suffered minimal damage since it closed up,” said Dawson. “In nine years you’d have thought vandals would have tore this place apart.

Lathrop man injured in accident on northbound I-35
The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating an accident that took place on Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at 5:30 p.m. The incident took place on I-35 at the 29.4 mile marker.
According to their report, Craig D. Kretchmar, 46, of Lathrop, was northbound in a 2006 Suzuki when he overtook a 2004 Chevrolet, being driven by Rebecca A. Stansil, 42, of Holt. After swerving to avoid Ms. Stansil’s car, Kretchmar struck the vehicle in the rear.

Municipal, school filings to begin Tuesday
As the 2012 Presidential election begins to pick up momentum, April 2012 will see school district and municipality candidates vying for seats. Filing for the following offices will open on Tuesday, December 13 at their respective offices.

In the City of Lathrop, the seats of Susan Pryor and David Peters will be open for two year terms.

In the Lathrop School District, the three-year terms of Teona Harris and Robin Douglas’ seats will expire.

Truck’s failure to stop at intersection leaves two dead
Last Thursday evening, December 1, 2011, at 6:10 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to an accident at MO 116 and US 69 Highways, approximately 4 miles east of Lathrop.

According to their report, Larry R. Cockriel, 66, of Edgerton, MO, was eastbound on 116 in a 1995 Honda Accord; and Sonnie E. Suman, 57, of Wathena, KS, was northbound on US 69, driving a 2006 International Conventional truck.

Final Sentencing in Van Dyke Case
by S. Daily Warren
43rd Judicial Circuit Judge Thomas Chapman formally sentenced Ronda Van Dyke on Friday, December 2, on two counts of passing bad checks and one count of forgery. Having previously pled guilty on all counts, Chapman accepted the probation and parole board’s recommendation of suspended execution of sentence for two of the three crimes, which means no jail time for Van Dyke.

“It looks as if she has her situation figured out,” said Clinton County Prosecutor Bill Burris.

Tragic crash near Braymer claims two lives
Caldwell County was the scene of a tragedy on Monday morning, November 28, 2011, when a two-vehicle accident took place on MO 116, 3 miles west of Braymer.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Hubert L. Swope, 66, of Braymer, was eastbound on 116 in a 1997 Ford, and Kenneth R. Debolt, 46, also of Braymer, was westbound.

Turney Trustees propose sales tax for garage sale activities using public property Approve budget for road maintenance, signage & document copies
By Norma Ward
In a rescheduled November 16th meeting, the Turney Board of Trustees met at the Turney Community building, calling the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes of the previous October 10th and November 14th meetings were read and approved unanimously.

The minutes of the 14th indicated the meeting had been adjourned due to non-compliance of a new guideline for video taping of the meetings by a resident.

Goppert Foundation donates $30K for improvements
Billy Campbell, Director of Goppert Foundation, presents a check in the amount of $30,000 to Dan O’Connor, Board President of Oakridge, for building improvements and security systems on Monday, November 21, 2011.

Judge Elliott grants change of venue for Camp Down Under stabbing suspect
Last Wednesday, November 9, Shannon William Todd, 19, of Shawnee Mission, KS, with attorney Les Wright, appeared before Judge R. Brent Elliott on a request for a change of venue.
On June 8, 2011, an altercation took place at the Down Under campgound, near Turney, between Todd and Justyn Price, 23, of Gower.

Community rescue efforts averted near tragedy
By Norma Ward
The call was received at 2:55 p.m. on Thursday, November 3, 2011, a man had fallen 15-20 feet into a grain bin at Lathrop Feed & Grain.

An immediate response by LPD officer Glen Garton to the scene and Cody Eads, an employee of Lathrop Feed & Grain and EMT volunteer of the Lathrop Fire & Rescue, already on the scene, kept the young man, 18 year old Glenn Seba, from being further engulfed in the grain.

Lathrop Chamber conducts first Ribbon Cutting
Randi & Marty Paradiso (center of photo), owners of Oak Street Salon, 709 Oak Street, were the first recipients of the Lathrop Area Chamber of Commerce’s Ribbon Cutting ceremony. The shop opened over the summer, and the Chamber has been busy lining out the benefits of membership, including Ribbon Cuttings for Grand Openings and Balloon Cuttings for Anniversaries. Welcome to Lathrop Randi & Marty! The Paradisos were joined by Cindy Weers, Miranda Gorham, Shirley Rupe, Gerald Sodgrass, Chris Fine, Don Moore, and Gene Schoonover.

Atchison elevator blast gives pause to a busy harvest season
By Pauli Clariday
The grain elevator explosion in Atchison, Kansas this past weekend has put the spotlight on what is typically business as usual for agricultural communities throughout the Midwest during this time of year. It’s been over a decade since the last deadly grain elevator explosion took place in the Midwest.

“It’s too bad it takes a tragedy like this to get grain elevators in the news,” said Josh Phillips, manager at Lathrop Feed & Grain.

Suspects elude Lathrop PD on foot, later arrested following car wreck
Rural Reporter staff
Following a tip that a Lathrop resident had a felony warrant and was in town, Lathrop Police embarked on a footchase last Tuesday evening with two young men.

Around 6:30 p.m. last Tuesday, October 25, 2011, Lathrop officers Dennis Banks and Glen Garton located Derek Noheart, 18, at the city park, along with Jared Grayson, 19, of Lathrop. When Officer Banks approached and advised Derek of the warrant, both subjects took off running.

Lathrop police car falls victim to car vs. deer accident after returning from Liberty Hospital
Rural Reporter staff
Halloween weekend resulted in more tricks than treats for the Lathrop Police Department, as a DWI arrest turned violent Sunday night.

On Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 11:17 p.m., Lathrop Police Office Andrew Lorenson witnessed a vehicle traveling 58 mph in a 45 mph zone on 33 Hwy. at the fairgrounds. When Officer Lorenson attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver, Gary Frion, 46, Lathrop, refused to stop.

Defense files proposed judgement in Gray’s horse teeth-floating case
By Pauli Clariday
Dave Roland, Director of Litigation of Freedom Center of Missouri, has filed the defense’s Proposed Judgment in the case of the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board vs. Brooke Gray, in what is becoming known across the state as a critical ruling for the future of animal care and husbandry practices by non-veterinarians, or the “teeth floating” case.

43rd Circuit Court Judge Thomas N. Chapman heard the two day bench trial on September 26 and 27, where Brooke Gray, Holt, Missouri, is being accused of unlawfully providing services specifically reserved for practicing veterinarians and other technicians sanctioned by the state.

Two Lathrop residents injured in one-vehicle crash
On Friday, October 21, 2011, a one car accident took place in Ray County. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 2010 Ford, driven by Lenzie L. Holt, 42, of Lathrop, was westbound on Price Drive, west of Prairie Ridge Rd., near Lawson. At around 9:49 p.m., the vehicle allegedly traveled off the left side of the roadway, striking numerous trees and a fence before coming to rest.
Neither the driver nor his passenger, Dayshine L. Williams, 21, of Lathrop, were wearing seat belts, and both sustained serious injuries.

Route V site of two separate accidents
Two separate accidents took place on State Route Highway V over the weekend, sending two to the hospital.
On Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 12:55 a.m., a 1995 Ford Explorer, driven by Ronald F. Bloss, 51, of Lathrop, was northbound on Route V, approximately 3 miles south of Lathrop. According to MSHP reports, the driver failed to negotiate a curve, and the vehicle drifted off the right side of the roadway.

Is it time to switch banks? Lathrop offers sound community banking options
By Pauli Clariday
Just two weeks after its Facebook debut, National Bank Transfer Day-November 5, the day has its own Wikipedia entry and a Google search that returns over 9 million hits.

The grassroots effort calls for a voluntary switch from large commercial banks to smaller community banks and credit unions. While the movement may have had its beginnings in the protests and demonstrations on Wall Street, community members and bankers in the rural areas have known all along where they wish to do business.

At home.

A Star is Born? Local 4th grader headed to Disney
One day in the future, Lathrop residents may be boasting “I knew him when he was only this high...” They would be referring to 9 year old Tyler Stanford, son of Kevin and Cindy Stanford, of Lathrop. Some time ago, dad Kevin heard about a children’s audition for modeling and acting. He immediately thought of his daughter, Taylor, also 9. However, mom Cindy said she thought Tyler wanted to be an actor, so both children auditioned. Tyler was selected out of one thousand entries to have a part in “The Event”, in Orlando, Florida.

Driver arrested following injury accident
Last week, the Rural Reporter covered the story of an injury accident that took place on October 9, 2011. The Missouri State Highway Patrol has since released arrest information on the driver, Donald L. Mick, 57, of Plattsburg. At the time of his arrest, he was charged with DWI - Class B misdemeanor; 2nd degree vehicular assault; C&I driving involving an accident and also received a ticket for no seat belt.
According to Missouri Casenet, he was held in the Clinton County Jail on a $6,500 cash only bond until Tuesday, October 18, 2011.

VanDyke plea accepted at Thursday’s hearing; sentencing expected within 60 days
by S. Daily Warren
A tearful Ronda VanDyke, the former Clinton County Planning and Zoning Administrator and Executive Director for the Economic Development Council of Clinton County (EDCCC), pled guilty to two counts of passing bad checks and copped an “Alford plea” on the third charge, forgery. All are class “C” felonies and the Alford plea is basically a legal admission of guilt under procedural rules while maintaining one’s innocence, also known as the Kennedy plea.

There is a lot more to this case than meets the eye, but as her sentencing is not expected for up to 60 days from the hearing date, Mrs. VanDyke nor her associates are comfortable being quoted in the press at this time.

Dr. Jack Huddart - Gower Dentist Opens Office in Lathrop Lathrop Dental Care Under New Ownership
by Miranda Gorham
Lasthrop welcomes Dr. Jack Huddart, DDS
Dr. Huddart may be new to Lathrop but he’s not new to Clinton County or dentistry. Dr. Huddart has been a dentist for over a decade now, and isn’t planning on going anywhere.

“I’m in Clinton County to stay,” said Dr. Huddart owner of Gower Dental Care since 2008 and now Lathrop Dental Care, with two offices to care for his patients.

Stop sign ordinance passed in Turney; Merry-Go-Round going ‘round once again
After reaching a consensus last month to reduce the number of stop signs in the Village of Turney, Chairman Shonda Baker read through the prepared ordinance once, specifically identifying changes in the stop signs in the Village.

“There is no reason for the Village of Turney to have any four-way stops,” she explained. By alternating intersections, the Village will remove 21 stop signs, and install one at the intersection of Sheridan and 3rd Street. The ordinance, which was later identified as Ordinance No. 97-A will result in the following changes to the stop signs:

Everett Becomes Apac...But the Rock Rolls On
No changes, the rock will flow. At least that’s the word from Apac, the new owners of the old Everett Quarry on Highway 116 east of Plattsburg.

Two representatives from Apac, which is a company under the much larger corporate banner of Old Castle Materials out of Atlanta, Georgia, met with the Clinton County Commissioners on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 11. The verdict from the county court? Business as usual, and that’s a good thing.

Passenger sustains serious injury after rollover accident
On Sunday, October 9, 2011, the Missouri State Highway Patrol was called to investigate a onevehicle accident that occurred on 292nd Street, 4 miles north of Plattsburg. According to their report, at 4:30 p.m., Donald L. Mick, 57, of Plattsburg, was westbound on 292nd when his vehicle, a 1989 Ford truck, traveled off the west side of the road. Mick allegedly overcorrected to the left, and went off the left side of the roadway, overturning one time.

Vet/Teeth Floating Case: Update
The civil case of the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board vs. Brooke Gray, et al has yet to be disposed and a verdict is still weeks away. Both parties waived closing arguments and agreed with Clinton County Division 1 Circuit Judge Thomas Chapman to wrap things up with a “back-and-forth” closing statement arrangement on paper.
The back-and-forth begins with a brief from the plaintiff and is due Oct. 12.

Illegal Downloading: A Pirate’s Life or Walking the Plank?
by S. Daily Warren
This reporter once asked a police officer who was handing out a well-deserved ticket, “Do I have to sign this?” The officer’s response was unforgettable and quite friendly. “Oh, no. You can go to jail if you want.”

Illegal downloading of popular movies, games and music is not only a crime, it’s a federal crime that can bring dire and life-altering consequences. The problem is that much like pressing too hard on the gas pedal, perhaps resulting in a life-altering accident, this crime is notoriously easy to perform.

Lathrop female has close call in crash
A young Lathrop woman was involved in a car vs. deer accident on MO 33, 1 mile north of Holt last Friday night, September 30, 2011. The incident occurred at 11:00 p.m., when Alyssia A. Scobee, 19, was southbound on the highway, driving a 2000 Dodge. She swerved to avoid a deer, overcorrected, and traveled off the east side of the roadway. At that time, her vehicle struck a group of trees, and caught fire.

Smash-a-thon to benefit After-Prom
Lathrop After Prom would like to thank Sams Body Glass & Auto Repair, for donating a car for the 2011 LHS Homecoming fund-raiser. The car was pulled in the parade by Sams, and then the students paid to “SMASH” the car at the game. We would also like to thank the parent volunteers who helped with the event. Money was raised and a car was demolished! A great night for the After Prom committee, and the Lathrop Mules football team! GO MULES!

Local horse teeth floating case may have far-reaching repurcussions Mandatory Animal Health Care (or just a Gal making a living)?
by S. Daily Warren
Clinton County Circuit Judge Thomas N. Chapman began judiciously wrapping up a civil case on Tuesday that might very well affect everyone in Missouri who owns a critter and wants to see it healthy without undue expense.

In a two-day trial the case began with defendant Brooke Gray being accused of unlawfully providing services specifically reserved for practicing veterinarians and other technicians sanctioned by the state. A complaint filed by Kearney vet Dr. David Leighr against Gray, a local resident who specializes in “floating” teeth for horses, is only one of six complaints filed by Leighr.

Gower jewelry artist featured in new shop
The new Tilly’s Consignment Interiors is open in Trimble, and features “Crawford West”, the jewelry of Gower resident Wendie Crawford. Pictured above are (l to r): Owners Phyllis Smith Pemberton and Terry Banks; Trimble mayor Larissa Bush; Mario Fantasma, of the EDCCC; and Wendie Crawford.

Lathrop Medical Clinic breaks ground at new site
Lickety Split is soon to become another outlet of professional medical care by the vital Cameron Regional Medical Center right here in Lathrop. It is unknown at this press time if they will still serve ice cream, but we’ll keep you posted.

“The staff of Lathrop Medical Clinic is very excited about our new facility that will be opening next year,” says Dr. John Shiro, M.D. who serves as medical director and is Board certified in general surgery.

Wings Over Lathrop seeks air superiority over soccer field
What’s better than flying an F-18 Super Hornet over the skies of Afghanistan? Easy, flying a remote controlled version of the same over the war torn soccer fields of Lathrop.

Since 2006, Wings Over Lathrop club president Gerry Hinshaw has been flying high with fully functional remote controlled model airplanes (sans pilot, of course) over the Lathrop soccer fields on the east end of Walnut Street.

The Cat Lady of Clinton County? Not Exactly
Is it a case of animal hoarding or a valuable public service crying out for a cooperative response? You decide when it comes to Ms. Debbie Sharts who is currently in possession of many, many domestic animals in her home and on her property in Holt. “Many” in this case refers to around 100 combined of both the canine and feline variety, both in kennels and in her residence, many of whom are adopted on a regular basis.

Forever Friends Animal League is a multi-site, no-kill animal adoption agency started as a not-for-profit organization. They are always eager for volunteers and always in need of donations. They can be contacted at their website,, or at 913-677-3325.

Their mailing address is:
Forever Friends
Animal League
P.O. Box 9361
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201

Local Holt resident presented with 2011 Leadership Award
by Norma Ward
Rev. Gene Cole, pastor of both the Holt United Methodist Church and the Turney United Methodist Church and resident of Holt, MO, was presented with a plaque by Commissioner Charlie Dawson. The placque was in appreciation of his leadership qualities that resulted in the clearing of a hazard on Cannon Ball Rd.

The quarter mile stretch of Cannon Ball Rd. was totally obscured by grape vines, weeds and 6’ to 8’ saplings on the western fence row, on private property.

Holt’s Chief Under Fire
by S. Daily Warren
Is it simply a case of resistance to change or is there a problem with the new fire chief in Holt?

On Sept. 13th at 7pm the Holt Community Fire Protection District held an open meeting. Due to a list of concerns voiced in a flyer distributed a few days before the meeting the turnout was quite high, with upwards of 20 residents in attendance, many of them volunteer and former volunteer firemen.

Street lights saved, stop signs to be thinned
By Pauli Clariday
Despite a plea from board member Tim Mulligan to reduce the increasing light bill from AmerenMissouri, the Turney Village Board moved, and unanimously passed, a motion to leave the 36 streetlights burning.

During the Treasurer’s Report, Mulligan stated that the light bill for the city was increasing from $261 to approximately $300. After visiting with some of the residents, he believed that as many as six of the streetlights could be turned off; saving the city some much needed funds.

Water rates continue to rise District #4 trying to absorb cost
By Norma Ward
During the September 8th regular meeting of the Board of Directors for PWSD #4, it was announced that Plattsburg Water District will be raising water rates effective January 1, 2012. The increase of $.14 per thousand gallons, is a $20,000 yearly increase, raising from $2.96 to $3.10 per thousand gallons.

Director Jim Gorham stated that this was the second rate increase since the rates were lowered in 2008 to $2.85, and asked if the District could absorb the increase instead of passing it along to the customers.

Will Turney Post Office Close? Meeting held with Postal Officials
By Miranda Gorham
The small village of Turney may soon find out what it will be like without their local post office. On Wednesday, September 7, postal officials met with Turney residents to answer questions, address concerns, and share the process of the possible closure.

Making the study list of potential closures may not come as a surprise to many, as there have already been closings through out part of the country.

Fatality accident involving tractor
On Saturday, September 3, 2011, at 5:20 p.m., Jesus G. Carreno, 65, of Cameron, was driving a David Brown 880 farm tractor on a gravel road. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Carreno was westbound on 292nd Street, 5 miles southeast of Cameron. As the road sloped downhill, he lost control of the vehicle and swerved.

Emergency response volunteers, professionals honored; Goppert Community Center Full
by Miranda Gorham
The community showed their support on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by thanking First Responders, firefighters, EMT’s and law enforcement officers of Lathrop and Clinton County. The event was hosted by the Lathrop First Christian Church and Community Outreach with an abundance of good food and fellowship at the Goppert Community Center.

Over 200 people filled the room, as Pastor Vic Davis opened the night with light evening humor.

LifeNet chopper goes down near Mosby; Loss of lives felt close to home
By S. Daily Warren
In one of grimmest tragedies in recent memory, a LifeNet helicopter went down in an open field near Northeast 144th Street and Cameron Road just east of Kearney, while en route to refuel at the Midwest National Air Center near Mosby. Of the four souls on board, including one patient and three medical transport employees, there were no survivors.

The LifeNet chopper was transporting 58-year old Terry Tacoronte to Liberty Hospital for treatment when it went down around 6:44 pm.

4-wheeler, motorcycle accidents; two injured
Two area residents were injured in two separate accidents this past week. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the first of the two occurred in Clay County, at 21400 Hwy. EE.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, at approximately 3:40 p.m., William E. Heishman, 22, of Holt, was northbound on EE, driving a 2001 Honda CBR motorcycle.

Accident south of Polo injures two; sends one to hospital
On Wednesday, August 10, 2011, a two-vehicle accident took place on MO 13, a half mile south of Polo. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at about 10:30 a.m., Richard D. Williams, 71, of Cowgill, MO, was northbound on MO 13, driving a 1995 Oldsmobile, and Jacqueline D. McCormack, 59, of Polo, was southbound in a 1987 Toyota van.

PWSD #4 approves maintenance contract, reviews field meter policy
Directors of PWSD #4 approved unanimously to renew Ryan Mellon’s maintenance contract for three years, with annual review. The 2011-2012 contract was approved for $168,000, a $13,000 increase over 2010-2011.

“It’s not out of line at all,” Director Sondag remarked. The increase in costs, Mellon stated, would accomodate increased gasoline prices.

“I don’t like hidden charges,” Mellon said, indicating that he did not charge additional fees for Missouri One Calls.

Lights Out, Turney?
by S. Daily Warren
The Turney Village Board of Trustees met Monday Night, August 8th at the Community Center at 7:30 pm to discuss street lights, stop signs and the curious case of the missing books. Since April of 2011 a new administration has taken office and the transition has not been painless.

At issue Monday night were two motions put forth to reduce the number of street lights and to take down roughly half of the stop signs.

House that burned was vacant; Information has gone to Fire Marshall
The fire call went out Thursday, July 28 at approximately 10 a.m. for a house fire at 108 Maple St., Lathrop. The old Leo Wright home was totally engulfed in smoke and fire, apparently starting in the rear of the building.

It was reported that the house was unoccupied at the time, with all utilities being shut off, and had been vacant for a while.

Fatal Accident, Fire on Lathrop Bridge - Plattsburg man loses his life
By S. Daily Warren
At approximately 1:15pm on westbound State Highway 116 a 2-vehicle accident occurred involving a white Ford F-250 and Chevy Cavalier in what Highway Patrol reported to be a rear-end collision.

The occupant of the Cavalier, Plattsburg resident Alan Boydston, 59, was pronounced dead on the scene after the his vehicle ignited in flames.

Break-in at old Lathrop nursing home
The old nursing home, on Center St., south of downtown Lathrop, was broken into, according to Chief Eads, sometime during this past week. Jeff Williams, while mowing the grounds Saturday, July 23, noticed that something was amiss, and contacted the Lathrop Police Department.

Lathrop Telephone working with state and national telecommunications associations on nationwide long distance calling issues
A growing number of customers have reported trouble with incoming long distance phone calls. The problems include incoming calls not being completed, incoming calls with very poor voice quality and not being heard when answering a call. Also, businesses are reporting trouble receiving faxes and difficulties with debit and credit card transactions.

These problems have been occurring across the country on calls made from landline, wireless, cable and Voice over Internet Protocol services such as Magic Jack.

Four injured in two-car collision
On Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at 2:02 p.m., an accident occurred at Perrin Road at S.E. 209th, approximately a half mile west of Holt. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Johanna L. Bartee, 41, of Lathrop, was northbound on Perrin Rd., driving a 2002 Ford. Antonio F. Shields, 30, of Holt, was westbound on S.E. 209th, approaching the T-intersection to Perrin Rd. At the intersection, Shields, who was driving a 1998 Ford, allegedly failed to yield the right of way to Ms. Bartee, pulling into the path of her vehicle.

Missouri National Guardsmen rescue family from flooding home
By Capt. Michelle Matthews
CARROLL COUNTY, Mo. - It was 3 a.m. and the sound of the bubbling water echoed throughout the house. Within an hour an inch of water had filled the basement. In the next couple of hours that small amount of water had risen to 15 inches, the homeowner recounted.

In a hurry, the homeowner grabbed the keys to his truck and ran out the door.

Lathrop soldier back on American soil
After spending almost a year at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, Specialist Ricky Armstrong is back on American soil. The young Infantryman is currently home on leave, before heading to Fort Stewart, Georgia. He is the son of Rick and Becky Armstrong, of Lathrop.

Tornado aftermath Local contractors pick up the pieces
By Candy Spilman
No one likes to think about disaster, which brings to mind images of suffering people trapped in burning buildings, or buried underneath tons of rubble. Yet, there are a number of local citizens who are constantly on the alert; ready to answer the call to respond in the aftermath of a hurricane, tornado or other catastrophic event.

Car drives under truck; driver taken to hospital
A somewhat strange two-vehicle accident took place in Platte County on Thursday, July 7, 2011, involving a Lathrop man.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at about 1:40 p.m., Kimzie F. Deason, 55, of Lathrop, was southbound in a 2007 Isuzu FTR truck on I-29, at the 25 mile marker.

Two arrested on felony drug charges
A Probation and Parole officer’s request for information from the Lathrop Police Department led to a drug bust just south of Lathrop on Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

According to Lathrop Police Chief Leonard Eads, on that date, a P&P officer requested assistance in checking an address for a client, as the former address given was not accurate.

Lathrop native named chairman of National Propane Gas Association
Kansas City, MO (June 22, 2011) – Carl Hughes, a 1972 graduate of Lathrop High School and the son of Turney residents Bill and Roberta Hughes, was named Chairman of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) at the industry’s annual Propane Days event held June 13-14 in Washington, DC. Mr. Hughes has enjoyed a career of more than 25 years in the propane industry and works for Inergy, LP in Kansas City, Mo.

Mr. Hughes has been active in the NPGA since 2002, where he has chaired a number of committees and served on the Executive Committee.

Rollover accident with no seat belt sends one to hospital
Friday evening, June 24, 2011, around 7:45 p.m., a single vehicle accident occurred in Clay County. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Melissa A. Rickey, 43, of Holt, was northbound on I-35, at Lightburne St., near Liberty. She was driving a 2001 Chevrolet, and not wearing a safety device.

“Who would steal from Santa Claus?”
By Pauli Clariday
Small communities enjoy the familiarity of generations that continue raising families in the area. They enjoy the simple pleasures of passing people in the street and waving a friendly “How ya’ doin’ today?”. They enjoy knowing many of the families their children go to school with, and sharing a conversation over coffee about the latest local developments.

Todd retains lawyer; case continued
Shannon Todd, the 19 year old Shawnee Mission man accused of murdering Justyn Price at Camp Down Undder on June 8, appeared in court last Tuesday, June 14. During this hearing, Todd advised the Court that he had obtained an attorney, Les Wright; although the Court advised that no Entry of Appearance had been filed as of that time.

One fatality in motorcycle crash
Last Sunday afternoon, June 19, 2011, a Plattsburg man and his wife were taking a ride on a motorcycle. They were southbound on Route C, about three and a half miles south of Plattsburg, when tragedy struck.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at 3:49 p.m., the 2006 Harley Davidson ran off the west side of the roadway, causing the bottom of the bike to strike the ground, overturning the vehicle.

In last week’s article “Lathrop R-II Petition Audit cites concern over fuel”, it was stated that the 26 points made by the petitioners concerning “finances, treatment, and processes of the Special Needs student population” were not addressed in the state audit.

Motorcycle lesson proves hazardous
On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, Linda D. Lyle, 55, of Holt, decided to learn to ride a motorcycle, which did not work out to her advantage. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, she was on private property located at 18208 MO 33 Highway, on a 2011 Harley Davidson. At approximately 1:20 p.m., she lost control of the bike, hitting a tree.

Doors to close for good at VanBuren-Spaeth Library & Museum
A part of Lathrop’s history will be permanently closing its doors this Saturday, June 18th. The VanBuren-Spaeth Library & Museum, will be selling all the equipment and books at a huge garage sale this Friday & Saturday, June 17th & 18th.

Museum items have already been removed to the site at the Antique Show Grounds, yet volumes of the Lathrop Optimist and Lathrop News (Rural Reporter) have not found a home.

PWSD #4 continues to explore alternatives
The failure of District #4 $12 million revenue bond issue this past June 7 resulted in the directors’ agreement to continue exploring alternatives in their search for a water supply. Board President  Jeff Streeter will continue to contact area water districts in his efforts to form a Regional Water Authority that may reinforce their efforts to build a water treatment plant on Smithville Lake. 

According to Streeter, a Regional Water Authority with approval of the USDA would not require a Revenue Bond passage, as the USDA would assume those bonds themself.

Homicide at Down Under Campground
On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, at 1:39 a.m., the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene at 8074 NE H Highway in Turney, MO in reference to a person who had been assaulted. According to Major John Farmer, upon arrival at the Down Under campground, investigation revealed that subjects from two different camp sites had been involved in a verbal argument that escalated into a physical altercation.

Justyn Price, 23, of Gower, MO, was found to be the victim of multiple stab wounds.

Near tragic accident at Oak St. Bridge causes citizens’ alarm
On May 26, 2011, Mr. Bill Newell of 500 Bohart Street, while mowing, landed in four foot of water in the creek, with his mower on top, after hitting a washed out area at the east end of the bridge, on the south side.

The erosion spot was caused from beneath the bridge, as Mr. Newell drove to the top of the embankment, the mower caught on the uneven ground or part of the broken sidewalk concrete, causing it to flip back into the creek.

Lathrop woman seriously injured after falling from motorcycle
A Lathrop woman sustained serious injuries in a bizarre accident on Sunday, June 5, 2011. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at 1:30 p.m., Carla L. Roberts, 41, was a passenger on a 2001 Harley Davidson, which was being driven by Lester R. Roberts, 57, of Lathrop.

Horse disease prompts biosecurity concerns Animal disease response training offered June 23 in Trenton
The EHV-1 virus continues to be a concern for horse owners, although the disease has not been detected in Missouri. The equine herpes virus is not transmissible to humans. It is, however, easily spread among horses and humans can transfer the virus from one horse to another.

Some events in the region have been canceled as a precaution against spreading the disease. EHV-1 was first detected in connection with horses that attended an event in Ogden, Utah, April 29-May 8. Outbreaks have been concentrated in Western states.

Finger lickin’ good!
On Saturday, May 28, members of the Kirby Stapleton American Legion Post #467 served up ribs and chicken at their annual Memorial Day weekend barbecue. The delicious aroma wafted through the air in downtown Lathrop, attracting hungry customers!

Home destroyed, no one hurt in Turney house fire
By Miranda Gorham
On Tuesday Night 11:13 pm May 24 the call went out to the Lathrop Fire District on a house fire in Turney located at 710 Sherman St., home of Tanya and David Morgan and their three children.

While her children were asleep, Tanya didn’t notice a smell of the fire until she heard the screeching sound of the smoke detector going off upstairs.

Lathrop toddler loses life in vehicle accident
On Monday, May 30, 2011, the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to a devastating call. According to their report, at 11:50 a.m., John S. Rogers, 43, of Lathrop, was driving a 2005 Dodge pickup truck.

Informational Town Hall Meeting held for District #4 Revenue Bond issue
By Pauli Clariday
Buy or rent? Short term or long term? Or is a $12 million bond approval simply a bargaining tool?

Those appeared to be the questions laid out for PWSD#4 patrons as they attended the informational meeting on May 26 at the Performing Arts Center at the Lathrop Middle School.

Lathrop’s veterans honored
The Kirby Stapleton American Legion Post #467 presented a program on Monday morning, May 30, 2011 to honor fallen veterans. Click thumbnail and scroll to view photos.

Phase-In Rate Increase Ordered For L&P Customers
JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has voted to phase-in an electric rate increase for L&P service territory customers of KCP&L-Greater Missouri Operations Company (KCP&L-GMO). The phase-in will cover a three year period. The Commission’s vote was 4-1.

The Commission was concerned over the impact that a 21 percent increase in electric rates would have on the company’s L&P service territory customers.

What would happen if a disaster hit Clinton County?
Clinton County Emergency Management Director Blair Shock shared some information about the state of emergency preparedness in county. In the county is a American Red Cross Trailer, one that is equipped to set up an American Red Cross shelter for 100 people in case of an emergency.

Mr. Shock stated there are similar trailers located in other counties, and if needed those trailers could be brought here as well.

The county has in place an Emergency Operation Plan.

Memorial Day Service to be held
In an effort to honor those who gave their lives in service to this country, Lathrop will hold its annual Memorial Day service the morning of May 30, 2011.

The ceremony will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the Lathrop Cemetery. Rev. Vic Davis, of the Lathrop First Christian Church, will be the speaker.

Lathrop will host Clinton County Small Business Expo
Grand River Mutual of Lathrop will be a major sponsor of the EDCCC’s Clinton County Small Business Expo slated for June 2, 2011 at the Goppert Center in Lathrop. Isotech Inc. and it’s subsidiary, KC of Trimble has joined as a co-sponsor of the event.

Both of these companies will be instrumental in providing wireless, broadband service to Clinton County in the near future making their participation even more timely.

Two in custody following domestic call
On Monday, May 16, 2011, at 6:30 a.m., officers of the Lathrop Police Department and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call on South St. in Lathrop.
Upon arrival, the occupants refused to answer the door. The officer heard a male and female subject arguing inside, with the mention of a weapon.

Two arrested in Cameron armed robbery
A joint investigation from the Clinton County Sheriffs Department and the Cameron Police Department resulted in the arrest of two subjects and items seized that were used in a robbery at the Whistle Stop Store at I-35 and Hwy 69 on May 5th.
According to CCSD spokesman Major John Farmer, Judge Paul Lukenbill issued warrants on May 9 for the arrest of Anthony Charles Gross,a 17-year old white male for 1st Degree Robbery and Armed Criminal Action.

Regional Authority District may be the necessary course for District #4 Interim contract signed with Plattsburg; Informational meeting to be held May 26
By Norma Ward
Questions surrounding the financing of District #4 treatment plant may come down to forming a Regional Authority District, with District #4 becoming a member of the conglomerate.

Attorney Bill McCaffree reported a problem related to him from the Missouri Water/Wastewater Review Committee concerning the availability of USDA funding. During a meeting on Thursday, May 5th, with the USDA by both he and West & Bartlett engineers, the USDA stated that funds were drying up in their organization, and the government was reluctant to finance a duplicate plant in the district.

“Financing Your Business is Our Business” at EDCCC Expo
Mo-Kan’s Jon Ecker will present the many options for funding available to start-up new businesses, and expand businesses with fewer than 500 employees. “There is an alphabet soup of acronyms naming the many programs we offer,” said Jon, “that translates to a lot of money available to businesses in this area.”

Feinstein Challenge wraps up; over $6,000 in cash collected
Lathrop Community Outreach Food Pantry’s “Feinstein Challenge” has ended with donations that continue to bless and overwhelm.
From March 1 through April 30, the community of Lathrop, which includes banks, churches, clubs, local businesses, schools, various youth organizations and many generous citizens, has donated a total of $6,492.77 in cash and 4,163 food items.

Lathrop Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner May 14
On Saturday, May 14, the annual Lathrop Alumni Hall of Fame dinner will be held. This event will take place in the Lathrop High School commons area at 5:00 p.m., and will feature the addition of two new members.

Commissioners save, and upgrade fleet
by: Miranda Gorham
In todays economy and with the budget restraints, the Clinton County Commissioners and County Road and Bridge Department are finding even more ways to stretch a dollar, with the recent purchase of two Deuce and Half all wheel drive trucks from Missouri Surplus.

NextEra gives update in Osborn Still seeking a buyer for their electricity, pricing has kept commitments at bay
by Miranda Gorham
Project Director Kevin Gildea and Land Services Supervisor Mark Trumbauer from NextEra were in Osborn Thursday April 21. Mr. Gildea gave a presentation in an effort to keep communication open with the Colfax Township and the landowners in the area with whom NextEra has easement agreements. The presentation provided an update on where NextEra is with the project, what the company has been working on, and on what efforts they will continue working.

PWSD #4 has Expert explain bond financing and education
By Norma Ward
In a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of PWSD #4 this past Monday, April 25th, by recommendation of the District Attorney, Bill MaCaffree, Mr. Charles L. Zitnik explained the education of the Revenue Bond issue the District is scheduled to put on the ballot, June 7th, 2011.

Mr. Zitnik, is the Vice President of Public Finance for D. A. Davidson & Co. in Kansas City, MO, and advisor to the Missouri Rural Water Association.

Turney Board begins term with second meeting in four days
By Miranda Gorham
April 12th the Turney Trustees held another meeting only a four days after their meetings on April 8th one at 7:30 in the community room in Plattsburg and the other at Turney Maintenance Barn that night.

The meeting was short, with all three trustees Tim Mulligan, Shonda Baker, and Doug Linn present, still shorthanded after the recent resignations. With no pressing business, a motion not to appoint anyone to fill the two vacant trustee positions until the May meeting passed unanimously.

Public Notice - City of Lathrop Clean Up Day
It’s time for spring cleaning, and the city of Lathrop is making it easy for residents to get the job done.
On Saturday, April 30, 2011, a Clean Up Day will be held, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Highway Patrol chase ends in Kansas City after Holt shooting
On April 20, 2011, at approximately 4:00 a.m. the Cameron Police Department started a pursuit of a stolen vehicle in the city of Cameron, MO. The pursuit was in close proximity to the home of a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper. The trooper heard the pursuit outside his home and got into his patrol vehicle to provide assistance to the other officers. The suspect had escaped, but the trooper was able to locate him and a pursuit began traveling south on Interstate 35, until the suspect crashed his vehicle at I-35 and Missouri Route PP, near Holt, MO.

District #4 Engineer’s Study now available for public viewing
By Norma Ward
During the regular meeting for Directors of PWSD #4, April 7, 2011, Directors Pattrick (District #4) and Sondag (District #5) were sworn in by Clerk Laura Ahart, both for a three year term. Both appointed Directors filed for their open seats, due to filings equaling seats available, no election was held.

Safely dispose of old medications
Lathrop, MO - On April 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Lathrop Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

Bring your medications for disposal to Lathrop City Hall at 707 Oak St.

Lathrop woman sustains minor injuries
On Monday afternoon, April 11, 2011, at approximately 4:55 p.m., a Lathrop woman was involved in an accident in Clay County. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the incident took place on northbound I-35, 1/10th of a mile north of MO 1.
Susan K. Fernandez-Garrett, 38, of Lathrop, was northbound in a 2004 Ford, when a 1994 Pontiac overtook her and struck the rear of her car.

Dispose of your outdated, unwanted prescriptions
The Lathrop Police Department is participating in the National Drug Take Back Day on April 30, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Brazelton Community Center.
This is the second National event, but it is the first participation by local law enforcement agency. Participants can bring unused, unwanted prescription and non-prescription drugs to the community center for proper disposal.

Lathrop R-II swears in new members, elect new officers High School principal, Activities Director and Football Coach named
By Pauli Clariday
Newly elected Lathrop R-II School board members wasted no time in expressing their preference for leadership at the regular school board meeting Monday, April 11. Following the swearing in of Stacey Evans, Jay Maddick, and Darrell Morgan, the election of officers was the next business of order.

Jeff Wright made the motion to nominate Virginia Barrett to continue her office as president.

Quarreling continues at Turney meeting, three resign
By Miranda Gorham
The quarreling started before the ring of the bell as Tim Mulligan informed Chairman Jim Gorham he was not needed to swear in the two newly elected officials of the Turney Board of Trustees. Jim Gorham and Ruth Newell, who did not run for office again left it a shoe-in for Doug Linn and Shonda Baker who ran unopposed for the positions.

Gorham explained to Mulligan that a quorum is needed to open the meeting, conduct business, and swear in the new trustees.

Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board Advises Commission to Redefine District Two
By Miranda Gorham
Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) goes back to the drawing board, as EEZ Proposed District two will be reconfigured now to include the Platte Township area, were NextEra has planned to build a wind farm, with the associated reconfiguration costs be paid for by NextEra, the motion was approved unanimously.

Lathrop student assists injured woman in four vehicle accident east of Lathrop
Coming upon the scene of an accident brings many thoughts and fears into the minds of motorists. When people are hurt, scared, or worse, what does your instinct tell you to do?

18-year old LHS Senior Lacy Bishop didn’t have to think twice to come to the aid of accident victim Yvonne Missley when she was ejected from her minivan in a 4-car accident on Friday, March 25.

Voters replace all three school board seats
When Chris Fine steps into his new role as Superintendent on July 1, 2011, he will be sitting with three new members on the seven-member board.

Twenty four percent of the registered voters of the school district in Clinton County turned out to cast their vote in a race that reflects the discontent with recent school decisions, including the 4-day school week.

Stacey Evans, Jay Maddick, and Darrell Morgan, Jr., have received the unofficial nod of election results.

Calvert sentenced to 23 months
On October 14, 2010, Laurine K. Calvert, 56, of Mirabile, MO, pleaded guilty in federal court to embezzling over $400,000 from Bank Northwest.
On March 30, 2011, Calvert appeared in federal court for sentencing. U.S. District Judge Greg Kays handed down a sentence of 23 months in federal prison without parole. The court also ordered her to pay restitution to Bank Northwest.

Lathrop resident arrested for domestic assault
According to Lathrop Police Chief Leonard Eads, on March 27, 2011, Lathrop police officers were called to the 200 block of Jewell on a domestic assault. After conducting an investigation, the responding officers arrested Dusty D. McCorkle, 29, of Lathrop, on charges of domestic assault and possession of a sawed off shotgun.

According to Casenet, McCorkle appeared for arraignment in Clinton County on March 28, and was charged with 2nd degree Domestic Assault (Class C felony); Unlawful Possession, Transport, Manufacture, Repair or Sale of Illegal Weapon (Class C felony); 2 counts 1st degree Endangering the Welfare of Child (Class C felony); Possession of up to 35 Grams Marijuana (Class A misdemeanor); and Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia (Class A misdemeanor).

Semi truck hits vehicle driven by Turney resident
At 11:30 a.m., on Friday, April 1, 2011, an accident took place on I-35, north of M-291 Highway. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a northbound 2001 Toyota Camry, driven by William A. Williams, 69, of Turney, had slowed to merging traffic. A northbound 2009 Peterbilt, driven by Ricky V. Key, 34, of Frankfort, IL, also slowed and hit the left side of the Toyota.

Traffic stop leads to drug bust after troopers find 70 lbs. of marijuana
St. Patrick’s Day did not bring any “luck of the Irish” to Joel Walfred Newman, a 55 year old male from Ortonville, Minnesota.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at 9:55 a.m. on Thursday, March 17, 2011, a northbound 2010 Ford Focus was stopped for a routine traffic violation. The stop occurred on Interstate 35, in Clinton County, south of Cameron. During the stop, Newman, the driver, made several conflicting statements to the officer, who then requested Newman’s permission to search the vehicle.

MHP stated that the request was denied, and “Charlie”, the Patrol’s canine was called to the scene.

Meet the Candidates - Jay Maddick
Jay Maddick is seeking a position on the Lathrop R-II School Board. He and his wife, Carol, have two children who attend Lathrop schools - Brandon, Lathrop High School and Isabel, Lathrop Middle School.

1. Do you feel the school is generally going in the right direction for the future? Where do you stand on the 4-Day school week? Explain:
No. According to information from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, total expenditures over the past five years have increased from approximately 7.5 million to 10 million. Local funding has decreased by 3%, state funding by almost 7%, and federal funding has increased by 10% (and we all know that the federal government is broke!).

Water District #4 will ask voters for $12 million bond
By Norma Ward
In a Special Meeting held Wednesday, March 16th, at 5:30 p.m., the PWSD #4 Board of Directors met to consider a resolution that would call for a special election on June 7, 2011. The District will be asking voters to approve a $12 million revenue bond for “extending and improving the waterworks system.” This follows a year-long stand-off between the rural water district that serves customers in Clinton, Clay, Ray and Caldwell counties, and the City of Plattsburg, who has provided the district with water from their water treatment plant at Smithville Lake.

Director Ellen Pattrick stated that she was very comfortable with the engineer’s report, which provided a feasibility study and provided various options for the district to pursue.

Test run of Accu-Vote tabulation machine to be held
A test run of the Accu-Vote tabulating machine with sample ballots for the upcoming April 5, 2011 Special Election for Clinton County will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 1, 2011 in the office of Mary Blanton, Clinton County Clerk.
Any person wishing to attend will be welcome.

Lathrop resident William Gray arrested on Federal weapon charges
On March 15, 2011 Federal ATF agents served a Federal Search warrant at William Gray’s residence, 105 Carrie Court, Lathrop in search of firearms. Locating four firearms in the Gray’s bedroom: A .44 Magnum rifle Ruger; A Marlin .22 caliber rifle; A Diamond Arms, 12 gauge shotgun; A Winchester 7mm rifle, all in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 922(g)(4) and 924(a)(2). Criminal charges state, William R. Gray, having been committed to a mental institution, did knowingly possess, in and affecting commerce, which (firearms) had been transported in interstate commerce.

Zoning variance request for anydrous storage recinded
By Miranda Gorham
Clinton County Board of Adjustments held a meeting February 17th to hear a petition for a variance from Dirk Talley to place a 12,000-gallon anhydrous tank, on his property located at Breckenridge Road and 280th Street northwest of Lathrop. The chemical storage tank was to be used for fertilizer in his farming operation.

Clinton County Zoning Administrator Beth Farwell stated she appreciated Mr. Talley contacting her and notifying the county authorities of his intentions. It is not uncommon for property owners to proceed with their plans with little or no thought to the land use processes in the county.

Butler will not return as Head Boys Coach
By Pauli Clariday
Head Boys Basketball Coach Jack Butler turned in his letter of resignation Monday afternoon, after what many would consider one of the boys basketball season’s most successful seasons in many years.

Along with a petition to gather support for the reinstatement of high school principal Stan Elliott, many of the same community members prepared a petition of support for Butler, fearing that his contract would not be renewed.

PWSD #4 approves engineer’s water feasibility study to be submitted to MWWRC Special Meeting posted to discuss an election for revenue bonds
Notice was received last Tuesday evening, before going to press that District #4 posted a public meeting notice for Wednesday, March 16 of a meeting of Board of Directors at 5:30 on the agenda: 1. A Resolution calling an election on the question whether to issue waterworks system revenue bonds 2. Other matters

The meeting will be open to the public.

In closed session after the regular meeting on March 10, 2011, with the Engineers and District Counsel, Bill McCaffree, the Directors of PWSD #4 were given a positive report in concerns of their search for a new water supply.

Meet the School Board Candidates - Gary Hieronymus
Gary Hieronymus, who is an autoworker with Ford Motor Company, is seeking a position on the Lathrop R-II School Board. He is married to Andrea, and they have two sons, Jake, 21, and Kevin, 17.

1. Do you feel the school is generally going in the right direction for the future? Where do you stand on the 4-Day school week? Explain:
Yes, I do believe the district is going in the right direction for the future.

Meet the School Board Candidates - Stacey Evans
Stacey Evans is a co-owner and general manager of Lathrop Feed & Grain. He and his wife, Dana, have two sons; Clay, 16, and Sterling, 13.

1. Do you feel the school is generally going in the right direction for the future? Where do you stand on the 4-Day school week? Explain:
Financially, Dr. Blackburn seems to have the district in good shape, but the policies that have been used to get us there and the manner in which they have been implemented seem to have caused distrust and disunity between district staff and parents.

Meet the School Board Candidates - Asa Groves
Asa E. Groves is seeking a position on the Lathrop R-II School Board. He is employed as a Director of Business Development, and is married to Carol Ann Groves. They have four children – Blake (30), Kendra (23), McKenzie (16) & Isaac (13) and 1 grandson – Asa (almost 3).

1. Do you feel the school is generally going the right direction for the future?
Sometimes yes, but more often no. There have been some decisions that the board has decided on regarding personnel, who to keep, who to let go, and who to promote.

Commissioners announce Open Evening Meeting in Cameron, April 19th
The Clinton County Commission will be conducting an open meeting at Cameron City Hall, Cameron Missouri, April 19th from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Attendees will be allotted five (5) minutes each to address the Commissioners. Questions may be submitted in advance to the Commissioners prior to April 4th, 2011 at 207 N Main, Plattsburg, MO. 64477.

Snow causes accidents near Lathrop & Turney
At 3:20 p.m. on Thursday, February 24, 2011, three vehicles were involved in an accident on MO 116, three miles east of Lathrop. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the accident occurred as Darien E. Henderson, 41, of Richmond, MO, was southbound on the off-ramp from I-35. Henderson’s 2006 GMC Envoy slid through the stop sign on the ramp, onto MO 116, into the path of a westbound 2010 Nissan Altima, driven by Arah D. Gay, 30, of Lathrop. The front of the Nissan struck the left side of the GMC, causing the GMC to spin into the eastbound lane.

District #4 approved letter to patorns, termination of utility services contract, adds addendum to rules & regulations
By Norma Ward
During the February 3rd, 2011 meeting of the Board of Directors, CPWSD #4 approved a letter of explaination, drafted by Directors Ellen Pattrick and Jim Sondag, to their patrons in concerns of the rejected contract with Plattsburg Water District. The letter was sent to all water patrons of the District. Excerpts are printed below:

Approximately one year ago, the City of Plattsburg approached the Clinton #4 Board of Directors with plans to upgrade their water treatment facility. Since Clinton #4 is the largest consumer of water from Plattsburg, the general attitude was that Clinton #4 should bear some of the cost of the upgrade.

Tragic crash takes life of Caldwell County teen
Sunday afternoon, February 27, 2011, at 1:07 p.m., a two-vehicle crash occurred on MO 116, approximately 4 miles east of Polo.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Kasey L. Bolling, 16, of Cowgill, was westbound in a 1999 Ford Contour. Her vehicle was said to be travelling partially in the eastbound lane, and as she attempted to maneuver it back into the westbound lane, she lost control of the vehicle on the wet pavement. The Ford Contour skidded sideways into the eastbound lane into the path of a 2009 Ford F-250.

Goppert Foundation gift benefits low-income students who attend NWMSU
MARYVILLE, Mo. – Low-income students who choose to attend Northwest Missouri State University will benefit from a recent six-figure gift to the University from the Goppert Foundation of Kansas City.

The $100,000 gift, directed through the Northwest Foundation, establishes the Goppert Foundation American Dream Grant. A check presentation to mark the gift begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 1, in the Boardroom of the J.W. Jones Student Union on the Northwest campus.

Commissioners to hold evening meeting in April
By Miranda Gorham
The Clinton County Commissioners have agreed to hold an evening meeting open to the public on April 19th at the Cameron City Hall from 7pm-8pm. The County Commissioners (Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken Jr., 1st District Commissioner Charlie Dawson, and 2nd District Commissioner Larry King) are also considering holding evening meetings quarterly. The evening meeting is being held to help keep an open dialogue with many concerned citizens who cannot attend the regular commissioner meetings that are held tentatively from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.

MoKan provides annual report, resources for Clinton County businesses
By Miranda Gorham
Mo-Kan, an economic and community development organization out of St. Joseph, met with Clinton County Commissioners on Tuesday, February 22. Executive Director for Mo-Kan Tom Bliss provided the MoKan Annual Report and 2011 daily calendar for review by the commissioners. Mr. Bliss briefly discussed the Enhanced Enterprise Zone prompting the Commissioners to request that Clinton County Clerk Mary Blanton schedule a meeting and send out letters to Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board.

Lick Itty Split building bought by CRMC
By Miranda Gorham
The Lathrop Medical Clinic, owned and operated by the Cameron Regional Medical Center, will have a new home by fall of this year. The independent community hospital has purchased the building on Highway 116 that formerly housed the fast food restaurant, Lick Itty Split.

CRMC purchased a total of three new properties with plans of modernizing the Lathrop, Polo, and Hamilton satellite clinics. According to Joe Abrutz Chief Executive Officer of Cameron Medical Center it’s a top priority to promote access to patient care in the area.

Meeting with KC Water District could result in another increase
At their regular City Council meeting Tuesday, February 15, Mayor Jim Crenshaw announced that he, City Administrator Don Moore, and water commissioner David Rupe would be attending a Kansas City Water Service meeting this Friday, February 25.

“We may get hit with another 10% increase in water rates,” the Mayor said. With the possibility of the Kansas City earnings tax being voted down, Kansas City could lose potentially millions of dollars of revenue.

5th Quarter “Mule Pen” to start this Friday
For years, high school students have enjoyed attending school sporting events. Oftentimes, when the game is over, and kids are filled with either the jubilation of a victory or the disappointment of a loss, they aren’t ready to call it a night and go home. In most communities, at that hour of the evening, there simply isn’t much for kids to do to pass the time and keep themselves entertained.

Ed Shrewsbury, Lathrop resident, understands. He said that he has fond memories of his own high school days. At that time, Barry Todd’s parents owned a restaurant called Selum Grill. On home game nights, they would keep the establishment open late, so that high school kids could hang out, get a bite to eat and listen to the jukebox.

Alderwoman Pryor respresents Lathrop at Great NW Days
After being postponed due to blizzard conditions, the Great Northwest Days were held in Jefferson City on February 14, 15. Lathrop Alderwoman Susan Pryor represented Lathrop at the Clinton County booth, and brought back with her items and enthusiasm from the event.
The Lathrop Chamber of Commerce appreciates Susan’s involvement in the event, as well as Plattsburg’s Chamber of Commerce and volunteers for sharing their space with Lathrop.
“It was a great experience,” Pryor said. “We met legislators and other people in Northwest Missouri who are interested in seeing the area thrive.

Absentee Voter Information
The Clinton County Clerk’s office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., beginning February 22, 2011 for absentee voting for the upcoming April 5, 2011 General Municipal Election.
The office will also be open on Saturday, April 2, 2011, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Voters must bring proper identification. The last day to register to vote for this election will be March 9, 2011.

Preliminary damage declaration approved for Missouri SEMA and FEMA Reps are coming to Clinton County
By Miranda Gorham
State and federal emergency officials will be in Clinton County on Wednesday, February 16 to perform a preliminary damage assessment from the January 31-February 1 blizzard.

SEMA and FEMA reps will review documents from the various public entities to determine actual damages. By this time the special road districts and municipalities in Clinton County should have their estimates in, according to Blair Shock, Clinton County Emergency Director.

According Mr. Shock the statewide dollar amount must exceed $7.2 Million for Missouri. This amount is based on a per capita rate of $1.30 per resident and is calculated using the 2000 census population for the state.

Driver flees scene of accident on I-35
At 1:14 p.m. on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, a 3-vehicle accident occurred on I-35, at the 34 mile marker, 3 miles north of Holt.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the vehicles involved were all southbound. The incident began when a 2008 Volvo, driven by Richard A. Wagner, 35, of Quincy, IL, struck the back of a 1997 Ford. The Ford was driven by Earl L. Reavis, 72, of Basehor, KS. The collision caused the Ford to strike the rear of a tractor trailer. Upon this latest impact, the Ford ran off the right side of the roadway and overturned.

P&Z, Extension office report to Commissioners
By Miranda Gorham
The Clinton County Commissioners held their regular semi-weekly session on Tuesday February 8,2011. In the morning session, Second District Commissioner Larry King and First District Commissioner Charlie Dawson were present, however Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken, Jr. was attending an LPA (Local Public Agency) meeting at MoDOT’s Northwest District in St. Joseph. The meeting was primarily to shed some light on Rules and Regulations when dealing with Federal Aid.

Coyotes spotted in Lathrop
The Lathrop Police Department has confirmed that there have been coyotes spotted in the area; even within the city limits.
There have been no reports of damage, but citizens are advised to keep an eye out, especially if they have cats and dogs that stay outside.

County spends estimated $200,000 on snow removal Will FEMA reimburse for the 2011 Blizzard?
By Miranda Gorham
In an interview with Clinton County Emergency Director Blair Shock, the County could receive reimbursement from FEMA for the snow clearing efforts brought on by February 2011 Blizzard.

According to Mr. Shock, in order for the county to be reimbursed for snow clearing efforts, a couple things must be in place. The county has to receive a snow clearing declaration in addition to a disaster declaration. Clinton County also has to have a record or near-record snowfall.

I-70 Closed from St. Louis to Kansas City; as blizzard hits MO
JEFFERSON CITY - February 01, 2011 4:58 p.m.
The Missouri Department of Transportation has closed Interstate 70 across the state from St. Louis to Kansas City. Heavy snow is making the highway impassable and whiteout conditions are causing poor visibility. MoDOT said this action would help keep motorists from becoming stranded on the interstate. The agency is continuing to plow statewide as conditions allow.

9.3” snow accumulation in the first 24 hours of Clinton County’s latest snow storm
What started off as an ice storm, Monday, January 31, turned into a major blizzard by noon Tuesday, February 1st. The weather website indicated a total of 9.3” accumulation and continuing into Wednesday with “snow showers”. With temperatures dropping below 0° Tuesday night, and wind gusts up to 39 mph.

Judy Wright named Chair of Economic Development Council
By Pauli Clariday
At the annual meeting of the Economic Development Council of Clinton County, Jim Hasler and Vic Davis stepped down from their seats on the board, and Judy Wright, Turney, and Mario Fantasma, Trimble, stepped on to the Council as Chair and Secretary, respectively.

District #4 responds to Plattsburg Water District contract rejection
During the January 6th regular meeting of the Board of Directors of PWSD #4, the board discussed the need to address the issue of the rejection of Plattsburg Water District’s new contract to their patrons by mailing directly from the District. Attorney McCaffree recommended that letters to patrons address the cost according to use, in the new proposed contract, and how the Plattsburg’s mayor put a 35 year clause into effect in the rejected contract, stating, “We’re not in a marriage, but (would be) captive costumers.”

Snow covered roadway cited as cause of 2-vehicle accident
On Wednesday, January 19, 2011, the Missouri Highway Patrol investigated an accident that took place at 4:45 p.m. According to their report, John O. Elliott, 78, of Lathrop, was eastbound in a 1992 Geo Metro on MO 116, about 1/2 mile west of I-35, and about 3 miles east of Lathrop. Due to snow on the roadway, Mr. Elliott lost control of his vehicle, and it slid into the path of a westbound 2000 Ford F250, being driven by Charla L. Carty, 34, of Holt.

Department of Revenue Releases Top 5 Filing Tips for 2011 & Also Notes New Filing Deadline, Information Format
JEFFERSON CITY - An extended tax return filing deadline and a new format for important tax information highlight changes for Missouri’s Tax Season 2011. The Missouri Department of Revenue also has five general suggestions for filers to have their returns processed quicker and more accurately.

“Most people are just now compiling their tax records and receiving tax information from their employers and financial institutions,” said Alana M. Barragan-Scott, director of the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Three injured after crash on MO 13
On Friday, January 14, 2011, at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon, a crash took place on MO 13 Hwy., south of CR W. 196th Street. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Rita E. Gorham, 65, of Polo, was southbound on MO 13 in a 2010 Ford. She allegedly turned left in front of a 2008 Dodge, which was northbound on MO 13. The Dodge was driven by Kassie D. Butterfield, 26, of Lexington, MO.

Filings for April 2011 closed
With filings closed for the April 5, 2011 election, the Lathrop R-II School Board drew a large response. There are nine district residents vying for the three open seats (Shown in order of ballot placement):

Turney’s woes may just be beginning in earnest; DHSS on-site wastewater systems regulations explained
By Norma Ward
The Turney Board of Trustees meeting ended last Tuesday, January 4, with cries of “Dictator” and “You did not get voted on last year” by supporters of Trustee Tim Mulligan and a member of the Citizens Oversight Committee for Clinton County (COCCC) as Chairman Jim Gorham called for a motion to adjourn.

A dispute concerning who the authorized election official of Turney was at the crux of the debate.

Single vehicle accident sends driver to hospital
A Plattsburg woman was the driver in an accident that took place on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at approximately 6:55 p.m. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Kimberly A. Williams, 39, was westbound on MO 116 in a 1993 Mercury Villager van.

Lathrop digs out from thick blanket of “white stuff”
According to the National Weather Service, the Lathrop area was pelted with 7 to 8 inches of snow on Monday, January 10. Pictured above is Dick Williams, who got out on his John Deere tractor that afternoon to begin clearing city streets and sidewalks as a public service to fellow residents. Lathrop and surrounding area schools were closed due to weather, and with the lingering coating of snow and ice on the streets and the bitter wind chill on Tuesday, it was apparent that most kids were enjoying their vacation indoors!

Permit holder relinquishes firearms Special Use Permit
By Pauli Clariday
Chad Downs spoke to the Clinton County Planning and Zoning board at the January 6 public hearing to review his Special Use Permit.

And to the surprise and anger of many neighbors present, he was the only person who spoke during the public meeting with a court reporter present.

Several area accidents; two blamed on icy roads
At 12:45 p.m. on Thursday, December 30, 2010, the Missouri State Highway Patrol was called to investigate an injury accident on MO 33, 2 miles south of Lathrop.

According to their report, William L. Rounds, 42, of Lathrop, was northbound on MO 33, driving a 2000 Chevrolet van. When negotiating a curve, Rounds allegedly went off the right side of the roadway, overcorrected and then came back across the road and wemt off the left side.

A full house in attendance at Commissioner's Grass Roots Meeting
As the changing of the guards at the Clinton County Commission took place this week, the first order for newly elected Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken, Jr. was to hold a grassroots public meeting on Tuesday, January 4th.

They called on long-time rural Lathrop resident Rick Mos to share his observations and concerns about the county’s needs and shortcomings.

Clinton County Officials take Oath of Office
January 3, 2011 newly elected officials of Clinton County were sworn in at the Courthouse. (L to R) Prosecuting Attorney Bill Burris, County Clerk Mary Blanton, Treasurer Leann Gump, Collector Sharon K. Cockrum, Circuit Clerk/Recorder of Deeds Molly Livingston, Presiding Commissioner Wade Wilken, Jr.

Helena’s Beauty Shoppe to close its doors after 41 years
As 2011 begins in Holt, the building at 255 Main Street will be closed and silent.
This location has long been the site of Helena’s Beauty Shoppe, where many folks have gone for a new hairdo, trim or color, along with the friendly conversation that is part of such services.
On Friday, December 31, 2010, proprietor Helena Lucas will close the doors for the last time, and embark upon retirement. Helena opened her shop 41 years ago, and was joined by Diane Riddle a year later. Helena stated that she has built up a lot of special memories during the time that she served the community. She added, “Without all these people, I wouldn’t have lasted as long. I hate to give it up, but the time comes when you have to.”
Helena is selling the shop, and doesn’t have many structured plans for her retirement, although she said she might like to travel a little during the summer.

2010 - the year in review
1/7/2010 Shirley’s Cafe reopens under new name; now Farmers and Traders Cafe. Former employee’s of Shirley’s, Lee Huett and Tracy Deason took over the restaurant on January 1, 2010.

1/21/2010 1975 Lathrop alumni Mike Fox leads a team to Haiti to assist with rescue efforts at the C3 orphanages after the devastating earthquake.

1/28/2010 Lathrop Mules wrestling squad takes 1st place at Lathrop Invitational Tournament 5th year in a row.

Neighbors ask for review of Special Use Permit
By Pauli Clariday
When Jim and Debbie Rinehart moved to their home on seven acres in the mid-eighties from the Kansas City area, they expected a quiet rural setting in the Northwood subdivision off PP Highway and SE Sycamore Drive. Not unlike most folks who seek to get away from the crowded city scene.

But like many people who find out that Clinton County is not the “slice of the American dream” they hoped to find, even seven acres is not enough to insulate them from neighborhood unrest.

“Mr. Mayor, you are simply not listening.”
By Pauli Clariday
Whether you call it two different points of view, or a blinding agenda, the tit for tat debate on what some would call excessive spending on legal and engineering fees was called to task Tuesday night at the regular Lathrop Board of Aldermen meeting.

Alderman David Peters, who has repeatedly voiced his concerns over the ever-climbing legal and engineering expenses undertaken by the City, was once again admonished by the Mayor.

Six people injured in 2-car collision
On Monday, December 20, 2010, at 7:05 p.m., two vehicles collided at the intersection of MO 10 and Route M, in Ray County.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a southbound 2010 Ford, driven by Kayla M. Clariday, 18, of Lathrop, failed to stop at a posted stop sign.

Antics from Turney continue in Plattsburg
The decision by Turney’s Board of Directors to relocate and change the date of the regular monthly meetings drew an immediate challenge from board member Tim Mulligan before the opening of the meeting December 7th, 2010. Mulligan presented a petition of citizens of Turney who disapproved the changes, citing the location was twelve miles from home and inconvenient to the public.

Clinton County Road & Bridge Dept. builds protective shelter for Emergency Generator
Last Friday, December 10, 2010, Commissioner Charlie Dawson donated his boom truck to lower the protective shelter to shield the emergency generator used for the Sheriff’s Department Dispatch.

During Clinton County’s 2009 ice/snow storms, the Plattsburg water tower, located just northwest of downtown Plattsburg, that houses the emergency antennas and back up generator, released ice and snow that damaged the outer skin of the generator.

Eclipse enthusiasts and curiosity seekers in Lathrop could total numbers in the thousands for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
By Pauli Clariday
In a short three month’s time, the Lathrop Chamber of Commerce has generated a lot of buzz. From a successful Trick or Treat Lathrop businesses, where approximately 150 children were strolling the streets of Lathrop, to assisting the Lathrop Festival Corporation in some final touch-ups of the Christmas decorations, the group of individuals, businesses, and community members have found a new reason to be excited.

August 21, 2017.

Informational seminar offered to answer Medicare questions
The Lathrop Community Outreach Committee is presenting a seminar on Understanding Medicare. This will be held on December 16th, at 7:00 pm at the community room of the Senior Housing Complex. Everyone is invited to come and ask questions about Medicare and/or their supplementary policies.

November 15-December 31 is Open Enrollment for Seniors to review and change their plans.

Sgt. Jackson laid to rest a second time
When Sgt. Issac Jackson was buried in Lathrop over a year ago, his family was warned that the nightmare might recur at a later time. Since Sgt. Jackson, along with seven other American soldiers was killed in an explosion, it was believed that there might be more remains that would later be found at the site.

Graves Accepting Internship Applications
(Washington, DC) – U.S. Congressman Sam Graves is looking for young men and women interested in public service to serve as interns. Graves said he is accepting applications for internships and would welcome talented individuals who share his passion for public service.

“It’s a great way to learn more about your government and gain valuable experience,” Graves said.

City Administrator addresses school district about water rate increase
During the November 16 Lathrop City Council meeting, Lathrop R-II Superintendent Dr. Chris Blackburn addressed the Board concerning the increased water rates the district would bear under the November 1 rate increase.

In her estimation, the elimination of the bulk water rates for usage over 9,000 gallons per month would cost the district an increase of approximately $7,000-$10,000 per year.

Change in time and meeting place for Village of Turney Board
On November 19, 2010, a special meeting was held by the Village of Turney the Turney Maintenance Barn.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Gorham at 7:05 p.m.

Roll call of officers: Chad Swindler, Robert Hall, Ruth Newell, Jim Gorham were present, Timothy Mulligan did not show, he was notified by telephone call and message was left on answering service, Public Meeting Notice was posted on Bulletin Board as well.

Two vehicles involved in accident on I-35
At 7:45 a.m. on Friday, November 19, 2010, two vehicles collided on I-35. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the accident took place in the southbound lane, south of the 19 mile marker.
Harlie L. Ivy, 16, of Holt, was driving a 2001 Pontiac, and had slowed for traffic congestion. Jennifer A. Hamilton, 53, of Trenton, MO, driving a 1994 Toyota, struck Ms. Ivy’s vehicle in the rear.

District continues search for water source
By Norma Ward
With the search on for another water supply source for PWSD#4, the engineering firm given that charge reported at the regular meeting of the district held November 4.

Andy Vecellio, Bartlett & West project manager for District #4, reported on their findings so far in the search for a water source. According to Vecellio, contact has been made with the Kansas City Water District, City of Cameron, Missouri American St. Joseph Water District, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Ray County water district. The Corps of Engineers is the governing body of Smithville Lake.

Veterans to be honored at LHS
There will be a Veteran’s Day assembly at Lathrop High School on Thursday, November 11, 2010.
The event will begin at 10:00 a.m., and will feature the Color Guard, band and choir. Larry Hughes, former LHS athletic director, will be the guest speaker.
At the close of the service, Taps will be played by Carmen Bennett and Ernie Boyd.
The public is invited.
There will also be an assembly at the middle school at 11:15 a.m.

Nineteen students sustain minor injuries in school bus crash
At 6:50 a.m. on Thursday, November 4, 2010, a school bus carrying students crashed while traveling on MO Hwy. 33, north of Route CC, near Holt.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the southbound 20090 Freightliner school bus traveled off the right side of the roadway, striking a guardrail. The bus then entered a ditch, struck a tree, and came to rest in a dry creek bed.

Clinton County Road & Bridge Department working on rural roads
This past Tuesday, November 9, County Commissioners Relford, Dawson and King were in the field with the Clinton County Road & Bridge crews as they continued work on ditching on 240th St., just east of Lathrop. Over 150 loads of dirt have been removed from the ditches in 1 1/2 day, making for a smooth and easy flow of water that will be diverted from the roadway.

The County Commission has purchased three 6x6 Dump trucks from Surplus Properties in Jefferson City over the past five months, at a cost under $10,000. The Army Surplus trucks all had less than 5,000 miles, and came with a new engine.

Wilkins takes Presiding Commissioner spot; Wright falls behind Klippenstein
Clinton County voters turned out to the tune of 7,356, or 53.18% on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 for the General Election.
Republican candidate Wade Wilkins surpassed incumbent Randall Relford for the Presiding Commissioner seat, 3,912 to 3,235, or 54.6% to 45.15%

Missouri Career Center site will open in Cameron
With many people being out of work in these trying economic times, there is good news for local job seekers.
The Northwest Workforce Investment Board announces a new Missouri Career Center site which will be opening in Cameron, MO.

MSgt. Brian Poje retires from USAF
Brian Poje has certainly provided an interesting and educational life for his family.
Poje, son of the late Donald Poje and Caroline Friday Poje, of Polo, served for 26 years in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Master Sergeant on December 30, 2009.

Polo teen injured at Panther Drive-in
Sunday afternoon, October 24, 2010, at 1:00 p.m., a 13-year-old female sustained moderate injuries after being run over by a car. The incident took place at the Panther Drive-In, on M-13, in the city limits of Polo. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Emma E. Tormey, 16, of Polo, was attempting to leave the parking lot, headed south in a 2000 Mercury Cougar. Marcella L. Garrett, of Kearney, was riding on top of the vehicle, and fell off.

Vehicle burns after crash; two injured
US 69 Highway was the scene of a fiery crash at 4:05 Tuesday afternoon, October 19, 2010. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the accident occurred 7 miles north of Lawson, when a southbound 1966 Chrysler New Yorker, driven by Joshua R. Powell, 18, of Lathrop, slowed to make a right turn onto 240th Street. A southbound 2001 Volkswagen, driven by Hannah E. Gertz, 22, of Lawson, failed to slow and struck the Chrysler in the rear. The impact caused the Volkswagen to catch fire, and it burned completely.

Vehicle strikes semi causing accident on I-35
Last Tuesday morning, October 19, 2010, an accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 2010 International tractor, which was pulling a box trailer, was southbound on I-35, at the 30.6 mile marker in Clay County. The truck was driven by Claud S. Lein, 36, of Gays Mills, WI. He was wearing a safety device. Behind him was April F. Davis, 33, of Holt, who was not wearing a seat belt. She was driving a 1998 Ford Escort. The semi reportedly slowed for traffic congestion, at which time, the Escort struck the rear of the vehicle.

Shatto Milk Company introduces Pumpkin Spice Eggnog and Traditional Eggnog for the Holiday Season
Last year for the first time Shatto Milk Company offered Pumpkin Spice Eggnog. This product received more outstanding feedback than any other product they have ever offered. Customers truly love the full body of this product and many are saying the only thing it needs is a bit of whipped cream on top.

Both products, Shatto pumpkin spice eggnog and Shatto super premium traditional eggnog are now available. Both locally made products will be available until January 1, 2011.

Vice Provost’s Award for Outstanding Achievement off Campus
Debbie Davis, 4-H Youth Program Specialist for Caldwell, Clinton and DeKalb Counties was recently awarded for her leadership in developing the state-wide program, The Missouri 4-H Equine Tour.
The Vice Provost’s Award for Outstanding Achievement recognizes excellent performance by University of Missouri or Lincoln University regional faculty or professional staff members in planning, conducting and evaluating a multiyear extension program.
The Missouri 4-H Equine Tour 2011 will be the 5th year for this ongoing program. Debbie is pictured receiving the award from Dr. Michael Ouart, Vice Provost for Extension.

Clinton County Extension Office gets new face lift!
I’m sure that you have noticed by now the new and very “MU” paint job at the Clinton County Extension Office. If not, stop by and see our Tiger Paws! Vic Davis, volunteer extraordinaire and paw maker, Debbie Davis, 4-H Youth Specialist, Becky Heimsoth, 4-H Leader and her son, 4-H member Jake contributed much labor and time to complete the renovations to our little building. A special thank you to Mark Hoover for installing our new storm door to complete our new look. We believe this unique addition to downtown Plattsburg will be hard to miss! Debbie Davis, Vicky Kilgore and Dale Hunsburger outside the building.

Polo residents shocked to learn of embezzlement
On Thursday, October 14, 2010, Laurine K. Calvert, 55, of Mirabile, MO, pleaded guilty in federal court to embezzling over $400,000 from Bank Northwest.

Calvert has been employed by the bank for a number of years, working both in Polo and Hamilton as a teller and bank loan secretary

PWSD #4 rejects Plattsburg's new contract
By Norma Ward
During a Special Meeting held October 13, the Directors of PWSD #4 rejected the City of Plattsburg’s initial proposal of a new 50 year (changed to 35 yrs. in a letter dated 9/2210) water contract. They opted to accept Plattsburg’s #2 option - an agreement for Plattsburg to continue selling water to District #4, until customers of #4 have water available from other sources or five years from the time they (City of Plattsburg) were notified (10/14/10), “whichever comes first”.

Sgt. Jackson's family remembered
In honor of Gold Star Mothers/Families Day on Sept 26th, people across the country were encouraged to make luminaries and light them that evening to show support for the families of those who served and sacrificed their all for freedom. Laura Fly and her daughter made luminaries for Sgt. Issac Jackson’s loved ones, their own home and for Sgt. Jackson’s resting place and they were all lit that evening. Pictured above is Sgt. Jackson’s grave, surrounded by the luminaries. Sgt. Jackson gave his life on October 27, 2009 while on duty in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the Striker 5th Brigade out of Fort Lewis, Washington.

Possum in road leads to accident; 2 children injured
Sunday evening, October 10, around 8:45 p.m., an accident occurred on M-116, at Gold Road, which is located about eight miles east of Lathrop.

Richard A. Wohler, 40, of Mirable, was westbound on M-116 in a 2009 Ford Fusion. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Wohler swerved to miss an opossum in the road.

One fatality in 3-car crash; Holt man's vehicle struck
At approximately 1:43 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, October 7, 2010, Robert L. Willis, 78, of Holt, was eastbound on MO-92, driving a 1994 Ford. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Willis came to a stop in order to make a left turn onto Nation Road. A 1997 Ford, driven by Jimmie K. Vilander, 71, of Wamego, KS, came up behind him, and slid into the rear of Willis’ vehicle.

Grand opening at Hamilton Bank
Serving pulled pork sandwiches & lemonade, Hamilton Bank- Lathrop Facility’s Open House drew a large crowd last Saturday, October 9th. Over 200 people attended the grand opening festivities, and several new accounts were opened. The bank appreciates everyone for making them feel welcome in Lathrop. Click thumbnail and scroll to view more photos.

Lathrop bank robber sentenced to 15 years
Just over a year ago, the scene in Lathrop resembled that of a police drama, after the Goppert Financial Bank of Lathrop was robbed at gunpoint. Members of various law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, joined forces in an effort to apprehend the suspect, with road blocks and a helicopter search put into effect.

The robbery occurred on Tuesday afternoon, August 4, 2009, and the subject, a white male, escaped on foot with $3,355 in cash.

ADA Action Committee turns its attention to further Lathrop improvements
By Pauli Clariday
Two committees or one committee, city residents or rural residents, lawyers and engineers, or regular folks with a passion and purpose. These may have been the differences tossed around during the early phases of establishing an ADA committee to work toward compliance issues in the city of Lathrop, but with a focus and direction established, Richard and Joanne Williams are just happy to see the ball rolling.

Although the Williams’ believe the city has a long way to go, Mr. Williams stated that in the two meetings he attended, “They seemed to be serious and was going to get after it.”

The city has held two ADA meetings, with representatives from MoKan, MoDOT, engineers, and the city attorney.

Fiber to the Home Technology
By Pauli Clariday
Who can recall the first dial-up modem tone that came out of the speakers of their home computer? The modem connection that opened the door to the world-wide-web may have been awkward, cumbersome, and slow, but by the mid 1990s, many of us were “connected.”

Lathrop Telephone Company has a long history of diligently working toward providing its customers with the best available technology.

Several area-wide accidents; no serious injuries reported
Last Thursday, September 16, 2010, saw two accidents involving area residents. The first one occurred at 6:07 p.m., on I-35 at the 25 mmr.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Dennis W. Carlson, 51, of Holt, suffered minor injuries when he was northbound on the interstate, operating a 2000 Harley Davidson. Directly in front of Carlson was a 2006 Ford, driven by Richard D. Sailer, 43, of Kearney.

Water/Sewer Rate Study could mean higher bills for Lathrop customers
By Pauli Clariday
In September 2009, Lathrop residents saw a $2.50 increase to their water/sewer/trash bills. In what Mayor Jim Crenshaw called a “stop gap” measure a year ago, the temporary fix was to buy time until a formal survey could be completed.

At the Tuesday, September 21 City Council meeting, rate studies were presented by Decker Construction and McDonald-Warger Engineers, calculating the actual cost to the city of the first 1,000 gallons of water sold to customers. A sewer study by the engineers compared Lathrop’s cost to those of surrounding communities.

Jamesport murder suspect found guilty in Clinton County
PLATTSBURG, Mo.-A Jamesport man faces a life sentence without possibility of parole after a Clinton County jury found him guilty of killing his roommate with a hammer. The jury found Carlos Sarmiento, 57, guilty of first degree murder and armed criminal action on September 15 after a two-day trial.

DeKalb & Clinton Counties Highway Work Planned
ST. JOSEPH, MO - The Missouri Department of Transportation has announced that two projects are scheduled in DeKalb County and one in Clinton County beginning September 14, 2010 (weather permitting).

* DeKalb County-Route 36 - September 14-17. Bridge deck repairs are planned for the westbound driving lanes of the bridge over Grindstone Creek. The bridge will be narrowed to one lane.
* DeKalb County-Route 6 - September 16. Crews will be replacing a field entrance culvert approximately .5 (one-half) mile east of Maysville. There should be minimal traffic impact.
* Clinton County-Route A - September 17. Crews will be repairing a box culvert on Route A 1.5 (one and a half) mles east of the junction with Route T. Flaggers will be present.
Drivers are asked to please slow down while traveling through work zones.

Precious Commodity; Plattsburg's Gold - WATER
At the opening of the CPWSD #4 regular meeting September 9, 2010, Director Jim Gorham asked for approval of the minutes of last month’s regular meeting and the minutes of the special board meeting held August 31, 2010. Director Larry Golubski presented an addendum to the August 31 special meeting minutes, stating that a half page of minutes did not clarify issues brought before the board in the three-hour meeting.

The meeting in question on August 31 was held to discuss the contract with City of Plattsburg for the purchase of water.

One-vehicle accidents in both Caldwell & Clay counties
A Polo, MO female received minor injuries in a one-vehicle accident that took place on Thursday, September 9, 2010, at approximately 4:25 p.m.. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Jean M. Riedel, 54, was westbound on T Highway, 4 miles northwest of Polo in a 1993 Chevrolet.

At that point, the vehicle traveled off the right side of the roadway, striking a driveway embankment and a mailbox. It then came to rest on its wheels in a ditch.

116 Hwy work in Caldwell County
ST. JOSEPH, MO - The Missouri Department of Transportation has announced that roadwork has been scheduled for MO 116 in Caldwell County beginning Thursday, September 16th (weather permitting.) Area maintenance crews will be placing rock along MO 116 from MO 13 to Route A in various locations. The road will be narrowed to one lane at times throughout the project. Flaggers will direct motorists through the work zone when the road is narrowed. The work is expected to take two weeks to complete. Motorists are reminded to reduce their speed and drive with caution through the work zone.

AmerenUE seeking increase in rates
JEFFERSON CITY -- The Missouri Public Service Commission established the deadline for those parties wishing to intervene and participate in an electric rate case filed by Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren UE.
Applications to intervene and participate in this case should be filed no later than September 27, 2010, with the Secretary of the Missouri Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0360.
The PSC will hold local public hearings to receive customer comment on the rate proposal. That schedule will be announced when dates, times and locations have been finalized.
On September 3, 2010, AmerenUE filed an electric rate case seeking to increase annual revenues by approximately $263 million. According to the company, if the request is approved in full, the average residential customer’s bill would increase by approximately $9.30 per month.

Absentee Voter Information
The County Clerk’s office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for Absentee voting for the upcoming November 2, 2010 General Election. This will begin on September 21, 2010. The office will also be open on Saturday, October 30, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Voters must have a Missouri driver’s license of a Clinton County voter registration card. The last day to register to vote for this election will be October 6, 2010.

Carnahan Certifies Recounts for State Representative Democratic Primaries
Jefferson city, Missouri -- Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan today announced the certified results from the recounts of three State House of Representatives Democratic primaries.
The final results of the recount for the Democratic primary in State House of Representatives District 5 confirmed the victory of Judy Wright over Mike Waltemath.

Mrs. Missouri to Speak at Women's Breakfast on Saturday
The reigning Mrs. Missouri, Melissa Roe of Kansas City will be in Plattsburg on Saturday, September 11, at the Republican Community Building, 202 N. Main Street. Mrs. Roe is a native of Missouri who has worked as a television news reporter, communications director for the Missouri House of Representatives and as press secretary for the speaker of the house.
Currently, Mrs. Roe is the deputy chief of staff for Congressman Sam Graves, overseeing in-state operations for 26 counties; working particularly in the areas of transportation, and as liaison to business and civic groups.
Mrs. Roe has a particular passion for involving more women in politics and will speak on that topic on Saturday. The breakfast event begins at 8:00 and is free and open to the public.

Charges filed for vandalism of walnut logs
Clinton Co. Sheriff Dept. - Sept. 2, 2010 - Approximately $5,000.00 in walnut logs were destroyed in eastern Clinton County on Wednesday August 25. Two men have been charged with felonies, according to department spokesman Major John Farmer.
Jerrod Turner, 27, of Lathrop Mo. and Timothy Turner, 36, of Lathrop MO. were both charged with Knowingly Burning or Exploding- a Class D felony- on Thursday, August 26. Additionally, they were charged with Property Damage in the 1st degree, also a Class D felony.

Two Area Men Sentenced to Prison on Separate Child Pornography Charges
A Cameron, Missouri man who was arrested in November 2005 was sentenced in federal court last week for attempting to receive and possess child pornography after he subscribed to several child pornography websites.

State Auditor cites “significant weaknesses in certain county procedures
The office of Susan Montee, Missouri State Auditor, released the findings of the state audit of certain operations of Clinton County. In the auditor’s report, findings declared “significant weaknesses” in the County Collector’s procedures, “declining fund balances” in the county’s General Revenue and Special Road & Bridge Funds, along with other noted items.

Davis, Lynn, & Moots, Certified Public Accounts, has been engaged to audit the financial statements of Clinton County for the two years ended December 31, 2009. The scope of the State’s audit included, but was not necessarily limited to, the 2 years ended December 31, 2009. The objectives of the audit were to evaluate the county’s internal controls over significant management and financial functions, evaluate the county’s compliance with certain legal provisions, and evaluate the economy and efficiency of certain management practices and operations, including revenues and expenditures.

Findings in the audit of Clinton County:

State Auditor cites “significant weaknesses in certain county procedures
The office of Susan Montee, Missouri State Auditor, released the findings of the state audit of certain operations of Clinton County. In the auditor’s report, findings declared “significant weaknesses” in the County Collector’s procedures, “declining fund balances” in the county’s General Revenue and Special Road & Bridge Funds, along with other noted items.
Davis, Lynn, & Moots, Certified Public Accounts, has been engaged to audit the financial statements of Clinton County for the two years ended December 31, 2009. The scope of the State’s audit included, but was not necessarily limited to, the 2 years ended December 31, 2009. The objectives of the audit were to evaluate the county’s internal controls over significant management and financial functions, evaluate the county’s compliance with certain legal provisions, and evaluate the economy and efficiency of certain management practices and operations, including revenues and expenditures.
Findings in the audit of Clinton County:
Financial Condition
Disbursements in the General Revenue (GR) and Special Road and Bridge (SRB) Funds exceeded receipts in 2008 and 2009, and the same is expected for 2010. As a result, the financial condition of these funds is weakening. The most significant increases in disbursements were for salaries, which increased approximately $135,000 from 2007 to 2008. As a result of insufficient space in the county jail, the GR Fund incurred increased costs of approximately $100,000 annually in 2008 and 2009 over 2007 to house county prisoners elsewhere. The SRB Fund also incurred unexpected costs in 2008 as a result of several significant weather events, including a tornado and an ice storm. Concerns with the accuracy of the budget estimates may also contribute to the county’s financial condition. Receipts and disbursements were significantly overestimated in budget documents for the GR and SRB Funds.
State Recommendations
1.1 (Declining fund balances) Evaluate disbursements, reduce discretionary spending to the extent possible, evaluate controls and management practices to ensure efficient use of county resources, and attempt to maximize all funding sources.
1.2 (Budget estimates) Ensure the county budget contains complete and accurate estimates of receipts and disbursements.
Auditee’s Response: The County Commission provided the follwoing written responses:
1.1 Commissioners will make every effort to scrutinize expenditures and make sure all monies expended are in keeping with budgeted projections and cash on hand.
1.2 Clerk will provide to Commissioners on a monthly basis actual receipts along with current expenditures. Clerk will change the way budget summary sheets are filled out to better estimate monies at hand.
County Collector’s Procedures
Significant weaknesses exist in the County Collector’s procedures. Theft or misuse of funds could go undetected for a significant amount of time because current procedures do not provide assurance against the loss or misuse of funds. At November 30, 2009, collector liabilities exceeded the reconciled cash balance by $10,865. The difference had not been identified by the County Collector because she does not prepare formal bank reconciliations in a timely manner and does not compare the reconciled bank account balances to existing liabilities. In addition, large amounts of cash collections were not deposited intact or in a timely manner. At November 30, 2009, the County Collector had more than $92,000 of undeposited cash. Some collections were not disbursed in a timely manner, the Collector has not established procedures to routinely follow up on outstanding checks, and the partial payment ledger was not kept up to date.
State Recommendations
2.1 (Bank reconciliations) Prepare and document bank reconciliations on a monthly basis and compare lists ofliabilities to the reconciled balance. An attempt should be made to identify and resolve the differences in the cash balance that currently exist in the main account.
2.2 (Cash deposits) Make deposits intact and in a timely manner.
2.3 (Distributions) Distribute collections of interest, surtax, tax sales, and protested taxes in a timely manner.
2.4 (Outstanding checks) Establish routine procedures to investigate outstanding checks.
2.5 (Partial payments) Ensure the partial payment leger is reconciled to the bank balance periodically and proper records are maintained. In addition, the County Collector should take action to pay our or otherwise resolve all old partial payment accourts.
Auditee’s Response - The Collector provided the following written responses:
2.1 The Auditor’s office is wanting us to do another form of bookkeeping that has never been implemented in this office. Within a 30 minute time frame on their last day here they tried to show us how this should be done. (a more extensive reply was given, due to space we will omit the remaining portion)
2.2 After getting the new computer system in, running correctly and where it is in fact balancing the books correctly, we should be more on schedule and be able to keep up with everything, but the conversion year was a very difficult one to say the very least for this office and the clerks and balancing was our first priority.
2.3 I totally missed the interest as the Treasurer always reminded me in the past. It is still my error, but we changed Treasurers andthe new one wasn’t award either. The surtax was missed in doing the yearly turnover and was discovered when trying to balance the annual. It was distributed with the next turnover of surtax. Tax sales will never be able to be done quickly because of the amount of hand paperwork involved. It is a time consuming process now that we have so much on our yearly tax sale. As for the protested taxes, until the State Tax Commission can get me all the paper work I need for the distribution it will still be in the account. I have called them and have gotten the OK for turning over most of them, the rest will be held.
2.4 No we have never done anything with outstanding checks. I am going to reissue those that I can send the rest to the State as unclaimed properties sometime this summer.
2.5 I have already issued refunds on most of the unused partial The ones I cannot find will go to the State as unclaimed properties. We only use the partial account for bankruptcy as per our last audit so there will only be a very few remaining items in the account once I clear this up. I will look into finding the $99 differrence.As for the interest I am going to turn that over to the county based on how other Collectors are handling this. Since I don not use the partial account very often and only for bankruptcy’s and HOmestead, I only balance the ledger every few months as there is not much activity in this account and as there is no Homestead money for next year that part will be gone also.
Auditor’s Comment
2.1 It is the responsibility of the County Collector, not the State Auditor’s office, to reconcile assets on hand to liabilities. In our prior audit (Report No. 2006-89, Clinton County, issued in December 2006), we reported that the County Collector did not prepare monthly lists of liabilities and, as a result, liabilities were not reconciled to the cash balance. Upon our request, a list of liabilities was prepared by the County Collector and at February 28, 2006, liabilities exceeded the cash balance of the regular tax account by $25. In that report, we recommended the County Collector prepare a montly list of liabilities, reconcile this list to the reconciled bank balance, investigate any unreconciled differences noted. In response to the recommendation, the County Collector indicated that neither she nor the previous Collector was aware of the need to identify and reconcile liabilities to the bank account balances. She further indicated the procedure would be implemented as soon as time permitted. However, no improvement was noted. We could not verify the effect the additional items provided between liabilities and the cash balance. However, we encourage the Collector to continue to attempt to identify any differences.
2.2 The process of balancing should include depositing all monies received in a timely manner, and ensuring the composition of monies received agrees to the composition of deposits.
Property Tax System
The County Clerk and the County Commission do not provide adequate monitoring of property tax system activities. There is no independent and subsequent comparison of additions and abatements prepared by the County Assessor to actual changes to the property tax records or to amounts approved by the County Commission. The County Clerk does not maintain an account book or other records with the County Collector summarizing property tax charges, transactions, and changes. As a result, the County Collector’s annual settlements are not adequately reviewed. In addition, the County Clerk does not prepare or verify the accuracy of the delinquent tax books.
State Recommendations
3.1 (Additions and abatements) The County Commission and the County Clerk ensure changes to the property tax records are properly approved and monitored.
3.2 (Account book) The County Clerk maintain an account book with the County Collector. The County Clerk and County Commission should use the account book to review the accuracy and completeness of the County Collector’s annual settlements.
3.3 The County Commission work with the County Clerk to establish procedures to prepare the delinquent tax books. If preparation of the tax books by the County Clerk is not fesible, the County Clerk should review tax books for accuracy, test individual tax statements for accuracy, and document all procedures performed.
Auditee’s Response - The County Commission provided the following written responses:
3.1 Due to a new computer system the clerk has not received abatements and charges from the Assessor’s side only the Collector’s side. Every effort will be made to obtain accurate tax abatements and charge information from the Assessor. Currently only the City of Cameron is received from the Assessor and documented.
3.2 The County Clerk has always in the past maintained a spread sheet balancing with the Collector. With the new Computer system and input error, a spread sheet was not kept up to date when the auditors were present. Every effort will be made to once again maintain a spread sheet to balance with the Collector’s delinquent tax book.

Sheriff’s Commissary
Adequate procedures are not in place to account for inmate monies collected by the Sheriff for commissary activity. Accounting duties are not adequately segregated. Sheriff’s office employees did not maintain a cumulative book balance of commissary monies, including a list of liabilities, and did not reconcile accounting records to the bank account. In addition, commissary profits are not turned over to the county periodically.
State Recommendations - The Sheriff:
4.1 (Segregation of duties) Adequately segregate accounting duties to the extent possible or ensure supervisory reviews of accounting records are performed and documented.
4.2 (Commissary records) Ensure monthly bank reconciliations are prepared and a book balance is maintained for the inmate bank account and a list of liabilities, including inmate balances, is reconciled to the book balance on a monthly basis.
4.3 (Commissary profits) Turn over all commissary profits to the County Treasurer as accountable fees.
Auditee’s Response - The Sheriff provided the following written response: All recommendations will be implemented as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.

Prosecuting Attorney’s
The clerk who is responsible for all bad check receipting, recording, and disbursing functions also has the ability to post account adjustments to the system without documented independent approval of the adjustment. During 2009 and 2008, the Prosecuting Attorney made extra payments from the Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Fund totaling $9,000 and $6,000, respectively, to supplement wages of his employees. These payments were not included in the county payroll records, were not reported on employee W-2 forms, and were not subject to proper withholdings.
State Recommendation - The Prosecuting Attorney
5.1 (Adjustments) Require someone independent of the accounting system to review and approve all adjustments and ensure adequate documentation is retained to support such adjustments.
5.2 (Additional wages) Ensure all compensation is processed through the county’s payroll system and is subject to payroll withholdings and reported on employee W-2 forms.
Auditee’s Response - The Prosecuting Attorney provided the following written responses:
5.1 All adjustments are now reviewed by the Prosecuting Attorney.
5.2 This recommendation will be implemented in the event additional compensation is paid in the future.

Elected Officials and Their Compensation Paid -
Year ended December 31, 2009 (except as noted)
Randal Relford - PC - $30,565
Charles Dawson - AC - $28,485
Larry King - AC - $28,485
Molly Livingston, Circuit Clerk and Ex Officio - Recorder of Deeds - Salary is pd by State
Mary Blanton - CC - $49,279
Bill Burris, PA - $53,000
K. Porter Hensen - Sheriff - $47,840
Leanne Gump - Treasurer - $43,160
Kathleen Little - Coroner - $14,450
Nancy Wingate, Public Administrator - $43,160
Sharon Cockrum - County Collector - year ended February 28 - $68,110 (Included $24,949 of commissions earned for collecting city property taxes)
Jerry Howard - Assessor - $43,160

Hamilton Bank's Lathrop Branch NOW OPEN
Marvin Gordon, Vicki Peacher, Kelsey Henry, Courtney Gordon, Shelley Moore, Shannon Ward and Jessica Howard of the Hamilton Bank Lathrop Branch welcomes visitors and are eager to serve you. “We’re glad to be a part of the community.” Their Grand Opening will be in a few weeks and they hope you stop by and say “Hello”.

Middle school students busted with drugs
On August 25th and August 26th, Lathrop police officers were called to the Lathrop Middle School in regard to drugs being brought into the school. On the 25th, a 13 year old male subject was found in possession of drugs, and on the 26th, a 12 year old female subject was found to be in possession of drugs.

Do you know this dog?
This female black and tan coonhound was found on Friday, August 20, 2010. If you are missing her, please call Gale’s Grooming at 816-528-4442 or the Lathrop Police Department at 816-528-6550.

Injuries sustained in accidents in two different Missouri counties
In the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 17, 2010, Patrick C. Page, 57, of St. Joseph, was eastbound on 216th Street, 2 miles northwest of Holt. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Page failed to negotiate a curve at the intersection of 216th and Perren Road. The 2006 GMC he was driving slid off the east side of the roadway, striking a ditch. At that point, the vehicle overturned and came to rest on its top off the east side of the road.

Page, who was wearing a safety device, suffered moderate injuries, and was transported by Holt Ambulance to Liberty Hospital.

High winds wreak havoc on Lathrop, Holt
Justin Williams, along with his father and mother, Jeff and Tresa, were busy with clean up on Saturday after high winds blew through town, damaging trees and litterin lawns with debris. Holt suffered winds up to 80 mph, which uprooted trees and caused extensive damage.

Click thumbnail and scroll to view more storm damage photos from Lathrop and Holt.

KCP&L adjusts charges on electrical bills
JEFFERSON CITY---To reflect changes in fuel and purchased power costs, the Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a request filed by KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company to adjust the fuel adjustment charge on electric customer bills. The charge, which appears as a separate item on the monthly bill, is known as the fuel adjustment clause or FAC.
The FAC change reflects fuel and purchased power costs during the six month period December 2009 through May 2010. The company cited natural gas costs, purchased power costs and coal and freight costs as reasons for seeking an adjustment to the FAC.

Farmers Market produce available at the new Republican Headquarters in Plattsburg
Missouri farm fresh produce is available every Saturday morning from 9 am to noon at 202 Main St., Plattsburg.
Tomatoes, squash, zucchini, corn, eggplant, delicious Missouri peaches and watermelon are just a small sampling of the produce available.

J.D. & Jina Austin of Cameron, along with daughters Tanya, Miracle and Brooke are all a part of Charity Hills Produce, a company they created to help build a Children’s Home north of Cameron sometime in the future.

Clinton County Republican Headquarters host 1st Reagan Country BBQ
On Saturday, August 14 the Clinton County Republicans hosted their first Reagan Country BBQ at the Republican headquarters in Plattsburg. Community members had the opportunity to meet with candidates Glen Klippenstein, Tom Chapman, Wade Wilkin and Chad Higdon from Sam Graves St. Joseph’s political office. State representative Jim Guest and local officials, Kathleen Little and Charlie Dawson were also in attendance to give their support.
The evening began with a meet and greet for the candidates, state and local officials. After a wonderful meal Clinton County Committee Chairman, Dan Snodgrass, introduced the candidates and officials.

I-35 closed for an hour due to downed line on roadway
On Monday afternoon, August 16th, at approximately 3:15, a call came over the scanner about a downed utility line across I-35, at the Holt exit.
North and South bound traffic of the interstate were closed from Holt to Kearney for nearly an hour while the situation was resolved.
According to a spokesperson for MoDOT, M. Elaine Justus, the line across the road was a power line, and was caused by an incident with a dump truck and utility pole.

VanDyke hearing set for Monday, Aug. 30
On Monday, August 30, 2010, at 9:00 a.m., Ronda VanDyke will appear in court in a plea/trial setting for charges accrued in December of 2009.
VanDyke will go before Judge Daren L. Adkins at the Daviess County Courthouse in Gallatin on charges of Passing Bad Check and Forgery.

Lathrop Community Outreach Food Pantry Update
Our Community Outreach Booth at the Friendship Festival was a success. We received donations of food and cash, as well as selling raffle tickets for 1/2 of a beef, and we sold chances to dunk a volunteer in our Dunk Booth.

The winner of the raffle for 1/2 of a beef was Joe Holliway, of Holt, MO.

Our Dunk Booth was a big success, and everybody had a great time dunking his or her favorite person. We hope to continue this in future years.

Man arrested following July 22 accident
In the July 29, 2010 edition, the Rural Reporter published an article about an accident within the city limits of Holt, involving two pickup trucks.

This accident occurred on July 22, and, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, was brought about when John E. Willsey, 45, of Plattsburg, crossed the center line and sideswiped the other truck, being driven by James E. Hart, 40, of Lathrop. Willsey left the scene of the accident, and was followed by Mr. Hart to a private driveway.

Hamilton Bank to Open Soon
Lathrop will soon have another bank. The Hamilton Bank will be located on Hwy. 116, at the east edge of town.
Lobby hours for The Hamilton Bank will be 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday; 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. Drive Thru hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday; 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.
The Hamilton Bank has been serving Hamilton, MO and the surrounding area since 1938. Currently there are locations in Hamilton, Breckenridge and Lathrop.

Safety Notice - Changing Traffic Flow on 280th St. & Breckenridge Rd.
Soon, the flow of traffic at the corner of 280th Street and N.E. Breckenridge Road, northwest of Lathrop, will be changed. Currently, there are stop signs at both corners of 280th St., but according to Commissioner Charles Dawson, there were complaints in the wintertime of motorists who were unable to get up the hill after coming to a complete stop when the roads were slick.

In the near future, stop signs will be placed on both corners of Breckenridge Rd., and the corners of 280th St. will have Caution (Yield) signs posted.

No traffic charges filed in fatality accident; further investigation still pending
On Saturday, July 31, 2010, at 9:25 p.m., a tragic incident unfolded in Caldwell County. Immediately following the situation, details were kept under wrap pending investigation and notification of family members.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has since released information on the case. According to their report, a 2003 Dodge 2500 Series pickup truck, driven by Bradley D. Corbin, 25, of Hamilton, MO, was southbound on Pleasant Ridge Road, 6 miles southeast of Hamilton.

Do you know these people?
During the first part of July, an incident occurred in Lathrop that is under investigation. The two photos are of subjects that are “Persons of Interest” in the investigation. They were driving a black older Dodge 4-door pickup truck. Anyone with information to the identity of these subjects, please contact the Lathrop Police Department at 816-528-6550. The information will be kept confidential.

After clicking thumbnail and viewing picture, scroll to view photo of male subject.

Lathrop Bridge down to one lane as repairs are done
Lathrop Bridge over the Platte River on 116 Hwy. was closed to one lane of traffic this past Tuesday, August 10th as work to repair the bridges railing at the east end was being performed. No information from MoDOT of bridge work at this time, or a completion date.

Names still not released in Caldwell County fatality
At 9:37 p.m. on Saturday, July 31, 2010, the Missouri State Highway Patrol received a call informing them of a one-vehicle crash in Caldwell County. The accident had occurred on Northeast Pleasant Ridge Road, which is a gravel road located northeast of Kingston.
According to Sgt. Sheldon Lyon, of MSHP’s Troop H, a 24-year-old white female from Chillicothe, MO died in the crash. He stated that the vehicle involved was a 2003 Dodge pickup truck owned by a 25-year-old white male from Braymer.

Police foil attempted concession stand break in
On Monday, August 2 at approximately 10:00 pm, Lathrop Officer Glen Garton received a call from Clinton County Dispatch of an attempted break-in of the school’s football field concession stand. A citizen had observed two young males attempting to break into one of the doors.
According to Police Chief Leonard Eads, Officer Garton arrived on the scene and observed two young males running from the area. He chased them on foot across 33 Hwy to the elementary school where he lost sight of them in the dark.

Clinton County MO Primary Election August 3, 2010 Unofficial Results
U.S. Senator - Dem
Robin Carnahan - 1373
U.S. Senator - Rep
Roy Blunt - 1520

State Auditor - Dem
Susan Montee - 1471
State Auditor - Rep
Tom Schweich - 1179

Judy Wright narrowly takes Democratic spot for 5th District
Running on a campaign that runs on a passion for public service, first time 5th District State Rep candidate Judy Wright from Turney edged past the King City election veteran Mike Waltemath in an unofficial 1,431-1,418 vote, according to the Missouri Secretary of State website Tuesday night.
The countywide library tax was defeated again by 10 points, losing 1,466 (45%) to 1,787 (55%), by a total of 321 votes. Despite tremendous efforts by a passionate group of supporters, this was the largest loss of three recent elections. In April 2007, a similar effort failed 1,591-1,290, or 301 votes; and again in August 2008 falling short 1,752-1,566, or 186 votes.

"Walk-In School Shot Clinic"
Clinton County Health Department will be holding a “Back to School” Immunization Clinic. The clinic will be held at the Health Department 106 Bush St., Plattsburg.
No appointment necessary, first come, first served, expect some wait time. The Walk-In Clinic will be held Monday, August 16 from 3:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m.
Persons in the building by 7:00 p.m. will be served. No Charge for vaccine
Call 816-539-2144 or visit for more information

CRP General Signup Landowner Info Meetings Offered
JEFFERSON CITY Mo -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced a Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) general signup Aug. 2-27. In response, Quail Forever will host a series of landowner informational meetings the week of August 9 - 13. All meetings will begin at 7 p.m. Directions can be found online at <> .
The meetings will help answer landowner questions about how to improve enrollment chances and wildlife values in CRP. Biologists from Quail Forever and the Missouri Department of Conservation, along with local Farm Services Agency (FSA) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff, will be on hand to provide a brief presentation and then answer questions.

Earhart recovering from burns; still plans to join military
On this past Tuesday, Thomas Earhart was supposed to have left for basic training at Fort Leonardwood. However, his plans were put on hold after the young man was severely burned.

On July 17, 2010, after the Mud Run, Thomas invited some friends to his home. The plan was to have a bonfire as part of his going-away party. As they were preparing the fire, someone poured gasoline on the pile, to help ignite the blaze.

No serious injuries suffered after fall
After a high-distance fall while at work at Lathrop Feed & Grain, Damen Gustin is recovering.
The incident took place on Wednesday, June 21, 2010, after which Damen was Lifeflighted to the hospital.

Accident sends one to hospital
On Thursday, July 22, 2010, at approximately 9:30 p.m., an accident took place within the city limits of Holt, MO. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, two vehicles were traveling on Route PP, at I-35; a 2005 Chevrolet truck was eastbound, driven by John E. Willsey, 45, of Plattsburg; and a 2010 Ford truck, driven by James E. Hart, 40, of Lathrop, was westbound.
Willsey’s vehicle allegedly crossed the center line of the road and sideswiped Mr. Hart’s truck. At that point, Mr. Willsey left the scene, and was followed by Mr. Hart to a private driveway.

Two Men Charged In Conspiracy To Grow Marijuana
KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Beth Phillips, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that two men were charged in federal court today, Tuesday, July 27th, with participating in a conspiracy to grow thousands of marijuana plants following the execution of federal search warrants at several locations.

Serafin Rodriguez Gonzalez, 24, of Gower, Mo., and Juan Francisco Garcia, 44, address unknown, were charged in a federal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Mo., with participating in a conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana.

Lathrop Community Outreach Food Pantry Update
The summer is already here and the needs for Lathrop’s Food Pantry have greatly increased and our shelves are running low. You can help the Community Outreach by visiting our booth at the Friendship Festival with your donations of canned food or a cash donation.

You can also help us by purchasing raffle tickets for a half side of beef, which dressed out at 324 lbs. (processing included).

Fiber optics to your door
With the slow down--almost stop--to the economy in the Lathrop area, the news of Grand River Mutual receiving $11.4 million dollars to bring broadband internet service to Lathrop Telephone customers is welcomed.

On Friday, July 9, USDA Rural Development presented Grand River Mutual Corporation with a total of $40.9 million in American Recovery and reinvestment Act (ARRA) loans and grants to expand broadband capabilities in Iowa and Missouri. The monies will be used to fund project in eight other communities throughout Iowa and Missouri, as well.

Lathrop Friendship Festival "Goes Pro"!
By Jim Gerber
The Lathrop Friendship Festival Committee decided to go “professional” for 2010 to highlight this years theme of Mardi Gras. After 45 years of setting up the festival stage the hard way, the home made platform, the paper-mache’ elephants, floating spacemen, green aliens and fake palm trees will be gone. New this year will be a totally professional stage system from WISE Productions Services.

Lathrop man injured in one-car accident in Ray County
On Saturday, July 10, 2010, at approximately 6:20 a.m., an accident occurred on MO 13, about 1 mile north of 160th Street. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, David L. Foster, 70, of Lathrop, was southbound on MO 13 in a 2005 Buick. Foster’s vehicle traveled off the right side of the roadway, became airborne and struck two trees.

Saling pleads to 2nd-degree murder
In exchange for an eventual testimony against two other parties charged in the kidnapping and murder of an Excelsior Springs woman, Ray County Prosecutor Bryan McMahon accepted Jennifer Saling’s guilty plea to second-degree murder, and dismissed a felony armed criminal action count on Wednesday, July 7.

LFPD Donates Truck to new fire department in Southern MO
Picture a small community in southern Missouri, located far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. An area isolated by dirt roads and low water crossings, with only one paved road into and out of the area. An idyllic location for some, but a nightmare in the event of a fire, with the closest fire department being 20-30 minutes away.
The town is Walnut Grove, and the two closest fire departments were in Squires and Ava, about 15 miles away.

Back to School Immunizations
Clinton County Health Department is reminding parents that NOW is the best time to check their children’s immunization record and schedule a visit with their health care provider or the Clinton County Health Department to obtain necessary vaccinations for school, said MKDowney, Administrator.
It’s an ideal time to do so because clinics only get busier as the start of the school year grows closer. The demand for vaccine turns into a rush every year before school starts mainly because of the boosters due for children entering kindergarten.

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday to Occur Aug. 6-8
JEFFERSON CITY - Shoppers looking for a bargain on clothes, computers and school supplies can look forward to savings on these items in less than three weeks as part of Missouri’s annual “Back-to-School” Sales Tax Holiday.
By state law, the sales tax holiday begins on the first Friday in August and continues through the following Sunday. This year, the three-day holiday begins at midnight on Friday, Aug. 6, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 8. During this time period, the state’s 4.225 percent sales tax will not be assessed on certain purchases made in Missouri.

Gov. Nixon signs bill to support automotive industry and thousands of jobs in Missouri
PLEASANT VALLEY, Mo. – Gov. Jay Nixon today signed a bill passed during the special legislative session on Wednesday (July 14) that will support Missouri’s automotive industry and jobs. The Governor was joined by auto workers as he signed House Bill 2, the Missouri Automotive Manufacturing Jobs Act, at a UAW Local located near the Ford Motor Co. plant in Claycomo, which employs about 3,700 workers.

MIAC Alert - Suspicious Telephone Calls
The Missouri Information Analysis Center has received reports from individuals in Ohio and Illinois reference suspicious telephone calls. In both instances, the callers are reporting that a voicemail is received from a man with a Middle Eastern accent, identifying himself as Nick Fleming, with the Missouri Financial Crimes Unit.

Number Four billed $20K for petitioned State Performance Audit
By Norma Ward
The state billing for the petitioned Performance Audit was received by the District, and will be paid through the General Revenue funds. At a cost of approximately $10 per customer. When asked by Director Golubski how, and when does the district need to pay for this audit, Attorney MaCaffree advice was to “Pay the bill and go on down the road.!” Director Golubski remarked, “That’s $20,000 less that we’ve got to invest in the district.” With President of the Board, Gorham adding, “That ($20,000) represents 200 HotRod meters put in the ground.” Attorney MaCaffree ended the discussion by stating, “We are a public entity, and we must be free of fault, and we must be willing to prove it and let others prove it.

Merged or Split?
By Pauli Clariday
When the late Phil Kammer stood before the Lathrop Board of Aldermen some ten years ago advocating for handicap accessibility at Ingram Park, he often felt like his requests fell on deaf ears. His persistence, however, and his passion for the young and old alike drove the matter to fruition.

He never got to see the beautiful sidewalks and concession stand, however. But for those who knew of his mission, the improvements at Ingram Park are a tribute to his life.

Clinton County Commissioners sign a Statement of Support for the National Guard and Reserve
Plattsburg, Missouri – Brigadier General (Retired) Tracy Beckette, State Chair of the Missouri Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Committee, an agency of the Department of Defense, announced that Clinton County Commissioners signed a Statement of Support for the National Guard and Reserve on 7-8-10. The signing ceremony occurred at the place of business 207 N Main Street in Plattsburg, Missouri.

The Statement of Support confirms that Clinton County Commissioners joins other employers in pledging that:

We fully recognize, honor and enforce the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA).

OATS Drivers Get New Director in Northwest Region
(St. Joseph, Missouri, July 12, 2010) – OATS drivers in the Northwest Region have a new leader at the helm. Beth Langley, an OATS veteran for the past 17 years and previous Area Manager, is now officially the new Northwest Regional Director. Not entirely new to the position, Beth has been filling the role as interim director since November 2009. “I’m pleased to be in the position,” says Beth. “And I’m ready to help the organization move forward.”
As a Regional Director, her first priority will be taking care of drivers. “If I can take care of the drivers, the drivers can take care of the clients so they can get where they need to go.” Beth considers everyone in the Northwest Region part of an extended family. “The fact that our drivers and other associates are always willing to do anything for our customers – continuously going above and beyond - is why I’ve been with OATS for 17 years.”

Holt teenager injured after car overturned north of Gower
Shortly after midnight on Saturday, July 10, 2010, a one-vehicle accident occurred on US 169 Hwy. at Schwader Road, 3 miles north of Gower.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Kenna D. McKenzie, 17, of Holt, was northbound on US 169 in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Driver & 3 Passengers Taken to Hospital After Collision
On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, at approximately 2:45 p.m., Dustin M. Beall, 21, of Lathrop, was driving a 1990 Chevrolet truck on MO 33 Highway, 4 miles south of Osborn. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Beall was northbound, and attempting to make a right hand turn into Shatto Dairy. As he was turning into the parking lot, he observed a southbound 1996 Saturn, which appeared to be traveling in his lane. Beall then swerved to the left, in order to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

Despite rain, Lathrop enjoyed the LFPD Show
Rain put a damper on the evening’s attendance, which is counted on each year to support the show with donations. Each year, the fire district donates their time to put on the display for area residents, and depends on donations for the cost of the professional shells. Donations can still be sent to PO Box 5, Lathrop, MO 64465

Waltemath announces candidacy for 5th District Representative
On February 23, I had the honor of filing my candidacy to represent the people of the 5th District in the Missouri House of Representatives. I make this commitment because, during these rough times, I believe we, the people, need a representative with experience. I have that experience. Having served for 15 years on the King City R-1 School Board, I have seen firsthand the problems with which our local schools and teachers must deal each day. That experience provides insight to development of solutions to deal with part of these problems.
I have owned and operated a small business for over thirty years, giving me the experience to meet a payroll, to understand the everyday problems of business ownership and to deal with people—customers, employees, and the public alike.

Republican candidate Wade Wilken, Jr., Turney
Wade Wilken, Jr., Turney
Wade was born September 5, 1968. He is the youngest of two children, born into a middle class, Union family.
His father was an over-the-road truck driver and his mother was a stay-at-home mom.
After graduating from Northeast Senior High School in June of 1986, he attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City. While a student at UMKC he worked for United Missouri City Bank.
He moved to the Clinton County area in January of 1996 after becoming engaged to his current wife, Sheila.

Republican candidate Ed Shrewsbury, Lathrop
Ed Shrewsbury, Lathrop

• Lifetime (5th Generation) resident of Clinton County Missouri
• Graduate of Lathrop High School
• Graduate of University of Missouri, Columbia with degree in Agriculture, Economics and Management
• Married to wife, Jan, for 49 years

Audit of the Public Water Supply District #1 of Caldwell County
Following are the findings in the audit of the Public Water Supply District #1 of Caldwell County.
The State Auditor was petitioned under Section 29.230, RSMo, to audit the Public Water Supply District #1 of Caldwell County. The scope of our audit included, but was not necessarily limited to, the year ended Deember 31, 2009.
The district assessed a $5 monthly surcharge only to customers in the City of Cowgill, due to the city’s non-payment of an invoice the city is disputing. Although the district indicated it did not have a valid written agreement with the city regarding a sewer system installation and work performed by the Water Commissioner, the city was billed for the services provided. The city did not approve payment of the bill and the $5 surcharge was enacted to recover the cost associated with the oversight work. The $5 surcharge and the contract are items in dispute. Whether the surcharge is illegal or allowed is not clear in state law.
Audit Recommendations:

Engineer's Society responds to PWSD#4 Audit Recommendations
In a letter dated June 8, 2010, to the CPWSD #4, from the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers’ President, Benjamin A. Ross, titled: Qualifications Based Selection of Services Providers stated:

“Dear CPWSD #4 Board of Directors:

On behalf of the 1,400 members of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, I am writing concerning the recent audit of your District by Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee, JD, CPA. MSPE believes the referenced audit report mischaracterizes the Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process that State Law requires CPWSD #4 follow when selecting professional services consultants.

Serious injury avoided in 2-vehicle collision
On Sunday, June 27, 2010, at approximately 3:05 p.m., two vehicles were involved in an accident on US 69 Highway, about one half mile south of Cameron.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 2004 Chevrolet 1500 pickup, driven by Gratiana M. Blackburn, 46, of Cameron, was northbound on US 69. Kassie K. McGary, 25, of Lathrop, was southbound in a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban.

City of Lathrop settles dispute over street conditions
The City of Lathrop has settled its dispute over the condition of the City’s previously chip-sealed streets. Vance Brothers, Inc., the chip-seal subcontractor on the original project, will provide a new haydite surface on all of the chip-seal streets – work the City estimates to be valued at about $314,000.00. The agreement is a direct response to the previous, unsatisfactory work that was performed last fall. “Everybody agreed that the condition of the streets is unacceptable,” said Mayor Jim Crenshaw. “We have worked hard to resolve the situation and maximize the return on the bond money available to the City. In the end, after taking into account all work performed and payments made, the City will end up with $565,000.00 worth of chip-seal street improvements at a total cost of $366,000.00 to the taxpayers.” The Mayor added, “We will also have all our attorney’s fees reimbursed.”

Commissioners sign statement of support
The ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) is a U.S. Department of Defense agency established in 1972. Their mission is to gain and maintain employer support for Guard and Reserve service by recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of the law and resolving conflicts through mediation. ESGR volunteers provide free education, consultation and if necessary, mediation for employers of Guard and Reserve members.
On Thursday, July 8, 2010, at 10:00 a.m., the Clinton County Commissioners will be signing a statement of support for the National Guard and Reserve Forces. The short ten minute or less ceremony will be held at 207 N. Main, in Plattsburg.

Sharon Cockrum seeking re-election as Clinton County Collector
I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce my bid for re-election for the office which I currently hold, as Clinton County Collector.
I have served in the County Collectors office for a total of 24 years; 9 years as the Chief Deputy Collector for the former Collector Frances Hales, and 15 years as Collector.
I served 3 years as Vice-President and 1 year as President of the Missouri County Collectors Association for the State of Missouri, from 2005 to 2008.

Glen Klippenstein, Candidate for 5th District State Representatie
Fifth District Voters: For my adult life, I have lived, worked, farmed, raised cattle, employed super people, raised a family, struggled, thrived and enjoyed this Fifth District of Missouri, my home for over 40 years. I have been blessed with a long life of freedom and opportunity and like you, I want to leave our state better than we found it. For that reason I am seeking your consent to represent you before our State Government. My friends know me as energetic, enthusiastic and positive.

USDA Rural Development Helps Fund Office Building for North Central Missouri Children's Advocacy Center
Janie Dunning, Missouri USDA Rural Development State Director, announced funding of a $25,200 grant to the North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center to assist in purchasing an office building to house the agency. A mock check representing the funding was presented to the Advocacy Center during a celebration held Wednesday, June 23rd at their new location of 906 Main Street in Trenton, Missouri.

“Adequate space from which to operate is essential for the continued good work of the North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center,” said U.S. Senator Kit Bond. “Congratulations to all who worked to secure these funds and a special thank you to the staff at the Advocacy Center for the very important work they do each and every day.”

Budget approved without cutting police staff
By Pauli Clariday
The Lathrop Board of Aldermen and Mayor heard public reaction to the potential loss of around-the-clock coverage this week, as the 2010-2011 budget was amended to retain four full-time officers. Working with Police Chief Leonard Eads, Mayor Crenshaw and City Administrator Don Moore, the city reached a balanced budget during a special meeting Monday, June 21, to present to the state by July 1.

The budget presented at last week’s city council meeting reflected a $39K decrease, which represented one full-time police officer salary.

In order to keep the Lathrop PD staffed, the city budget reflects the following changes:

1) $10,000 for police salary was charged to Water Fund Salary and Sewer Fund Salary, at $5,000 each. As police are charged with the duties of notifying appropriate personnel of water leaks and flashing warning lights on sewer lift stations.

Public Meeting to be held in regard to ADA compliance
Lathrop is a town with much to offer in the way of shopping, dining, recreation and community activities. However, if a person with a disability cannot park nearby, or has difficulty accessing a public building or restroom, this person is not able to enjoy the benefits of everyday life in their community.
A public meeting has been organized to identify areas of need within Lathrop, such as accessibility to City Hall, the Community Center, the post office, the Zone, parking spaces in town, the city park, police station, et cetera.

Charges filed in vehicle break-ins/thefts
On May 6, 2010, the Lathrop Police Department had reports of several vehicles that had been broken into and property taken. In the days following the break-ins, some of the stolen items were recovered.
After the investigation was completed, the reports were submitted to the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office and on June 16, 2010, charges were filed against Jared M. Grayson, 18, of Lathrop; and Jordan May, 17, of Lathrop.

Absentee Voter Information
The County Clerk’s Office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for Absentee voting for the upcoming August 3, 2010 Primary Election beginning June 22, 2010. We will also be open on Saturday, July 31, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please have Missouri Drivers License or Clinton County Voter Registration card. The last day to register to vote for this election will be July 7, 2010.

Two minors taken to hospital after one-car crash
On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, at about 12:45 p.m., a 2001 Mitsubishi was eastbound on SE 207th Street, 1 mile west of Holt. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the vehicle drove off the right side of the roadway while traveling. At that point, the driver overcorrected, crossing the roadway, losing control and overturning one time.

Motorcycles involved in 2 separate accidents
On Friday, June 11, 2010, at approximately 10:15 a.m., Thomas J. Moran, 61, of Plattsburg, was northbound on SW Springtown Rd on a 2003 Honda motorcycle. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, about 0.3 miles south of Plattsburg, an unknown pickup truck passed the motorcycle, and abruptly slowed. Moran then lost control of the bike, which went onto its side, coming to rest on the west side of the roadway. The truck, whose driver remains unknown, continued on its way, leaving the scene.
Moran, who was wearing a safety device, sustained moderate injuries and was transported to North Kansas City Hospital by Tri-County Ambulance. The motorcycle received minor damage, and was removed from the scene by the owner.

Robbery attempt at Josh Phillips' foiled by irate farmer
A robbery attempt early Tuesday morning, June 15 at the home of Josh Phillips, brought the wrath of his dad, Mike Shrewsbury down upon at least one man’s head.
A female relative drove pass Phillips’ home and noticed an unfamiliar vehicle sitting in the drive. An immediate call to Josh brought him home to check on the situation.
Upon arrival, Josh meet a man leaving his home by the front door, when asked what he was doing, the man responded, “Your door was opened.” The man then rushed to his pick-up and left the scene. Another man was still inside, he then ran pass Josh, across the road into a field on foot.

Recommendations & Responses to the Petitioned State Performance Audit for CPWSD #4
From the office of Susan Montee, Missouri State Auditor.

• Capital Improvement Plan not updated, presented in 2006. The District has not maintained a list of capital assets, tag its capital assets, or performed physical inventories annually.
The State Audit recommends:
A. Ensure the capital improvements plan is updated annually.

Clean Up Your Act
By Pauli Clariday
For as long as Clinton County has had zoning ordinances, officials have fought the uphill battle of enforcing the codes. As a third class county with limited resources, it appeared that what many considered an embarrassment to the county that kept people away was the one thing that the county couldn’t enforce--junk and nuisance ordinances.

But this has all changed as of June 3, as the County Planning and Zoning board adopted a rewritten ordinance that gives the law some teeth: a path that will take violators through the criminal system, punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor. Violators will be facing a $100 fine for noncompliance, and each 30 days a new offense is charged.

Stilwell boy's death has Lathrop ties
By Candy Spilman

In one instant, the future can be irrevocably altered, with hopes and dreams shattered and replaced with mind-numbing grief.

On Thursday, June 3, 2010, four-year-old Max Gordon, of Stilwell, Kansas, was changing the DVD for his brother and himself. To do so, he climbed onto a shelf which held the older model 32 inch television that they were watching. Max apparently lost his balance, and as he fell, the TV fell on top of him, causing severe head trauma.

The little boy was air lifted to Children’s Mercy Hospital, in critical condition, and on Friday, June 4, he succumbed to his injuries.

Budget cuts could mean staff cuts in PD
By Pauli Clariday
With a projected $81,555 shortfall in revenues for 2010-2011, and the need to present a balanced budget to the state by July 1, 2010, the city is looking at personnel and other cuts.

Department heads and department commissioners presented their proposed budgets to Mayor Jim Crenshaw and City Administrator Don Moore in mid-May. From there, items were cut in order to make up for the revenue shortfall. In the process, the Police Department was cut 13.5%, Water 2%, and Streets 20.4%.

9 citations to underage drinkers at Cameron Lawyer's home
Missouri Statute 311.310 states, “Any owner, occupant, or other person or legal entity with a lawful right to the exclusive use and enjoyment of any property who knowingly allows a person under the age of twenty-one to drink or possess intoxicating liquor or knowingly fails to stop a person under the age of twenty-one from drinking or possessing intoxicating liquor on such property, unless such person allowing the person under the age of twenty-one to drink or possess intoxicating liquor is his or her parent or guardian, is guilty of a class B misdemeanor. Any second or subsequent violation of this subsection is a class A misdemeanor.” Summed up, if minors are on a person’s property and the property owner is aware that they are drinking, the property owner must either tell them to stop, escort them from the property or notify their parents. Otherwise, the property owner will face misdemeanor charges.

This statute was put in force in Cameron on Friday night, May 22, 2010.

Petitioned State Audit for CPWSD #4 released
June 1, 2010 - From the office of Susan Montee, Missouri State Auditor.
• Capital Improvement Plan not updated, presented in 2006. The District has not maintained a list of capital assets, tag its capital assets, or performed physical inventories annually.
• Board’s Closed meetings & minutes not in state compliance. Open session minutes did not disclose reason or the vote to close and minutes were not maintained for any closed session held by Board in recent years.

Lathrop honors their Veterans
Click thumbnail and scroll to view photos of Lathrop's Memorial Day service, held at Lathrop Cemetery.

Spring blood drive
Spring is a time of new life, and what better way to celebrate than by donating lifesaving blood? On Tuesday, June 1, from 3:00-7:00 p.m., the Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor & Engine Association will be sponsoring a blood drive at the Lathrop American Legion Hall.
Appointments to donate may be made online at (sponsor code: lathroparea), or through Jim Plowman at (816) 528-3511 or Anyone with questions about medical eligibility may call 1-800-245-7035.
The drive will be conducted by Community Blood Center, and the blood collected will remain in the Lathrop area for use by local patients.

County Planning & Zoning addresses concerns about Wind Farms
By Pauli Clariday, Publisher Rural Reporter
In an unprecedented public meeting of the Clinton County Planning & Zoning Board on May 6, Tamara Klausman asked the board to hear her concerns about the recent adoption of the wind farm ordinance and the special use permits granted for 35 wind generators in Northern Clinton County at the April 8 meeting.
“I’ll be real honest,” stated Vic Davis, Chairman of the P&Z board, “We held the public hearing on the Special Use Permit last month. I have answered questions from some members of this board about putting this request on the agenda.”

Clinton County Deputy Involved in Single Car Accident
On Tuesday, May 11, 2010, at approximately 10:16 p.m., John P. Patterson, 22, of Cameron, was driving a Clinton County Patrol vehicle. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the 2008 Dodge Ram truck was eastbound on 272nd Street, about 2 miles north of Lathrop, in pursuit of a violator.

Amidst a divided audience, Lathrop school Board votes for the 4-day school week 4-2
By Pauli Clariday
If passion and fervor can measure the intense connection a school district has with its community, the emotions and opinions expressed at Monday night’s school board meeting conveyed that a school’s decisions are interwoven in the lives of the people they serve.
Well over 100 parents, citizens, students, and teachers filled the Performing Arts Center at the Lathrop Middle School. Many were there to express either their support or their objection to the vote that was to take place. If not to verbalize their opinions, then nearly all who were present showed their support for either side of the proposed change.

No license leads to arrest and shut-down of business
The Overtime Sports Lounge, located at 619 Oak Street, in Lathrop, reopened its doors on April 30, 2010, after having been closed for several weeks.
According to the Lathrop Police Department, the department ran a check and determined that no state or city license to sell alcohol had been obtained prior to opening.

Joe Gagnon Suspends Campaign for Circuit Judge
Lathrop Attorney Joe Gagnon, Democratic candidate for Circuit Judge, in Division I of the 43rd Judicial Circuit, has announced that he will be withdrawing his name from the August primary ballot. That judicial position came open following the February retirement of Judge Warren McElwain.
“In light of the Governor’s decision to appoint Dan Chadwick to fill the Circuit Judge vacancy, and after consultation with my family and supporters, I have decided that, in the interests of party unity, now is not the right time for me to run,” he said.

Clinton County Republican Lincoln Day rally
Clinton County Republicans gathered at the Plattsburg High School Friday, April 30th with a large attendance to introduce Republican candidates, both local and regional. Above; State Representative 5th District Jim Guest addresses the group. Keynote speaker, Tom Schweich, candidate for State Auditor, a 5th generation Missourian from St. Louis, former U. S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, prosecutor, and conservation financial expert explained his desire to enter his first political campaign. Both Republican candidates for Clinton County Presiding Commissioner, Ed Shrewsbury of Lathrop and Wade Wilkins of Turney were introduced by Dan Snodgrass, Lathrop, MO, Chairman of the Clinton County Republican Central Committee. Tom Chapman, Chillicothe, running for the 43rd District Circuit Judgeship, Glen Klippenstein candidate for 5th District State Representative, and many more were present to raise the awareness of the growing Republican party in Missouri.

Clinton County Youth Building..A New Era Famrer's Market, availability for rental, upgrades
The Clinton County Extension Council has announced a plan to make major improvements to the Clinton County Youth Building. As owners of the building, the Council is committed to keeping the doors open for not only 4-H and Extension programs, but for all youth and community use. However, several major and costly mprovements are necessary to preserve the thirty plus year old building. The first priority set to begin immediately is to replace the leaky metal roof.

Commissioners go the extra mile (394 to be exact) to support one of Clinton County's newest businesses
By Norma Ward
On April 19th, 2010, the Clinton County Commissioners traveled to Jefferson City in support of Clinton County’s newest business, Design Homes, Inc., located south of 116, with a business office facing I-35, and a Lathrop address.
The Manufactured Housing Department of the Missouri Public Service Commission notified Design Homes, Inc. in January of this year that certain procedures they had been following in Missouri do not meet the requirements for licensed Mod Home Manufacturers and Dealers in Missouri.

Missouri Walnut logs head for China
Timblerline Trading crews were busy this winter, logging Missouri walnut trees. Amassing hundreds of the logs just off 116 Hwy. at I-35 across from the Travel Express. Timberline Trading is owned and operated by Mike and Marsha Dotson of Lathrop.

Body found in Turney area
On Wednesday, April 14, as he was plowing his fields, a local farmer made a shocking discovery. Near his fields just off Witt Rd., and north of State Highway H, he found the largely decomposed body of an unidentified male.
According to sources, George Mosel, who owns 800 acres of farmland in rural Turney, happened to look over the edge of the field as he was plowing, and saw some body parts, so he called 911.
According to information released by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, on January 16, 2010, they were notified by the Kansas City, MO Police Department of a missing person.

CPWSD #4 seeks to fill vacant Director seat, website up and running
By Norma Ward
Water District #4, during their monthly meeting, April 8, 2010, announced an open seat on the Board with the resignation of Director Jerry Archer, effective immediately.
Mr. Archer’s letter of resignation was read by President of the Board, Jim Gorham, stating because of circumstances beyond his control, Mr. Archer would be resigning immediately, and wished the Board continued success in moving the district forward. Mr. Archer’s seat on the board may be filled by someone within the district or not, determined by vote of the Board of Directors.
With only one candidate in the recent election, Director Gorham was sworn in as CPWD#4 Director by Clerk Laurie Ahart.
Director Gorham asked for nomination for the Board offices; President, Vice President, Clerk and Treasurer.. Director Golubski replied he wished to make a nomination, explaining he had a preamble before doing so.

Four Day school week tabled, Patron support voiced for teacher
By Pauli Clariday
In a room of over 50 staff and patrons of the Lathrop R-II School District, a show of hands told the majority were present to show support of high school science teacher, Larry Jennings.
While the subject of a 4-day school week could have been voted on Monday night, that decision was tabled. One community meeting was held last Wednesday, April 7 with another scheduled for this Wednesday at 6 pm at the Performing Arts Center at the Middle School.
In the midst of rumors of a contract non-renewal, Jay Maddick verbalized community support for the high school science teacher. Carol and Jay Maddick are parents of two Lathrop students, a freshman and a middle school student. Freshman Brandon Maddick recently received an ACT test score of 28.
“I know there are incidents that have gone on,” Maddick stated, “that we are not privy to, and shouldn’t be. But this teacher, although not well-liked by all, is thought of as a very good teacher.”

Polo man pleads guilty to child pornography charges
On Thursday, April 1, 2010, Terry R. Ingerson, 45, of Polo, appeared in federal court in Kansas City, MO on charges contained in a May 20, 2009 indictment.
The federal indictment alleged that, between May 1 and August 30, 2008, Ingerson used a minor to produce child pornography. Ingerson was also charged with one count of receiving child pornography over the Internet in April 2008 and two counts of possessing child pornography. The indictment also contained a forfeiture allegation, which required Ingerson to forfeit any property used to commit the alleged offense should he be found guilty.
The federal investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement began when agents in New Jersey discovered that Ingerson had, for $79.99 per month, purchased a subscription to “Pedo Heaven”, which is a child pornography web site that provides both images and videos to its subscribers.

Windfarm might give Clinton County a windfall
At a cost of nearly $3 million each, Clinton County is expected to reap the benefits of some of today’s newest technology in renewable energy. Thirty-five of the 134 wind turbines proposed by NextEra Energy Resources of Juno Beach, Florida will be constructed on private land in fifteen square miles in northern Clinton County. The Osborn Wind Energy Center will span into Dekalb County with an additional 99 wind turbines across the county line.
Kevin Gildea, Project Director-Wind Development of NextEra, was present at the April 8 Clinton County Planning and Zoning meeting, to seek approval for Special Use Permits for the project. Thirty-one adjacent property owners were contacted about the Public Hearing before the P&Z Board. Nine households were represented at the meeting, with three to speak as proponents of the project, and one as an opponent.

Lathrop voters turn out for municipal election
This was the scene at the Goppert Communit Center on Tuesday, as Lathrop’s registered voters stepped into the polls to cast their votes. On the ballot was the sales tax issue and elections for aldermen and school board.

Repairs beginning at grain elevator
The recent storms, with heavy rains and high winds, have wreaked havoc around the Lathrop area. One of the locations showing the effects of nature’s powerful forces is Lathrop Feed & Grain.
On Friday, April 2, three of the legs and drags for the conveyor system of the large silos were damaged. This equipment is the heart of the operation - without it, there is no way to carry the grain into the bins.

Fatal plane crash claims life of local woman's father
LAKE BALMORHEA, Tx-After searching from above and below the DPS Dive team recovered most of the aircraft that crashed into Lake Balmorhea, Easter Sunday, leaving the pilot dead.
“There are lots of pieces everywhere and our main focal point was on the largest piece that we found, which was the tail end and it looks like the wing attachment”, says DPS Dive Team member, Israel Valdez.
One wing was left in the water, according to an FAA inspector on scene, working with parks and wildlife, Texas game commission and DPS troopers. As of Monday afternoon, troopers were not ruling out the possibility of a second body in the lake, although it appeared unlikely.

The "Right Wright"
Judy Wright, candidate for 5th District State Representative, was finally able to beat the snow for a kickoff fundraiser in Cameron at the Depot Monday evening. Originally scheduled for dates in December, then January, and even into March, the weather was uncooperative. But the enthusiasm for her campaign has not been dampened. Lifelong Clinton County resident and Lathrop High School graduate, Judy is excited about bringing Clinton County representation to Jefferson City.

CPWSD #4 releases Attorney Hubbard as legal counsel, Att. McCaffee retained
According to the unofficial minutes of March 11th, the CPWSD #4 Board of Directors’ meeting was called to order by President Gorham at 6:30 p.m. The announcement of the April 8th regular meeting (2nd Thursday of month), and a Special meeting called for on March 25, 2010 was made.
With the approval of the previous meeting minutes and bills the board was informed by Clerk Ahart that the time for choosing an auditor for the 2009-2010 annual audit was coming up, Ahart will collect proposals from several auditors for analysis at the next regular meeting.
The Caldwell Tank 6 month contract extension had been prepared by the company, approved by the directors at the February meeting and upon arrival at the office would be signed by the directors.

Fire destroys house on Maple
The night sky was lit up by emergency equipment lights last Saturday, March 27, as a home on Maple Street in Lathrop caught fire. The blaze was spotted and reported by a fireman, and contained by the Lathrop Fire Department, who responded with 2 pumpers and a tanker shuttle. 15,000 gallons of water were used, but they did not tap into city lines.

Mike Waltemath files for 5th District State Representative
On February 23, I had the honor of filing my candidacy to represent the people of the 5th District in the Missouri House of Representatives. I make this commitment because, during these rough times, I believe we, the people, need a representative with experience. I have that experience. Having served for 15 years on the King City R-1 School Board, I have seen firsthand the problems with which our local schools and teachers must deal each day. That experience provides insight to development of solutions to deal with part of these problems. I have owned and operated a small business for over thirty years, giving me the experience to meet a payroll, to understand the everyday problems of business ownership and to deal with people—customers, employees, and the public alike. I am also privileged to have served over 12 years in the Missouri National Guard, the majority of those years a commissioned officer, learning the many facets of leadership from my superiors. Being a full-time, fourth generation farmer has taught me the value of a dollar and how to use them wisely.

Filings for Clinton County Offices for August Primary
Associate Circuit Judge
Paul T. Luckenbill, Jr. (Incumbent) Democrat

RBI (Rural Ball Fields Initiative Foundation, Inc.) meeting held
A newly formed not-for-profit corporation called the Rural Ball Field Initiative Foundation, Inc. (RBI) hosted a public meeting March 16th at the Goppert Community Center, drawing several dozen interested residents.
The organization was formed to aid in the planning, financing and construction of regulation size softball and baseball fields in our community.
Sitting on the Board of Directors, President Shawn Kelly, Gwen Mayes, Vice President, Secretary Theresa Wren, Treasurer David Scrivens, Tresa Kelly and Brian Bullock.

Stolen truck recovered
According to the Lathrop Police Department, on March 6, 2010, a red 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 truck was stolen from a residence in Lathrop. The truck contained an estimated $4500.00 worth of military equipment and a handgun.

Test Run of Accu-Vote Tabulation Machine to be Held
Test Run of Accu-Vote
Tabulation Machine to be Held
A test run of the Accu-Vote tabulating machine with sample ballots for the upcoming April 6, 2010 General Municipal Election for Clinton County will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 2, 2010 in the office of Mary Blanton, Clinton County Clerk. Any person wishing to attend will be welcome.

Lawsuit against road contractor being sought
By Pauli Clariday
During a special city council meeting Thursday, March 18, Lathrop City Council addressed seeking the performance bond from the company contracted with the city for the street work done last year, engaged the additional legal services of Lathrop & Gage Attorneys, and hired the services of McDonald and Warger Engineering firm to provide preliminary engineering reports for four bridge replacements in the city.
If the lawsuit against American Marking and Paving comes to fruition, the city could be awarded $582,000, or the cost of contract, for failure to perform to acceptable standards.
The performance bond is being sought by the city after several attempts to resolve the issues concerning the roadwork done by the subcontracted company, Vance Brothers.

Stolen property recovered
The Lathrop Police Department is bearing fruit as they continue the investigation of the storage shed burglaries that occurred at the Affordable Storage Units off 116 Hwy. in Lathrop on March 5, 2010. These burglaries resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of property.
Through their continued investigation, LPD has recovered one of the stolen firearms, an H&K SR9T .308 caliber rifle, which is valued at approximately $10,000. Also recovered was a Sears Craftsman Professional Series stacking tool chest valued at approximately $10,000, along with a variety of tools.
The night of the burglary, two of the suspects were arrested;

DeKalb County Suspects Arrested (published online only)
On March 19, 2010, a search warrant was executed by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s office for a residence located at 6300 Rockwood Creek trailer park in Cameron. Upon searching the residence, officers discovered approximately 170 grams of marijuana, as well as a number of items that had been reported as stolen.
The recovered stolen property included items that had been taken during burglaries of the Maysville High School, East Side Tavern and MV Auto, in Weatherby, MO, as well as property recovered from burglaries in other jurisdictions.
Three adults and a juvenile were taken into custody from the residence, and two adults remain incarcerated.

County Planning & Zoning adopt amenmdments for airspace at Cameron Airport, hear Special Use Permit Request for temporary foundation on a modular, and will hear wind farm request April 8
By Pauli Clariday
In her first public hearing for Clinton County Planning and Zoning, Administrator Beth Farwell familiarized herself with the procedures and processes of the board.
First on the agenda was the public hearing regarding the proposed Zoning Regulation Amendment for Height and Hazard Protection of the Cameron Municipal Airport. FAA regulations will require any expansion of the Cameron Airport to adopt the extended clearance distances. No expansion project is planned in the immediate future.
The Zoning Board adopted the criteria, to be in compliance with FAA standards, and any future development must follow these regulations.

VanDyke granted bond modification
After three failed requests, including one that was denied on March 8, 2010, by DeKalb County Associate Court Judge Bart Spear, a bond modification for Ronda VanDyke has finally been approved.
On Friday, March 12, Daviess County Associate Circuit Judge Daren Adkins granted a modification to allow for 10% bond through the courts. VanDyke was originally facing a $45,000 cash only bond.
According to the Clinton County Sheriff’s office, as of Tuesday, March 16, VanDyke had posted bond and had been released.

County Commission presents proposed jail project to city council
By Pauli Clariday
Citing safety concerns, a lack of space, and the additional expense of housing Clinton County inmates in neighboring jails, the Clinton County Commissioners appeared before citizens in attendance at the Lathrop City Council meeting Tuesday, March 16.
Clinton County voters will have the opportunity on Tuesday, April 6 to pass or fail a half-cent sales tax that would provide revenue to build a $4.5 million addition to the existing jail facilities at the Clinton County Courthouse in Plattsburg.
“The main thing is what the people don’t see,” stated Clinton County Sheriff Porter Hensen. “The safety of the inmates, the officers and the workers is a concern.”

Clinton County Courthouse's elevator now available
The County Commissioners, Presiding Commissioner Randal Relford, 1st District Commissioner Charles Dawson, 2nd District Commissioner Larry King and MOKan Representative Cassie White were on hand to welcome honorary visitors Helen Russell, former Circuit Clerk and Francis Hale, former County Collector as they took the first trip in the new elevator, Tuesday, March 16, 2010.

Lathrop R-II staff cuts announced
By Pauli Clariday
During a staff meeting last Wednesday, March 3, Lathrop R-II Superintendent met with staff and addressed the severe budget shortfall for the 2010-2011 school year. As the state struggles to find $87million to fully fund the state formula for education, Blackburn pointed out a marked decrease in revenues over the past two years.
In the Lathrop R-II School District, a shortfall of $149,000 was felt between 08-09 and 09-10, and a $248,000 deficit is expected in 2010-2011. Despite savings by trimming the professional development and career ladder programs in the coming year, the district is facing over one half million less in revenues over the course of two years.

LPD arrests robbery suspects aided by high tech helicopter unit from KC
On Friday evening, March 5, 2010, at 7:10 p.m., Lathrop Police Officer Glen Garton noticed two pick-up trucks parked in front of the Affordable Storage Units off 116 Highway. Due to a number of recent break-ins at storage units in Clinton County, Officer Garton stopped to identify the occupants of the trucks. As the officer pulled into the parking area, the occupants of the vehicles quickly got into their trucks and sped away. One of them initially stopped at Officer Garton’s request. Approaching the vehicle, Officer Garton placed his hand on the vehicle door and asked for the occupant’s identification. The vehicle then rapidly accelerated, causing Officer Garton to lose his balance.

Suspect arrested & charged in October break-ins
In October of 2009, some break-ins were discovered at the storage units on 116 Highway. According to the Lathrop Police Department, a subject has been arrested and charged in this case.

Rolling truck seriously injures Kearney man
On Monday afternoon, March 8, 2010, at approximately 1:47 p.m., an unusual accident seriously injured a 77-year-old man.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Ivan G. Hampton, of Kearney, drove a 1995 Ford F-350 with dump bed to a rock quarry off 248th Street and Kincaid Road, approximately 2 miles east of Plattsburg. He parked the vehicle on a hill, and exited.

Bond request denied third time for VanDyke
On Monday, March 8, 2010, Ronda VanDyke, the former Clinton County Planning and Zoning Administrator and economic development Executive Director, stood before DeKalb County Associate Court Judge Bart Spear for a third bond modification hearing.
VanDyke, who remains in custody, was charged in December with one count of felony forgery and two counts of felony passing of a bad check. In two prior bond modification hearings, she has asked for the total amount of the $45,000 cash-only bond to be reduced.

Joe Gagnon Files for Circuit Judge
Lathrop Attorney Joe Gagnon has filed to run for Circuit Judge, Division I, in the 43rd Judicial Circuit, which covers Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, and Livingston counties. The seat came open in February after the retirement of long-time Judge Warren McElwain. “I congratulate Judge McElwain on a distinguished judicial career. In seeking this position, I only hope I can fill the void left by his retirement,” stated Gagnon.
Gagnon owns his own law office in Lathrop, where he focuses his practice on helping farmers and small businessmen with their legal needs.

GRM Broadband to offer ESPN360
Beginning in March, Grand River Mutual will offer ESPN360 (soon to be known as ESPN3), Disney Connection, and ABC News Now to GRM Broadband customers.
These outstanding services will be offered to GRM Broadband customers at no additional cost. A link to each of these content sites will be available on GRM’s website,

Clinton & Caldwell Counties received $4.4 million in Earned Income Credits
St Louis – More than 2,200 Clinton and Caldwell County individuals and families received more than $4.4 million in Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) last year.
In Clinton County, almost 1,500 individuals and families received more than $2.8 million, and in Caldwell County more than 700 individuals and families received more than $1.5 million. The average EITC benefit in Clinton County was more than $1,900 and $2,000 in Caldwell County.
“This year, the EITC can put an extra $457 to $5,756 into the pockets of low income working individuals and families,” said IRS spokesman Michael Devine. Adding, “if they qualify and claim the credit, they could pay less federal tax, pay no tax or even receive a refund beyond the amount of tax withheld.”

Judy Wright files as candidate for 5th District State Representative
Jefferson City, MO – Judy Wright traveled to Jefferson City to officially file as a candidate for State Representative in the 5th District.
“After months of meeting and talking to voters throughout Northwest Missouri about our concerns for fiscal responsibility and improving the economy in our communities, I’m excited to finally make our campaign for State Representative official,” said Judy. “I look forward to working with Gov. Nixon on centering the Legislature’s attention on job creation, fiscal responsibility, and improved education to move Missouri forward.”
The Judy Wright for House campaign has already raised $ 7,585 from over 50 donors as of the last disclosure in January.

Queen Kathryn
Senior Katie Slibowski was crowned Spring Fling Queen during last Wednesday’s game against North Platte. The game had been postponed twice due to inclement weather. Senior Ryan Koehn was crowned Spring Fling King.

2010 Census is Hiring Approximately 9,000 in Missouri
As National Census day fast approaches, the U.S. Census Bureau is stepping up its efforts to recruit local residents as official census takers to work on the 2010 Census.
“It’s important for the residents of Missouri to know that we are indeed testing people for jobs, and that we are also hiring people. We are in a very active mode of both recruiting, and hiring, and we’re busy doing both on an ongoing basis until July,” said Dennis Johnson, Regional Director of the U.S. Census Bureau. “We are already hiring people - we do have work for people and we will need more workers.”
The 2010 Census is a huge undertaking that provides temporary employment opportunities for the residents of Missouri interested in working at the census.

Blood Drive in the Lathrop Community
The Lathrop Family Career Community Leaders of America will be hosting a community blood drive. The blood drive will be held Thursday, March 4 from 1:30-6:30 PM and will take place in the Multipurpose Room at Lathrop High School. Anyone over the age on 16 may give blood. You must weigh over 115 pounds and bring photo identification. Any student who is planning on giving blood must have a parent or guardian signature. Forms may be picked up in the High School office. You may sign up by contacting Allison Kreifels at 816-528-7408. You may also sign up at and use the Sponsor Code: lathrophs.
For those planning on giving blood, you should plan on at least 25 minutes for your registration and health history.

Ray County Grand-Jury issues indictments in Thomas murder case
The Lawson Review, Feb. 17, 2010 - A Grand Jury was convened in Ray County last week in relation to the kidnapping and shooting death of Carol A. Thomas last November. The Grand Jury handed down indictments against Erik R. Zimmerman and James P. Reardon.
Erik R. Zimmerman, 29, Excelsior Springs, was formally charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, first-degree tampering and knowingly burning a vehicle.
James P. Reardon, 23, Independence, was also charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, first-degree tampering and knowingly burning a vehicle.

Lathrop Alderwoman attends conference in Jefferson City
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster was a speaker at the 40th annual Missouri Municipal League Legislative Conference in Jefferson City February 17-18. Other speakers were Missouri House of Representatives Tim Jones, Jake Zimmerman, and Allen Icet.
Lathrop city council woman Susan Pryor attended this very informative meeting.
Some topics of discussion were the Sunshine Law, stacked sales tax, telephone access rates, campaign finance limitations, and the fair tax bill.

Guilty plea entered by Goppert Bank robber
On Tuesday afternoon, August 4, 2009, the Goppert Financial Bank of Lathrop was robbed at gunpoint by a white male. The subject managed to escape with cash in the amount of $3,355, despite road blocks and a helicopter search of the surrounding area.
However, on August 25, Michael Dale Sandgren, of St. Joseph, was arrested on a forgery charge after robbing the Dollar General Store in Platte City, MO, by the St. Joseph Police Department, and was taken to the Buchanan County Sheriffs Department Correctional Center. Shortly after his arrest, he was identified in a lineup as the robber of the Goppert Bank. Sandgren has allegedly been involved in several other robberies, including one on July 9, 2009 at the Midwest Federal Savings Bank in St. Joseph.

Civil War Era, President's breakfast February 27
You are cordially invited to a President’s Breakfast at the Pink Rosebud Bed and Breakfast on Saturday morning, February 27 at 8 a.m. Guess who is President Abe Lincoln or President Jefferson Davis? David Rice Atchison (Jim Beckner) will be the featured speaker. Beckner is a well-known David Rice Atchison presenter and historian from Kansas City.
Local writer and historical researcher, Shelton Ponder, will also be on hand to portray Mr. Gant, who was the Superintendent of the black high school in Liberty 65 years ago. Ponder traces the African American presence in Clay and surrounding counties.
Proceeds from the breakfast will benefit the1864 Battle of Plattsburg Re-enactment planned for April 24-25 in Plattsburg. For more on the re-enactment log onto

(EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting Regulation (RRP Rule) to go into effect April 22, 2010
US Environmental Protection Agency’s Community Services, Inc. offering help to PHA property owners and local contractors with questions or concerns about meeting the required qualifications for RRP Rule.
Maryville, MO, February 18, 2010: The new federal regulation called the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) will go into effect on April 22, 2010. It requires PHA property owners, renovation and painting contractors and other trades, including electrical work, heating & air conditioning, plumbing, electricians or handymen who work in homes built pre 1978 and who might disturb painted surfaces to become Lead Certified Renovators.
What contractors & other organizations need to do to be ready for April 22: At least one RRP Certified Renovator is required at the job site.

Army Reserve Col. Whitney K. Wolf deployed to Afghanistan
Army Reserve Col. Whitney K. Wolf completed pre-deployment training at Fort McCoy, Sparta, Wis., in preparation for a subsequent deployment to Afghanistan to serve in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The solider is a member of the 372nd Engineer Brigade, a Reserve unit based at Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minn.
During the extensive training, the reservists received equipment training and learned procedures and warfighting skills required to successfully complete operational mission objectives while deployed.

Guilty plea entered by Goppert Bank robber
On Tuesday afternoon, August 4, 2009, the Goppert Financial Bank of Lathrop was robbed at gunpoint by a white male. The subject managed to escape with cash in the amount of $3,355, despite road blocks and a helicopter search of the surrounding area.
However, on August 25, Michael Dale Sandgren, of St. Joseph, was arrested on a forgery charge after robbing the Dollar General Store in Platte City, MO, by the St. Joseph Police Department, and was taken to the Buchanan County Sheriffs Department Correctional Center. Shortly after his arrest, he was identified in a lineup as the robber of the Goppert Bank.

Pay freezes, severe cutbacks expected due to state cuts
By Pauli Clariday
The Lathrop R-II School District has seen these days before. Pay freezes, budget cuts, and tough times. The economic condition of the state and nation always finds its way to the local schools.
At last week’s school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Chris Blackburn reiterated the message from prior months: “Things don’t look good.”
Although school districts are beginning work on their proposed budgets for 2010-2011, the fiscal year does not begin until July 1, 2010. They will not receive final figures from the state until it approves its budget, usually on June 30. Blackburn projected a reduction in state funds could be as much as $70,000.
Teachers and coaching staffs have been gathered to discuss finding ways to cut their costs, reduce expenses, and tighten their belts. From forgoing new uniforms and reducing travel, teachers and staff are being asked to be creative in finding ways to spend less.

Aldermen ask for City Administrator to attend K.C. Water & MoDot meetings, peters address overage in lawyer fees
By Norma Ward
At the regular City Council meeting Tuesday, February 16, Lathrop aldermen voted unanimously to include City Administrator Don Moore in meetings with outside entities against the wishes of Mayor Jim Crenshaw.
As the council discussed an impending meeting with Kansas City Water district on February 25 to discuss the city’s water supply, contract and 10% rate increase, Aldermen Peters asked if Moore should attend with Alderman David Rupe, Mayor Crenshaw and City Attorney Joe Gagnon.

PWSD #4 receives financial audit report, Plattsburg Water District seeks new contract
By Norma Ward
With a full quorum Thursday, February 4th, the PWSD #4 regular meeting of Directors was called to order by Director Jim Gorham at 6:30 p.m.
Plattsburg City Manager, D.J. Gerhdt was present to address the expansion of the Plattsburg Water Plant, and what PWSD #4 could expect, financially and capacity wise. The million dollar grant requires the district to borrow an additional 4.3 million dollars, increasing the capacity to triple the amount currently being produced. The plant will remain in the same location, with a 2 1/2 acre covered facility, providing plant capacity for the next 20 years.
PWSD #4 is Plattsburg’s biggest customer, purchasing 130 million gallons each year.

EDCCC Treasurer addresses concerns at Gower City Council
By Norma Ward
At the February 8 Gower City Council meeting, several issues for the city was discussed. The Open Forum format of the city council meetings provide for citizens to have an open floor to discuss concerns, suggestions, and city matters.
During the course of the evening, attention was turned to The Economic Development Committee of Clinton County, as a member of the public audience referenced the EDCCC. Alderman Mike Kellam spoke of a recent meeting of EDCCC members on January 28. As members, Gower Aldermen expressed that they felt excluded, as they were not notified. Alderman Kellam stated he tried to contact Commissioner Relford, and was told that Relford’s personal assistant would get back with him.
“We don’t even know the status of the EDCCC,” Kellam stated. “We did our best to become part of that.”

Double K Adventures' Grand Champion
This breed is great for small acreage owners also since these animals are docile and can be stocked at double the rate of regular cattle.
The advantages of using their genetics in commercial herdbreeding programs is because so many people in this area have cattle and really fear using first calf heifers since they work and don’t want calving problems.
The end product is outstanding also - tender and tasty without losing the Rib eye size - amazing. Double K Adventures just had a Full blood bull calf Ultra sounded at Denver and here were his statistics
8 months age
Wt: 494

Polo shocked by death of new veterinarian
Those who knew Victor Andrew Johnson, the 44-year-old veterinarian who took over Dr. Joe Barnes’ practice in Polo, were stunned by recent events.
According to the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday, January 21, 2010, deputies had been dispatched to the man’s house on Highway 116 after a report of a shooting. Upon their arrival, they discovered a white male suffering from a gunshot wound. He was taken by ambulance to Liberty Hospital, where he died the following day.

Veteran Attorney Tom Chapman Forming Exploratory Committee

CHILLICOTHE, MO. (for Immediate Release)
Today, Tom Chapman, Chillicothe attorney and life-long resident of Livingston County, announced that he is forming an exploratory committee to seek support and advice as he considers running for the position of Circuit Court Judge, in light of the retirement of Circuit Court Judge Warren McElwain.
“I’m sorry to hear that Judge McElwain is retiring,” said Chapman, “however, his announcement has created a unique opportunity for me to serve this area in a rewarding way and give back to a community that has provided such a great place for me and my family to live.”
“In the coming weeks, I will be talking with my wife and children, my friends and colleagues, as well as the people of this judicial circuit, to hear their thoughts and seek their support.”

Driver Examination Stations Close February 12 & 15
The Missouri State Highway Patrol would like to remind the public that driver examination stations throughout the state will be closed in observance of the following holidays:
Lincoln’s Birthday, on Friday, February 12, 2010.
Washington’s Birthday (observed) on Monday, February 15, 2010.
Normal operations will resume on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

The Capitol Report
Missourians for Animal Care
Missouri agriculture is constantly under attack from outside special interests. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), an extremist organization, is circulating an initiative petition in Missouri to gather enough signatures to have a statewide vote to severely tighten the regulations on dog breeders. Missouri is a major pet breeder state and we ship dogs all around the country. Because of the large number of dog breeders, you will have a few unscrupulous breeders who give the State a reputation as the “puppy mill capitol.” Many people in the state depend upon the pet breeding industry to help support their living. These reputable breeders want these unlicensed breeders put out of business, as they represent only four percent of the industry. The State does not need more stringent laws, but more animal inspectors. All pet breeders are required to be inspected and licensed. The focus should be on removing these unlicensed pet breeders, as they will still ignore more stringent laws. If you are asked to sign a petition, kindly decline.
A new coalition called “Missourians for Animal Care”, is being created to better represent the interests of organizations opposed to forced changes in animal care, which are based on emotion rather than science. The Coalition consists of all the major organizations, including the livestock, grain commodities, Veterinary Associates, Poultry and Eggs Council, Equine Council, Pet Breeders Association and the Farm Bureau. If the HSUS is successful in over regulation of the pet industry, then Missouri farmers and ranchers will be the next target.
As always, I can be reached at my CAPITOL OFFICE at 573-751-0246 or 866-596-1645, fax 573-526-7740 or by e-mail at My mailing address is Room 233B, State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO 65101 or at my DISTRICT OFFICE at PO Box 412, King City, MO 64463.

County Commission names Zoning Administrator
Beth Farwell, formerly of Lamar, Missouri, has accepted the position of Clinton County Zoning Administrator. The Clinton County Commissioners selected Farwell from twelve candidates.
Farwell, who recently moved back to the area to be close to family, previously served as the secretary for the Barton County Sheriff’s Department, where she said she familiarized herself with county business.

Attempt to cross between train cars leads to man's death
Sunday night, January 24, 2010, at approximately 11:30 p.m., a tragic accident took place near US 69 Hwy. at Bethel Road, about 6 miles south of St. Joseph.
The incident involved a southbound Union Pacific Railroad train, with 58 cars and a pedestrian. The train was driven by Paul J. Belcher, 32, of Plattsburg. After interviewing the conductor and engineer of the train, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the victim, Eric G. Lindsey, 57, of St. Joseph, allegedly climbed between two tanker cars of the train while the train was parked in the railroad yard near Lake and Alabama Streets in St. Joseph.

Candidates filing for April elections
Filing is complete for all candidates running for office in the April 6 elections. Following is a list of positions and those who have filed for them:
Lathrop North side alderman

Lathrop alumni working to rebuild lives in stricken Haiti
On May 14, 2009, the Rural Reporter published a story about the newest inductees to the Lathrop Alumni Hall of Fame. One of the persons featured was Michael Fox, 1975 Lathrop graduate. Fox was nominated because of his life-changing decision to leave the business world, where he successfully sold propane, to devote his life to helping orphans all over the world. He and his wife, Beth, founded C3 Missions International, which has expanded to become Global Orphan Project. They have established orphanages and homes for children in many areas of the world, including Haiti.
Even before the devastating 7.0+ earthquake, that rocked the tiny country on January 12, Global Orphan Project operated 17 children’s homes, caring for over 2,000 children in Haiti (The estimated total number of orphans in Haiti even before the quake is a staggering 380,000).

Several accidents take place to start new year; one pedestrian loses life
On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, at approximately 7:05 p.m., a 2008 Ford F-250 was parked on the southbound exit ramp shoulder of I-35, 4 miles south of Cameron. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the driver of the vehicle, 77 year old Thurman L. Smith, of Etoil, TX, was standing beside the left rear corner of his truck, waiting for it to be removed from the median.
At that point, Christopher B. Mazur, 22, of Cameron, was southbound on I-35, in a 2007 Ford Mustang. Mazur began to lose control of his vehicle on the ice and snow covered roadway, and slid off the right side of the roadway. The driver’s side of the vehicle allegedly struck Mr. Smith, and then struck the left rear corner of the truck. After the impact, both vehicles came to rest against each other on the exit ramp, and the pedestrian came to rest under the rear of the F-250.

Filing deadlines approaching for April 6 elections
Anyone wishing to run for public office in the April 6 election needs to file by January 19 in most cases. The exception is the position for Director of Sub-District 1 for PWSD #4; interested parties must file by January 18 for that office.
There are two alderman openings in the city of Lathrop; one for the North Ward (Ward II) and one for the South Ward (Ward I). Currently David Peters and Susan Pryor, the incumbents for the two wards, respectively, have refiled and are the sole candidates.
The city of Polo has openings for mayor, west ward alderman and east ward alderman; each is a 2 year term.
The Village of Turney has 3 open seats.
There are 2 available positions on the Lathrop R-II school board for a 3 year term; Virginia Barrett, Jeff Wright and Darrell Morgan have filed to run. Barrett and Wright are currently on the board.

VanDyke Preliminary Hearing Scheduled

Ronda VanDyke appeared before DeKalb County Judge J. Bartley Spear, Jr. January 7, 2010 with attorney Chris Fink. The Defendant’s oral motion for bond reduction was once again met with denial.
Judge Spear statement of denial was based on what he knows of the case, including Ms. VanDyke crimial history.

Snowbank cause of accident that injures one
On Saturday, January 2, 2010, at approximately 4:30 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated an accident on Prairie Ridge Road, 5 miles west of Polo.
According to their report, a 1988 Ford Tempo, driven by Robert W. Stollings, 56, of Polo, was northbound on Prairie Ridge; and a 1999 Jeep Cherokee, driven by Richard L. Foster, 46, of Richmond, MO, was southbound when the two vehicles met at a hillcrest.

New year begins in tragedy for rural Braymer family
Bringing in 2010 was supposed to be a time of togetherness and fun for an area family. Lacey Nicole Stephens, who turned 23 on New Year’s Eve; her fiance, James Aaron Ford, 24; their daughter, Kenzi Ford, 4 months; her sister, Lindsey Russell, 13; her younger brother, Stony Mack Russell, 11; along with his friend Daniel Cosgrove, 11, had gathered at the home of grandmother Judy Silkwood to celebrate.
The holiday started out with sledding at the rural residence, located near Plymouth, MO, which is an unincorporated town near Braymer.

2009 in Review - Lathrop Headline News of 2009
At 9:00 a.m., Friday, January 2, 2009 the newly elected officers of Clinton County were sworn in by Molly Livingston, Clinton County Circuit Court Clerk - Ex-Officio Recorder. L to R: Rep. Charles Dawson, 1st District Commissioner; Kathleen Little, Clinton County Coroner; Nancy (Stalder) Wingate, Public Administrator; Dem. Larry C. King, 2nd District Commissioner; Jerry Howard, Assessor; Dem. K. Porter Hensen, Sheriff.

Jim Hasler, Chairman of the Economic Development Council of Clinton County (EDCCC), welcomes the audience to the group’s Kick-Off 2009 held Saturday, January 24th at Lathrop Goppert Community Center.

Days after snowstorm, Lathrop still digging out
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas... just like the ones I used to know...”
Lathrop residents who were crooning that song a week ago and dreaming about a white Christmas certainly got their wish. Clinton County was buried under more than eight inches of snow, which began on Christmas Eve, and finally ended on Saturday, December 26.

Northwest Missouri's 2009 White Christmas Gower's downtown snow remnants
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas... just like the ones I used to know...”
Gower residents who were crooning that song a week ago and dreaming about a white Christmas certainly got their wish.

Clinton County Courthouse to Close for Holidays
The Clinton County Courthouse will close at noon on Thursday, December 24, so that employees may spend time on Christmas Eve with their families.

VanDyke’s formal response to charges
PLATTSBURG, MISSOURI, December 18, 2009: In response to formal charges filed against Ronda VanDyke by the Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney’s office, Chris Fink, attorney for VanDyke, stated, “Ms. VanDyke adamantly denies any wrongdoing, and we are looking forward to bringing the truth to light at trial. We are all privileged to live under the United States and Missouri Constitutions, which means that Ms. VanDyke, like any other accused citizen, is presumed innocent.”

VanDyke held on forgery charges
Ronda VanDyke, who was released from her duties as Clinton County Planning & Zoning Administrator last Wednesday, is being held on a $25,000 cash bond in the Clinton County jail on Class C felony charges of forgery, which were filed last Friday, December 11, 2009

Drug Investigation leads to 11 arrest warrants
On December 3, 2009, eleven drug-related arrests were made by the Clinton County Sheriffs Department and Clinton County Investigative Squad. Assisting these agencies were the Lathrop Police Department, Cameron Police Dept, Plattsburg Police Dept, Gower Police Dept and Missouri State Highway Patrol.
According to Clinton County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, Major J.T. Farmer, these arrests resulted after a short-term drug investigation which was headed by Sheriff K. Porter Hensen and Detective Sgt. Nick Neill.
These arrest warrants were issued by Clinton County Associate Circuit Judge Paul T. Lukenbill Jr. and Caldwell County Judge Jason Kanoy for the following persons:

Medical emergency leads to drug charges
On Sunday, November 20, 2009, at about 3:38 p.m., a Lathrop Police Officer responded to a medical call at 200 Elm Street. A white female was found leaning against the bed and was unresponsive.
Tri-County Ambulance transported her to Liberty Hospital after her boyfriend admitted to the officer that they had been smoking methamphetamine in Kansas City the day before.
Officers returned to the residence at about 4:21 p.m., and arrested the boyfriend on a Probation and Parole warrant that had been issued after the original officer had spoken with a Probation and Parole Officer.

Lathrop Blood Drive to be held Friday, November 27
Last year, 28,000 individuals in this area needed a blood transfusion. This year, the local needs for blood are expected to rise.
“When individuals normally think of essential community services, they think about the fire and police departments,” said Dr. Jay Menitove, Executive Director and Medical Director with Community Blood Center. “However, because Community Blood Center is here to meet the needs of local patients, we would hope that individuals in our community would consider us to be just as essential.”

City purchases 2008 Ford from equity balance and CDs
In a special meeting Monday, November 23, called by Mayor Jim Crenshaw, the Lathrop Board of Aldermen approved funding for the purchase of a 2008 1-ton F350 Ford Truck with a snow blade. Funding for the purchase will come from two escrow accounts and equity from the Park’s Concession Stand certificate, and paid for by check in the total amount, after trade of the “old green city truck.”
The trade in of the city truck paid for the extended warranty.
Cory Strider, Goppert Financial Bank, confirmed the bank releasing equity on the outstanding concession stand CD. The total amount of escrow and CD funds available to the city is $60,541 from which the check for the new truck will be drawn.

PWSD #4 is assured USC maintenance contract will address all problems
The regular monthly meeting of the PSWD #4 was called to order November 5th, 6:30 p.m. by President of the Board Jim Gorham. Present were: Directors Jim Gorham, Jerry Archer, Jeff Streeter, Larry Golubski and Jim Sondag. District employees present were: Clerk Lauri Ahart, Maintenance Contractor Ryan Mellon, District Attorney Mark Hubbard.
The approval of the previous meeting’s minutes was approved unanimously after a correction to Section 1; the presence of President Gorham at meeting was enacted.

"Clods are turning" on Mac Porter's project north of town
Construction crews have been busy the past couple of weeks on 116 and A Hwy. preparing the entrance and curbing for the strip mall project of Mac Porter of Kearney. Preliminary plans are for a 31 stall parking facility with a possibility of 12 business sites at the location.

Cameron Accounting asks to be released
By Pauli Clariday
After months of criticism and questioning by members of the Lathrop Board of Aldermen, Cameron Tax and Accounting asked the Board to vote to release the firm from any further obligation effective immediately. The request came Tuesday evening during the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Aldermen.

Community Blood Center to conduct blood drive in Lathrop
Last year, 28,000 individuals in this area needed a blood transfusion. This year, the local needs for blood are expected to rise.
“When individuals normally think of essential community services, they think about the fire and police departments,” said Dr. Jay Menitove, Executive Director and Medical Director with Community Blood Center. “However, because Community Blood Center is here to meet the needs of local patients, we would hope that individuals in our community would consider us to be just as essential.”
Community Blood Center will be conducting a blood drive on Friday, November 27, 2009 at the American Legion Hall, on Oak Street, in Lathrop. This will take place from 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is sponsored by the Rotary Club.
To make an appointment online, go to and use Sponsor Code lathroparea. Appointments may also be made by contacting Ron Erickson at 816-632-0253.
Just one donation can help as many as two local hospital patients. Community Blood Center must collect at least 580 pints of blood every day to meet the needs of our area.
All donors will receive a Chiefs T-shirt.

Food Pantry available to Lathrop residents
The Food Pantry is located in the Lathrop Christian Church, and is open every Monday from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m.. In cases of need, unscheduled openings are available by calling Pat Wilson at 528-6641, or Rayann Herndon at 740-4548.
Anyone is able to use the food pantry, and each individual or family can make use of it once a month. This is a change from the 4 times a year limit that had previously been in place. With the economic hardships that many are encountering these days, the community needs to be made aware that they are most welcome to make use of the pantry; the pantry is supported by individuals, businesses and churches, and is there for anyone who has need of it.
The pantry is open to anyone living in Lathrop, or anyone with children in the Lathrop School District. Community Outreach staff are currently in the process of making changes in the way they serve the community, so citizens are asked to bear with them as they strive to make the pantry the very best it can be.

Thomas' murder has Lathrop connection
On 11/5/2009, the Clinton County Sheriffs Department was contacted to assist the Excelsior Springs, Missouri Police Department in the kidnapping of Carol Thomas, age 23, of Excelsior Springs. According to department spokesman Major J.T. Farmer, two men and two women were taken into custody by Sheriff K. Porter Hensen and members of the Sheriffs Department and Missouri State Highway Patrol at 7380 Southeast 206th Street in Clinton County, Missouri. One of the women was later released pending further investigation.
Later charged in Clay County, Missouri with one count of kidnapping were James P. Reardon, 23, Erik R. Zimmerman, 29, and Jennifer L. Saling, 21, LHS ‘06 graduate, who were all living at 7380 Southeast 206th Street in Holt Missouri.
The case started Wednesday night when a witness told officers that Ms. Thomas was assaulted and then forced into the trunk of a red Pontiac Grand Am on South Myrtle Street in Excelsior Springs.

Final Tribute to Sgt. Issac Jackson
The Family of Sgt. Issac B. Jackson would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their prayers, acts of kindness and support during the loss of our loved one. The honor you have shown Issac will never be forgotten. The food, flowers, cards and all of the hard work that you have given to make this as easy as it can be, is very appreciated. All monies donated will be put into a memorial fund for the children . The family would like to also thank Bailey & Cox Funeral Home for all the services they provided with care and respect for us. We are honored by you and again would like to say
Thank You.

LHS Veteran's Day Assembly
There will be a special assembly on Wednesday, November 11, 2009, honoring our veterans.
The program will take place at Lathrop High School, at 12:45 p.m.. American Legion Post 467 will display America’s colors, and the Lathrop high school band and choir will perform. A guest speaker will say a few words, and Lathrop teacher Carrie Lamm-Clark, who is a 1st Lieutenant in the National Guard, will present the school with an American flag in a case.
The public is welcome to attend.

Sheriff's Dept. check sex offenders for compliance with Halloween statute
On October 31 members of the Clinton County Sheriffs Department made a compliant check on all sex offenders in Clinton County. According to Missouuri State Statute 589.426 all sex offenders must avoid all Halloween related contact with children, remain inside their residence between 5:00 pm and 10:30 pm unless there is just cause to leave, post a sign stating “ No candy or treats at this residence “ and leave all outside residential lighting off during the evening hours according to department spokesman Major J. T. Farmer.
Major Farmer stated that Sheriff K. Porter Hensen is behind this law 100%. Deputies checked a total of 13 residences. Of the 13 residences 7 sexual offenders were in compliance and 6 were not in compliance.

Brelsford pleads not guilty
On Thursday, October 15, 2009, Marie Kay Brelsford, former Caldwell County Deputy Clerk, stood before Judge Warren L. McElwain on the class C felony charge of theft or stealing over $500, but less than $25,000. During the hearing, which took place at the Caldwell County Courthouse in Kingston, MO, Ms. Brelsford waived formal arraignment and entered a plea of “not guilty”.
Upon motion of the defendant, the case has been continued until November 19 at 9:00 a.m. for a plea and trial setting.

Dangerous crossing
On any given school day, between 3:00 and 3:20, traffic at the intersection of Hwys 116 and 33 create a waiting game of who gets to go next. Currently, only two school buses make the north/south journey across 116 to pick up high school students. A proposed schedule change for the 2009/2010 school year that did not pass, would have required all buses to travel to the high school. The schedule change would have given high school students an additional .5 credit hours per semester, and would have released the high school 20 minutes later. Occasional bike riders can be seen darting in and out of traffic, crossing the busy intersection that has a 40 mph speed limit. Both city and school officials have been frustrated with their concerns going unmet by MoDOT.

Raw sewage in drainage ditches spurs $1.5 million bond issue in Turney
Over 35 residents of Turney showed up for the Informational Meeting held Thursday, October 22, 2009 at the Turney Community Center, in concerns of the 1.5 million dollar Sewage System Revenue Bond placed on the November 3rd Special Election ballot.
Board of Trustees present: Chairperson Jim Gorham, Secretary Shery Soto, Treasurer Ruth Newell, Chad Swindler and Rob Hall. Barbara Ross with the United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development, Leroy Rader, who serves as an engineer on the project, Stephanie Ross, Resource Development Advisor from the Midwest Assistance Program, and Jackie Spainhower with the Mo-Kan Regional Council, served as a panel that both explained the bond issue and the overall project, as well as fielding questions from the audience.
A couple of vocal residents believe the Village Board of Trustees didn’t publicize the up-coming bond issue, chastising the board for lack of information.

PWSD #4 water loss brought into perspective

October 8th, 2009 regular monthly meeting of the PWSD #4 with Directors Gorham, Archer, Streeter, Golubski and Sondag all present, District employees present were Clerk Laurie Ahart, Maintenance Contractor Ryan Mellon and Attorney Mark Hubbard.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after correction of voting numbers under 5a -Unfinished business - recorded: 4 yes 1 no, should of read 3 yes and 1 no. Bills were submitted for payment, approved unanimously. Clerk Ahart announced the final payment for the new Converse tank was scheduled for payment of $216,000, motion to pay by Director Archer, seconded by Director Sondag, approved unanimously. At this time Board President Gorham read a letter from John Conway, District’s engineer with Bartlett & West, requesting an additional payment for Inspector Gary Ellis’s increase time spent on the new tank, in the amount of $5,451.00, not included in the contracted amount of $30,000. After discussion the Directors decided to take no action at this time.

Questions continue to fly at City meeting
By Pauli Clariday
In another packed city council meeting, members of the Lathrop Board of Aldermen and citizens continued to raise questions about the financial statement format presented by Cameron Tax and Accounting, as well as decisions in the street resurfacing project.
In the board packet presented to aldermen, David Peters and Susan Pryor questioned how certain totals were inconsistent between amounts paid and budget spent. Pryor asked about budgeted line item descriptions that only appear after funds have been spent or received, and check amounts improperly coded on the bills statement.
A representative from Cameron Tax and Accounting stated that there were, indeed, some items that were not done correctly.

H1N1 concerns in Lathrop
On October 5, a Lathrop Elementary first grader was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. Since that time, several more Lathrop children have tested positive for Type A influenza, of which H1N1, or “swine flu” is currently the only known strain.
According to Karissa Hall, Lathrop Elementary School nurse, the cases among their students have been mild. She stated that absenteeism this year has not been any higher than during any normal flu season.
Following is a list of questions and answers taken from the Lathrop school website,, which should help with any concerns:

Traffic is a concern at Hwys 116 and A

By Pauli Clariday
After settling into the full month of school, the October Board of Education meeting addressed typical topics as the school year got fully underway.
Program Evaluation reports for the Health Program and the Safety Program brought up concerns in each that board and administration discussed.
With reported cases of H1N1 flu and increasing absenteeism in all buildings, Buildings and Grounds Director Roy Adams emphasized to the Board that janitorial staff have been especially conscious of sanitizing surfaces. While School Nurse Tami Tucker, R.N. has been out on family medical leave, the buildings have been short-handed, but her return will place nurses in each building on an acceptable schedule.

One-vehicle accident claims man's life
A tragic accident took place on SE State Route 116 on Sunday evening, October 4, 2009, at approximately 8:40 p.m., which ended the life of Michael E. Cochran, 52, of Lathrop.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Cochran, who was wearing a safety device, was eastbound on 116, 2 miles west of the unincorporated community of Wallace, MO. At that time, the 1996 Chevrolet Blazer he was driving exited the roadway, impacted an embankment and overturned. The vehicle came to rest on its side, facing north.

Mayor calls special meeting to purchase new equipment for city
In a special meeting called October 2nd, 2009 at 4 p.m., by Mayor Crenshaw, all aldermen were present with the exception of Susan Pryor. The city council moved to approve the purchase of a new loader backhoe from Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Corporate Office, Wichita, KS. Mr. Dave Warner, Territory Sales Manager
The purchased was for a 1998 John Deere, 310E at a cost of $24,500, with 1900 hrs. of use. The city will receive a $2000 trade credit for the John Deere 310C loader backhoe, placing the final cost at $22,500. Alderman Edwards moved to purchase the machinery, seconded by Alderman Rupe. Motion passed 3-0. Mr. Warner offered the city a 4.5% interest rate for a loan of 3-4 or 5 years.
Mayor Crenshaw stated that the city would pay cash for the equipment.
The Mayor asked City Attorney Joe Gagnon about a quitclaim deed for property right-of-way to Mack Porter’s site north of 116 Hwy.

Absentee Voter Information
The County Clerk’s Office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for absentee voting for the upcoming November 3, 2009 Special Election.
This is for anyone in the Village of Turney or Stewartsville School District. We will also be open on Saturday, October 31, 2009 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Please have Missouri Drivers License or Clinton County Voter Registration card.

Former sheriff's wife charged with stealing
KINGSTON, MO - A former sheriff’s wife has been charged with stealing by the Missouri attorney general’s office.
The state charged Marie K. Brelsford, 48, with one felony charge of stealing more than $500 but less than $25,000 on Monday. The next day, Mrs. Brelsford, the wife of former Sheriff Kirby Brelsford, appeared before Associate Judge Jason Kanoy, who withdrew from the case because of a possible conflict of interest.
Mrs. Brelsford had been a Caldwell County deputy clerk responsible for payroll and other financial payments and records prior to her dismissal by County Clerk Beverly Bryant on February 23.

Road work completed
After the Homecoming Parade on Friday, September 25, Oak Street was closed so that the road crew could come along and apply a chip and seal treatment. The street work for the City of Lathrop is nearly completed; Pine Street was the last street to be resurfaced. At press time, the main thing that needed to be done was for crews to pick up some of the loose materials on the chip seal streets. According to City Administrator Don Moore, 11 miles of chip seal have been applied, and approximately 2.78 miles of asphalt overlay was done. The streets receiving asphalt include 2 blocks on Valley Street, all of Hubbard Addition, the west end of Walnut Street, the east end of Walnut to Ben Jones Park, the south end of Ash Street and the east end of South Street.

Queen Kayla Marie
Many more Homecoming pictures in Lathrop album

Clinton County new Conservation Agent
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Adam Arnold, and I am your new Conservation Agent for Clinton County. I am originally from the small town of Bucklin, Missouri, a short drive east on 36 highway. After graduating high school in Bucklin, I attended Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, where I earned my B.S. Degree in Wildlife, Conservation and Management in 2006.

Commissioner's Report
The Commissioners accepted the new bridge on Cemetery Road 240th Street and Springtown Road.
They repaired and chip and sealed on Horse Shoe, 214 and Timber Springs.
They met with Tonya Lohman, with MoDOT, on highway and bridge work update. They met with Patrick Nelson, of MoDOT, and signed acceptance of conveyance between County and State for Woodward Lane.

Two accidents near Lathrop lead to injuries
Last Wednesday, September 16, 2009, at 5:55 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated an accident that took place on Route C, approximately 2 miles south of Plattsburg.
According to their report, a 1997 Hyundai, driven by Shane E. Healy, 18, of Holt, was southbound on Route C. The vehicle traveled off the right side of the roadway, at which point the driver overcorrected, and then continued to go off the right side. The car struck a fence, overturned, and came to rest on its top on the south side of the roadway.
The Hyundai was totaled, and was towed from the scene by Sam’s Tow, of Lathrop.

Lathrop City Council rolls through more decisions, reappoints Planning Commission
On Tuesday, September 15, the Lathrop Board of Aldermen convened for their regular City Council meeting, with questions pointed at the new format of the city’s monthly budget report, presented by Cameron Tax & Accounting.
The new budget format adopted at the directive of Mayor Crenshaw was one of the first items instituted upon his election. The “Zero Balance” budget was intended to save money in the city’s departments. Now, three months into the new financial statements, two of the three City Council members, along with department heads, are criticizing the format.

One-vehicle accident sends Lathrop woman to hospital
On Saturday, September 12, 2009, at 1:50 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated an accident that occurred on MO State Hwy 33, about 5 miles south of Lathrop. According to their report, Jill Elliot, 55, of Lathrop, was northbound in a 1983 Oldsmobile when she drove off the right side of the roadway.

LPD offering $150 Reward
The LPD is offering a $150 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of person or persons responsible for damage to vehicle tires at 1201 Clinton St., and 602 Ash St., Lathrop on Thursday, September 10th, during the early morning hours.

Gas explosion destroys home
The loud boom people heard for miles on Monday, September 14, was caused by propane tanks that had been filled that morning.

Missing teens found and return home
On Monday night, September 7, 2009, two Lathrop teenagers were reported missing. The following evening, the two, Brittany S. Torres and Sierra T.D. Sangren, were found in Clay County. After being questioned by a female Clay County deputy, they were transported back to Lathrop by the Lathrop Police Department. They were returned to their homes around 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Crenshaw calls two special meetings for city council
The first special meeting of the Board of Aldermen was called for Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.
Alderwoman Susan Pryor, Aldermen Harold Edwards, David Peters and David Rupe answered roll call. City personnel present were: Joseph Gagnon, attorney; Don Moore, City Administrator, Leonard Eads, Police Chief; Dwight Adkison, City Maintenance and City Clerk Susie Freece.
The Street Improvement Documents were approved by an unanimous vote.
It was approved unanimously to sign the contract with PSI for asphalt testing.
Alderman Peters moved to place for bids the City’s Employee Health Insurance before renewal deadline. Seconded by Alderman Rupe. Approved unanimously.

PWSD #4 approves appointment of new Director
The PWSD #4 monthly meeting was called to order by Vice-President of the Board, Jerry Archer at 6:30 p.m., September 3, 2009. The next regular meeting scheduled for October 1 will be changed, by approval of the board, to October 8, 2009 due to time element of processed information to be gathered.
Approval of bills in the amount of $291,079.62, unanimously. Approval of partial payment to Caldwell Tank, Inc. in the amount of $101,000 was also approved unanimously. Only one more payment of $283,000 will be needed to pay for the new Converse Tower.
Mr. Gary Ellis, Inspector for Bartlett & West gave a progress report on the new Converse Tower, stating, “We’ve got a very good crew. One of the best foremen I’ve worked with.” The tower had been sand blasted and the steel has been primed. Ready for the paint.

Lathrop Bank Robber apprehended
On September 1, 2009 the FBI contacted Clinton County Sheriff Porter Hensen to let him know that a federal warrant for the bank robbery at Lathrop, Missouri had been issued on Michael Dale Sandgren, white male, dob 4/1/65 of St. Joseph, Missouri according to department spokesman Major John Farmer.
Mr. Sandgren was taken into custody by the St. Joseph Missouri Police Department on August 25, 2009

EPA announces more than $146 million in Recovery Act Funds for water infrastructure projects in Missouri
(Kansas City, Kan., August 19, 2009) - In a move that stands to create jobs, boost local economies, improve aging water infrastructure and protect human health and the environment for the people of Missouri, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $146,503,800 to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This new infusion of money provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will help the state and local governments finance many of the overdue improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environment.
“This funding will go a long way toward fixing aging infrastructure in urban and rural communities in Missouri,” said William Rice, acting regional administrator.

Holt man escapes serious injury when ejected from vehicle
On Friday evening, August 21, 2009, at approximately 6:26 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated an accident at 207th and Pin Oak, about one and a half miles northwest of Holt.
According to their report, Mark A. Ohl, 44, of Holt, was eastbound on 207th Street in a 2008 Polaris Ranger-800 ATV when he lost control of the vehicle.

Family requests Memorial Bell be moved
The Memorial Bell, dedicated to PFC Kenneth D. Boston, placed at the east side of the Lathrop (now) Middle School, has been requested by the family to be moved. In a letter to the Lathrop R-II board, dated July 30, 2009, the family has requested the removal of the Memorial Bell, at their cost, to be restored and place in a more suitable location.

City Council approves tax levy
By Pauli Clariday
The Nextel commercials on tv show how it would be if roadies ran the world. They don’t have anything on Mayor Jim Crenshaw and the Lathrop Board of Aldermen.
The fast-paced, no-question agenda and executive session took all of one hour to approve financials, pay monthly bills, report on storm water, renew the water contract, set the tax levy, approve engineering and bid invoices, and pass two ordinances.
The 2009 Tax Levy was approved at $0.9401 per $100 assessed valuation. Due to a temporary decrease in Debt Service, the levy decreased from $1.0555 in 2009.

Lathrop water bills to see $2.50 increase
By Pauli Clariday
In a special meeting Friday, August 7 in the basement of the Goppert Community Center, a full agenda was again presented to aldermen and citizens.
Mayor Jim Crenshaw asked the board to approve a “Stop Gap” increase on the water bills for Lathrop residents and Lathrop water users. A one dollar increase on the water portion of the bill, a one dollar increase on the sewer portion of the bill, and a fifty cent increase on the trash portion, which the city charges for administrative billing.

Under control and the watchful eye of LFPD

Lathrop fire fighters were called upon last Saturday to attend a controlled burn of a vacant rental property on A Highway between Lathrop and Turney.

Water loss continues to plague District #4
By Norma Ward
The August 7th regular meeting of PSWD #4 Board was called to order by President of the Board Jim Gorham at 6:30 p.m. Directors presents were; Jim Gorham, Jerry Archer, Larry Golubski, Jeff Streeter. District employees present: Laurie Ahart, Clerk, Ryan Mellon and Bernie Cooper, Maintenance Contractor; District Attorney Mark Hubbard.
President Gorham announced the next regular meeting to be held on September 3, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.

Former Lathrop Police Chief seeking $1 million in damages
By Pauli Clariday
The City of Lathrop and former Mayor Rodney Greer have been named as defendants in a wrongful termination lawsuit by former Lathrop Police Chief Raymond Sprague.
Sprague, who was terminated from his position on September 24, 2008, is seeking damages on three counts:

Petals opens in Lathrop
Lathrop now has a lovely place in which to shop for fresh flowers or gifts.
The new shop, appropriately named “Petals”, opened on Wednesday, July 29. The proprietor is a smiling and friendly lady by the name of Jauni Wattenbarger. Jauni, who graduated from Polo High School, and currently lives in Cameron, has been in the floral business since 1998. She owned a flower shop in Lawson for five and a half years.

2009 Friendship Festival's Veterans & National Guard LHS Alumni color Guard leading the Parade
The Color Guard led the annual Friendship Festival parade, which was held on Saturday afternoon. Pictured from left to right are Ronnie Bloss, Jim Gerber, Joe Jones and T.J. Richards.
Why does everyone love a parade? It’s the lump in the throat, and the patriotic feeling you get as the Color Guard presents the American Flag. The sight of men, young & old in uniform, proudly displaying their country’s flag and their pride in serving their country, then and now. We thank you for your service!

Click on thumbnail and hit "next" arrow to view photo of Guardsman Ronnie Bloss with his parents.

Lathrop Middle School vandalized

In the early morning hours, 2:10 a.m., of July 31, 2009, vandals entered the Middle School through the north door of the gym, kicking their way through several other doors to gain access to the hallway, where the secretary and principal’s offices are located.

Lathrop City Council to hold two meetings Friday, August 7

The first meeting of the city council will be held at 4:00 p.m. at the Betty Brazelton Center (707 Oak) . There will be no votes or motions made at this meeting; To open Street Improvement Project bids.

Storm Drainage Project Begun on Valley St.
Decker Construction and the City of Lathrop recently started work on a storm water drainage project on Valley Street, with clearance at 301 Valley. Five of the 48" tubes had been laid by Monday afternoon, when the photo was taken. Work will continue with placement of the remaining tubes across the street and to the north, along the ditch on the west side of Valley. Drainage will be directed past Carrie Court.

County P&Z tables wind farm ordinance

After postponing the July 9 Clinton County Planning & Zoning meeting, the board convened Thursday, July 23 for the purpose of reviewing an ordinance defining Wind Energy System Requirements for the county.
Chairman Vic Davis read through the ordinance before the audience of approximately 15. The ordinance, according to Davis, was presented to the board members right before the meeting, with no time to review or research the subject.

Hawkins Family Reunion Held in Lathrop
The children and families of the late Rev. John and Mrs. Gertrude Hawkins held a reunion at the Goppert Community Center on Wednesday evening, July 8, 2009.
Grace was given by Shirley (Hawkins) Sowell before a fried chicken dinner was served by Faye Sellers-Sims and grandson, Brice Crauth, of Lathrop.
The evening was also in celebration of Kenneth Hawkins’ birthday, where everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday was sung by everyone with Arlene (Hawkins) Schwartz at the piano. Kenneth received several cards and was delighted by a surprise visit from long-time friends, Pat Peterson and Shirley Libeer.

The Rural Reporter goes to Seattle
Publisher Pauli Clariday took the Rural Reporter along on a recent business trip to Seattle, WA. The Space Needle makes a beautiful backdrop in this photo, and the Fish Market was a great place for people watching and wine tasting! After leaving Seattle, Pauli flew to Denver, where Katie was playing softball with Team Power in the Colorado Sparkler tournament. The team finished in the top one-third out of over 200 teams. After leaving nearly 100 degree weather, the sweaters and the jeans came out, and she must have brought back the cool weather with her.

Shuffling of funds will result in cash for the city

Pauli Clariday, Publisher
With a report presented by Cameron Accounting, the year-end 2008-2009 financial statement for the City of Lathrop showed that the recession impacted expected revenues and slowed growth. With personal property tax receipts down 2%, sales tax down 3%, and motor vehicle sales tax receipts down 9%, it was all overshadowed by the staggering drop in expected building permit fees by 78%.
Revenues from the sale of water and new connections was down a total of 7%, with the statement showing zero earned dollars for new sewer connections, and less than half the expected income from new water connections.

Mowing tragedy doesn't stop this little guy
By Candy Spilman, Rural Reporter
In most ways, Colton Newman is a typical four-year-old boy. He lives in the country with his mom, Michelle; dad, Steve; brother, Carter; three dogs and a cat. He runs, plays and wrestles with Carter, who is almost 2. He loves tractors, and his room is filled with toy farm machinery, stuffed animals, or “lovey’s”, books and goldfish.
However, less than a year ago, Colton’s life was anything but normal.

Caiman found in Clinton County pond - See you later, Alligator...
Last Saturday, July 18, Michael Deweerdt, 19, of Lathrop, and Nick Nohart went fishing in a pond between Lathrop and Plattsburg. They expected to catch, well, fish.
Instead, the creature that latched onto Michael’s white rubber worm lure was classified as Caiman crocodilus, or simply a caiman. Michael noticed the gator (caiman) on top of the water, and used the lure to attract the gator to take a chomp at it.

The Rural Reporter goes to Minnesota!
Nick, Dan, Hailey & Katie Slibowski pose with their copy of the rural Reporter on their Duluth Harbor cruise. They were in the area for the wedding of Chris Ward, who is the kids’ uncle, and Tiffanie Ellis. Photo by Norma Ward.

More Festival Events and Contacts
The time is fast approaching for the 45th Annual Lathrop Friendship Festival!
One of the most common things associated with a festival is booths, and this event will be no exception. There will be booths for food, drinks, crafts, and much more. For information, contact Darlynn Rosenbaum by phone at 816-320-3228 or 816-320-3220; or by email at

Serious injury avoided in 2-car accident
On Saturday, July 11, 2009, at approximately 7:40 p.m., two cars collided on MO 116, about 4 miles east of Lathrop.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Steven M. Hill, 47, Polo, was eastbound in a 2005 Ford. He slowed down to make a left turn, but the driver behind him, Michelle N. Templeton, 17, Polo, failed to notice.

MGE rate increase hearings scheduled

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission will hold five local public hearings to receive customer comment in a natural gas rate case filed by Missouri Gas Energy (MGE). The schedule appears below.
September 8 — St. Joseph

4th of July in Lathrop
Click on thumbnail to view photos of people enjoying the 4th of July celebration at the Antique Show Grounds.

The Rural Reporter goes to Fort Myers, Florida!
Pictured are the Summers family, in Fort Myers, Florida. The occasion was the wedding of Jonathan Summers and Megan Boone, which took place on the beach. From left to right are: Kathy Summers, Lathrop; newlyweds Megan and Jonathan Summers, Liberty (their son Dylan standing in front of Megan); and Johnny Summers, Lathrop, holding the Rural Reporter.

PWSD #4 soon to be on the World Wide Web - New Tank nearing completion
The regular monthly meeting of the PWSD #4 was called to order by President of the Board, Jim Gorham at 6:30 p.m., July 2, 2009.
Gorham announced the next regular meeting for August 4, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. An unanimous approval of the previous meeting minutes and unanimous approval for paying of bills in the amount of $157,127.33 was next in order.
Under Informational Items Mr. Breck Summerford of Bartlett & West presented an update on the construction of the new storage tank. Reporting that the tower should be ready for paint by the end of the month.

Downtown fire closes L&L Communication Services
Between 7:30 and 7:45 Monday evening, July 6, 2009 Emergency vehicles were responding to 617 Oak Street as smoke billowed from the L&L offices. Miranda Gorham, of Reece & Nichols next to L&L, said she noticed an odd odor as she left the office at 6:15 p.m. Sources said the fire began at the rear of the building downstairs. No report of the amount of damages at press time. Pictured above Police Chief Eads, Cl. Co Sheriff Porter Hensen and City Alderman David Rupe. News photo by Pauli Clariday.

The bombs bursting in air....
Pictured above the beginning of the finale, Lathrop Fire Protection District firefighters once again provided Lathrop with a spectular fireworks display on the 4th of July. Over 1800 rounds were shot off, everything from 1” to 5” shells, all at the cost of $5,300. The Antique Grounds were full of patriotic fans, yet the entire town of Lathrop were able to view the display. Families gathered at the football field grandstands, the Elementary parking lot, and Norman Thorson had a front row seat, sitting in his lawn chair at the front of his home. Photo taken at the Lathrop Elementary School yard by Norma Ward.

County "Suffragettes" appointed to State Board

By Mylissa Stutesman
Two officers of the Clinton County Federated Women’s Democratic Club who attended the 78th Annual State Convention of the Federated Women’s Democratic Clubs of Missouri were both appointed to State Board Positions. The Convention was in Springfield on June 26-28 at the Clarion Hotel.
Mylissa Stutesman of Plattsburg and current CCFWDC President, accepted the appointment of State Scrapbook Award Chairman.

Lathrop Friendship Festival - Contests & Contacts
There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition, and there will be a chance for everyone (including dogs) to compete in various pageants and shows during the Friendship Festival.
Forms for most of the contests can be picked up at Lathrop City Hall, and must be turned in by July 28, at 5:00 p.m.
On Wednesday, July 29, there will be a Queen contest,

City Council approves Valley St. drainage project - tables ATV operation on city streets

In yet another special meeting of the Board of Aldermen, June 30th, 2009 the board hears from Bonding Agent Joey McLiney.
Mr. McLiney introduced to the board the Building America Bond, to fiance the city’s General Obligation Bond, Series 2009 of $820,000 for street repairs. A fixed interest rate of 3.49%, would save the city over $30,000, in the ten year bonds’ life,

Lifesaving Donation to LPD - External Heart Defibrillator
On Tuesday, June 30, 2009, the police departments of Lathrop and Plattsburg each received a Samaritan Pad Automated External Heart Defibrillator with an extra set of pads to be carried in a police vehicle.
Both units were presented by Doug and Kathy Lowe of Trimble and were purchased and donated by his business,

Former Lathrop Principal Honored as WWII Hero
by Candy Spilman
It is the third highest military decoration for all branches of the service. It is awarded for “Gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States”. It is the Silver Star.
On July 2, 1945, a letter was issued awarding this honor to a former Lathrop principal. According to the contents of the letter, Staff Sergeant Kenneth E. Allmon, of the 37th Infantry Division in the U.S. Army, displayed gallantry in action at Luzon, Philippine Islands, on June 19, 1945.

West Nile Virus in Missouri
As Missourians plan outdoor activities for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, they should remember to pack insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus.
Human cases of West Nile Virus typically surface in July in Missouri and can continue through October.

Rural Reporter goes to Canada!
Jack Berhorst, 14, and his parents spent a terrific week in the wilderness in a cabin at Oliver Lake on the Ogoki River system in Northern Ontario, Canada.
After driving to Emo, Ontario, they flew in a bush plane called an “Otter” 2 hours to the lake 250 miles north of the border.

31st Annual Car Show Draws a Crowd
On Sunday, June 21, 2009, many men (and women and kids!) celebrated Father’s Day at the Antique ShowGrounds for the 31st annual car show.
The Lathrop Car Show & Freedom of Road Riders Local #3 Motorcycle Show this year featured over 25 classes of cars and 22 motorcycle classes, plus a best of show and people’s choice award. There were 128 registered cars in the show, and 22 car clubs attended.

Old Country Church
Over 40 people attended the services at the Old Country Church during the 31st Antique Annual Car, Tractor, & Engine Show. The 1880 Osborn country church was moved to the Antique Show Grounds in the summer of 1997 without it’s steeple. Jim Lee and members of the Association began repairs.

31st Antique Car, Tractor & Engine Show starts with Tractor Cruise
Click on thumbnail to view many photos from the event.

Vacancy on Board of Directors

Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 4 of Clinton County, Missouri invites an interested individual to serve the remaining 2 years of a term for a recently vacated seat representing Sub-district No. 5 on the Board of Directors.

Hamilton Bank files application for Lathrop branch
The Hamilton Bank has filed application with the State and FDIC for permission to locate a branch office at 214 North St. in Lathrop, MO.
Hamilton Bank President, Mark Ayers stated that the bank is in the process and working towards getting permission to began expanding their operations.

Free Family Fun Day and Citizens Soap Box Short Oratory Contest

The Clinton County Republican Club will sponsor a free Family Fun Day on Saturday, July 11, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., at Lake Lenore, located between Lathrop and Turney, just east of A Highway.
Activities scheduled include a fishing contest for youth with adult partner (prizes will be awarded for the biggest fish caught by a girl and boy), paintball, horseshoes, volleyball, waterslide, and games for pre-school age and up.

Storm Damage

Sneak preview photos of damage from the storm on June 18!

CVMA donates money to Veteran's Home
By Jim Stokes, Secretary Missouri Chapter 4-1 CVMA.
Saturday June 13th, Missouri Chapter 4-1 of Combat Vets Motorcycle Association made their 7th annual run to the Missouri Veterans Home in Cameron. There they presented a check for $4,100.00 to be used for the men and women in the home.
Every year on the Sunday following Mothers Day the CVMA hold their “All Patriots Poker Run”.

Large Cuts in city budgets projected to leave $43,000 in the black
The Lathrop Board of Alderman passed the 2009-2010 budget for the city with a 3-1 vote Tuesday evening, Alderman Susan Pryor opposing.
The budget, which has been the subject of weekly workshops, cut a total of $72,224 from the 2008-2009 budget, and still managed to show a positive balance of $42,675.67 at year’s end. This was with an estimated $43,000 decrease in revenues from water sales.

Entertainment lined up for Friendship Festival
The Lathrop Friendship Festival will be here in just a little over a month. The event promises to be full of fun and entertainment, with a carnival, contests, plenty of food, demonstrations, booths and much more!
Musical entertainment is always one of the main events at the Festival, and this year is no exception.
One of the Midwest’s most unusual groups will be performing on Friday, July 31, at 7:30 p.m. The five men who make up the group (Clay Johnston, Jay Albright, Ben Leimkuhler, Dave Jarmin and Jason Riley) call themselves “Soca Jukebox”; “soca’ is a slang term meaning “soul calypso”.

Recycling Pickup Rescheduled

Clinton County Mobile Recycling Trailer will not be picking up recyclables on Saturday, July 4th.

Myths of the Heart - Think you know about your heart?
Your doctor may disagree. Cardiovascular medicine faculty at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health say they’ve heard plenty of myths about heart disease –and patients who believe them may be at increased risk because of the misinformation.
To shine some truth on the subject, these cardiologists have provided a quick list of some of the most common myths they encounter in patient care.

Assessing Hail Injury to Crops
Several fields across the area experienced hail damage from the past couple of storms. This has led to concerns about the survival of plants and impact on yield.
The growing point on corn is below ground until five leaf collars are visible. Corn will generally re-grow from hail damage before this growth stage.

Civil War Reenactment
Last weekend, June 5-7, Caldwell County’s 1st Annual Civil War Days Reenactment and Living History Festival was held in Kingston.

Prentice selected for Boys State
“The individual is the one with the power to change the world. Whether athlete or politician, journalist or scientist, each and every one of us has the power to make a difference in the world.”
The above quote is one of the catchphrases for Missouri Boys State, which is a program designed to educate and train select young men in functional citizenship, leadership and government.

PWSD #4 addresses loss of two million gallons of water
President Jim Gorham called the June 4th regular meeting of District #4 Board to order at 6:30 p.m.. Present were board members Jim Gorham, Jerry Archer, Jeff Streeter and Larry Golubski. District employees; Laurie Ahart, Clerk; Ryan Mellon, Maintenance Contractor and Attorney Mark Hubbard, District Attorney were also present. In the audience were; Jimmie Christopher, Miranda Gorham, Tim Taylor and Kirk Larson of Midland GPS Solutions, Maryville, MO; Mark Williams and Scott Krieger of Marceline Mapping, Lathrop; Mylissa Stutesman and members of the media.

The month of May marks multiple accidents for area residents
On Tuesday, May 12, 2009, Alec D. Assel, 19, of Holt, was northbound on Route C, 6 miles south of Plattsburg. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, as he was traveling in a 1991 Dodge pickup, a southbound extended cab pickup, older gray with rust, crossed the center line, and the two vehicles struck mirrors.
Assel pulled into a driveway after the impact, but the other vehicle, driven by an unknown middle aged male left the scene.

A County Divided - history reenacted in Caldwell County
but individual states, counties and even families were often divided and at arms against each other in the pursuit of their individual beliefs.
This weekend, Caldwell County residents will have a chance to experience some of the events that took place locally during that time.

Lathrop's Walk of Honor
Last Thursday, May 28th, Miller Concrete of Holt, MO, owners and operators, Steve and Frankie Miller with Denny Chisam began the foundation of the site for the Veteran’s bricks of the Lathrop’s Walk of Honor Veteran’s Memorial.

First Summer Fun Event "BIG Success" CCFoL
The kick-off event for the Summer Fun library program took place last Saturday, May 30, at the Clinton County Youth Building, in Plattsburg.
Gerald Snodgrass, one of the Clinton County Library Board members, stated that he thought the event “went really well”.

Updates on Mackintyre's story...
Mackintyre’s Church - a small structure near Lathrop that has been built by the loving hands of family and friends - has received a lot of publicity lately.
Most recently, WDAF-TV4 aired a segment, with Rob Low, on May 19. Prior to that, the CBS Evening News with Cynthia Bowers brought this little boy’s story to the attention of the entire country. Mackie’s mom, Stacey Garton, reported that she was pleased with the coverage for the most part, but there was one issue she wasn’t happy with.

City's Budget will adopt "Zero Base Budget" system

Mayor Jim Crenshaw called a special budget workshop meeting on Tuesday, May 26. The city’s budget operates from July to June, and the 2009-2010 budget is expected to be adopted by June 16, during a public meeting.
After brief introductions of the city’s department heads and others present, Crenshaw gave the floor to Jim McKinley of Cameron Accounting.

Lathrop remembers... honoring fallen heroes
On a sunny three-day weekend, most Americans are thinking of picnics, barbecues, or just relaxing with family and friends, and enjoying the fresh spring air.
However, this past weekend, Lathrop citizens gathered together to visualize other times and places; where the air was filled with the smoke and sounds of battle.

Notice from the Clinton County Board of Equalization

The Clinton County Board of Equalization will start Monday, July 13, 2009.

Join the Clinton County Library Friend for some "Summer Fun"

The Clinton County Library Friends would like to invite you to join them for an evening of exciting activities and great food.
Saturday, May 30th from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Clinton County Youth Building the group will be hosting a BBQ dinner -

Lathrop Hall of Fame Banquet Held
On Saturday, May 16, 2009, three outstanding Lathrop graduates were recognized for their notable contributions to society. They were inducted into the Lathrop R-II School District Alumni Hall of Fame.
Last week, the Rural Reporter gave detailed information about two of the inductees, Michael Fox and Robert Gall. At that time, the third individual, Diana Jean Miller (DeDe), had not been reached for comment.
DeDe Miller was a pioneer for women’s sports.

Grant money "unlikely" according to USDA Rural Development official
By: Pauli Clraiday, Publisher
Same tune, second verse.
Shoulda’ been better,
but it got worse
Those were the words of Mayor Jim Crenshaw, describing what he pointed out as the many faux pas of the previous administrations.

Road Sign Vandals cost the Cl. Co. Taxpayers
What started as a call from a concerned citizen has brought to light a growing problem - and an expensive one - for Clinton County.
According to the Sheriff’s report, at 9:28 p.m. on Sunday, May 10th, a woman called the Sheriff’s Department and told them that as she and her husband were traveling on 310th Street, about a 1/4 mile east of Witt Road, they saw a flashlight sitting on a bridge, turned on. Thinking that someone might be in trouble, the man took the flashlight and swept the area. She told the Sheriff’s Department it was then that he saw 20 to 25 road signs in the water below the bridge.

Lathrop Residents Meet Sen. Lager, Rep. Guest
Carolyn Lovelace and grandson Zackery Donelson of Lathrop visited Jefferson City this week. They met with Sen. Brad Lager and State Rep. Jim Guest during their visit and are seen here in the Pershing Gallery adjacent to the Senate Floor. Zackery received a certificate from the Senate naming him as an Honorary Page for the day.

Estil Williams a finalist for community service award
Estil Williams a finalist for
community service award

Estil Williams of Lathrop is a finalist for the first annual Paul Morris Community Service Award established by FutureBuilders, the education foundation of the Missouri School Boards’ Association.

Lathrop Schools Hall of Fame nominees will be recognized this Saturday
By Candy Spilman,
Rural Reporter
Lathrop is a town that has always been proud of the accomplishments of its citizens. When the citizens are also alumni of Lathrop High School, some of the most outstanding are recognized in the Lathrop Schools Hall of Fame.

Mayor calls two special meeting to address water, sewers and streets
By Norma Ward, Rural Reporter
Newly elected Mayor Crenshaw called the first of two special meetings of the City Aldermen on Wednesday, April 29th, 1:00 p.m. to address issues with the Kansas City water line and current sewer lines.

PWSD #4 $10-20K audit begins
By Norma Ward, Rural Reporter
President of the Board, Jim Gorham, called the May 7 regular meeting of the Board of Directors to order at 6:30 p.m. with Directors Gorham, Archer, Bumgarner and Gerling present. Approving the minutes of the previous meeting, the board announced the next regular meeting date of June 4th.

Williams nominated for State Community Service Award
By Candy Spilman,
Rural Reporter
Estil Williams, who will celebrate his 79th birthday on May 25, has never sought recognition.
He was raised on a farm just off of 69 Highway, and was brought up to believe that people helped each other.

UAW President, Jeff Wright, to speak to Lady Dems
By Mylissa Stutesman
The official roll call for the Clinton County Federated Women’s Democratic Club will be Thursday, May 14 at 7pm in the Clinton County Courthouse Community Room.

Looking for a 'Slice of Paradise?'
By Lori McGinnis, Rural Reporter
Former Lathrop resident and entrepreneur, Donny Evans, has found his “Slice of Paradise”…of pizza that is!
Located at 121 N. 33 Highway in Holt, right next to Paradise Family Salon, is where you will find a new carry out pizza place named Slice of Paradise.

Lady Mules Take 2 KCI Championships
In Saturday’s KCI Conference track competition, the Lathrop Lady Mules varsity track team posted winners in every event, beating the second place Lawson Cardinals by 19 points, The team scored a total 199.5, and earned points in 18 events.

Area Residents Lose Their Lives in Traffic Accidents
On Thursday, April 28, 2009, a Lathrop man lost his life in a two vehicle accident on State Route C and 164th St., about five miles northwest of Kearney.

County addresses the N1N1 Flu
Last Thursday, April 30th, Don Moore, Chairperson of the LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) of Clinton County called a special meeting at the Goppert Community Center of Lathrop for a Situation Report on the H1N1 Influenza alarm that had recently hit headlines.
Dr. H. M. Turley with the Plattsburg Medical Clinic, spoke to the medical professionals present, updating them to the symptoms of this newly discovered strain of flu, only being identified April 24, 2009.

Braymer Graduate Selected in KC Chiefs 2nd day Draft Picks
It’s not every day that a small rural town in Northwest Missouri can boast that one of their graduates has been drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. However, as of Sunday, April 26, 2009, Braymer has had this honor.

PWSD #4 Audit to Begin soon
According to the spokesperson for The Citizen’s Oversight Committee of Clinton County, a representative from the Missouri State Auditor’s office has contacted the group with a secured date to begin proceedings for the petition audit of Public Water Supply District #4. The date given was Thursday, May 7, 2009.

Health Department to Update Emergency Planning Commission Regarding Swine Flu

Chairman Don Moore of the Clinton County Local Emergency Planning Commission has called a special LEPC meeting for Thursday, April 30, 2009, at 1:00 p.m.

Accident on Gravel Road Injures Three
Last Tuesday evening, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a one-vehicle accident took place on 216th Street, 2 miles northwest of Holt.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 1999 Ford Taurus, driven by Stephanie A. Watts, 17, Lathrop, was westbound on 216th.

Cry for Help to Preseve History, Serve the Lathrop Community
By: Candy Spilman
Last year, shortly after the August election, the doors to the Van Buren-Spaeth Library and Museum, in Lathrop, were closed. In the words of Norella Beane, who was one of the volunteer librarians, “It’s a shame, because we have computers and books - just no funding or volunteers.”

Lathrop School District $10 Physicals (No insurance) Health Express Mobile Van - by appointment only

For appointments for physicals, call 816-528-7736 or email Physicals are by appointment only

Mackintyre's Legacy To Be Shared With Nationwide Audience
By: Candy Spilman
The small boy who had a very large dream would be pleased. No doubt, he was smiling in Heaven, as he witnessed last Saturday’s events.

'Oversight Committee' Heads Put on Notice by PWSD #4 Attorney; In response, group changes name
PWSD #4 recently shared a copy of a letter sent from their attorney, Mark Hubbard, to Jimmie Christopher and Mylissa Stutesman of the so-called PWSD #4 Oversight Committee.
The contents of this letter, dated April 8, 2008 and signed by Mark A. Hubbard of Hubbard & Rehard, P.C., Platte City, Mo. follows:

Clear the Trail... Crenshaw's Back in the Saddle Again
By: Pauli Clariday, Publisher
In less than 15 minutes, before a full house at the April Lathrop Board of Alderman meeting, the newly elected Board made sweeping changes to the city’s governmental structure. In an extended executive session, further personnel changes may be forthcoming.

Local Youth is Talking Turkey
Haden Darr, age 7, had a successful hunt with his dad opening morning of the youth turkey season. Haden brought down this 23.75 lb gobbler with an 11 inch beard and 1 3/8 inch spurs with only one shot from his 20 gauge shot gun.

Egg-citing Easter egg hunt!
On Saturday, April 11, a day of fun-filled activities was held at the Treasure Chest Outlet, in Lathrop.

Clinton County Celebrates 2009 OATS Volunteer of the Year
St. Joseph, Missouri - Clinton County recognized Mary DeWeerdt the 2009 Volunteer of the Year at a recent county committee meeting.

Ryan Hart excels at Law School
Ryan Barry Hart, son of Barry and Laura Hart of Jefferson City, recently placed in the top 10 out of 150 first year law students in the University of Missouri Law School Board of Advocates Moot Court competition.

Recount Changes Election Outcome
An apparent error in addition changed the outcome of one of the elections last week.  The error occurred in the posting of the results for the two open seats on the Lathrop R-II Board of Education.

Douglas, Harris Sworn In
By Karen Reynolds, Rural Reporter
The Lathrop R-II Board of Education met in their regular monthly meeting on a new night, Tuesday, because school wasn’t in session on Monday. This meeting was also a reorganization meeting in that new Board members Robin Douglas and Teona Harris were sworn in.

Lathrop MoDOT Employees Honored
ST. JOSEPH, MO– Two MoDOT employees from the Lathrop area were recently recognized in Springfield, Missouri for their first place statewide win in the Roadside Tools Category of the 2009 Tool & Equipment Challenge.

45th Friendship Festival Announced

The grass may have just turned green and the tress may still be struggling to push out their leaves, but Friendship Festival news is already in the air!

US Secretary of Agriculture visits local farmer

By Norma Ward, Rural Reporter
Tuesday, April 7, 2009, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack visited with local farmer Craig Evans and family at their farm east of Lathrop, Missouri.

PWSD #4 Director candidates
PWSD #4 Director - 2 Yr. Term
Name: Jeff Streeter
Occupation: Railroad Signal Maintainer

Lathrop R-II District School Board Candidates
Name: Tami Murdock

Occupation: Home maker
Family information: Married to Laurence with two children. Lee is 21 and a Junior at MWSU, Lauren is 19 and a freshman at SEMO.

South Ward Alderman - 2 yr. term
Name: David Rupe
Occupation: Retired
Family information: Married, 2 children, 3 grandchildren

North Ward Alderman 1-yr term
Name: David Peters
Occupation: Airline mechanic

Meet the Candidates,Lathrop mayor
Name: James T. (Doc) Crenshaw
Occupation: Farmer-Retired-Teacher-Insurance and Real Estate.
Family information: Wife Marilyn (deceased), 3 daughters graduates of Lathrop High School- 3 grandchildren.

PWSD#4 Addresses Harassment
By: Norma Ward, Editor
In a special meeting to continue with Policy and Procedures, the Board of Directors for PWSD #4 met Wednesday, March 25,2009 at 5:00 p.m with Directors Gerling, Gorham, Archer and Bumgarner in attendance. District employees Clerk Laura Ahart, Assistant Clerk Vickie Shelor and Maintenance Contractor Ryan Mellon were also present.

News Briefs
A test run of the Accu-Vote tabulating machine with sample ballots for the upcoming April 7, 2009 Municipal General Election for Clinton County will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 3, 2009 in the office of Mary Blanton, Clinton County Clerk.

Accu-Vote Test Run to be Held April 3; Public Invited to Attend
A test run of the Accu-Vote tabulating machine with sample ballots for the upcoming April 7, 2009 Municipal General Election for Clinton County will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 3, 2009 in the office of Mary Blanton, Clinton County Clerk. Any person wishing to attend will be welcome.

Voters in Lathrop Precinct to Cast Votes at Community Center

All voters in the Lathrop precinct will now vote at the Goppert Community Center of Lathrop. It is located at 406 Elm Street, Lathrop, MO.

3-vehicle accident on exit ramp sends Lathrop man to hospital
The ramp leading from northbound I-35 to M-152 Highway was the scene of a collision early Tuesday evening, March 17, 2009.

EDCCC - Economic Development Council of Clinton County's Agri-Business luncheon
By Norma Ward, Rural Reporter
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 over 60 people attended the EDCCC’s luncheon at the Community Courtyard in Plattsburg. The meeting drew together members of the Clinton County community to discuss the need for an economic plan for Clinton County.

Lathrop's Walk of Honor to break ground
Saturday, March 28th the members of the Walk of Honor committee will break ground, setting in motion the community's Veterans Memorial at the Lathrop Cemetery.

Piece of History Travels Through Lathrop
On Sunday, March 15, at 3:00 p.m., Lathrop residents were treated to an unusual parade going down Center Street. It was led by two Missouri State Highway Patrol cars, and included various USDOT vehicles.

Bottom Line: Water DIstrict #4 customers will pay for State Audit
By: Norma Ward, Editor
The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors for Water District #4 was called to order by President Gorham March 12, 2009 at 6:30 p.m., having been rescheduled due to lack of a quorum on March 5, 2009.

Economic Development Council seeks Lathrop's membership
By: Pauli Clariday, Publisher
Since the kick-off meeting of the Economic Development Council of Clinton County in January, founding members have been busy talking with businesses, city governments, and individuals about the united purpose of bringing economic development to Clinton County.

Lathrop R-II School District Meet the Candidate Forum

Lathrop R-II School District is hosting a Meet the Candidate forum for the community.

Lathrop Police Seek Public's Help in Counterfeit Investigation
The Lathrop Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the female shown in the linked photo.

Beloved former teacher killed in 4-vehicle accident
Lathrop residents were shocked and saddened by the loss of a former teacher and local business owner due to an accident that took place on Saturday, March 14.

Holt Man Injured in One-Vehicle Accident
Sunday night, March 8, a Holt man was injured in a one-vehicle accident.

Several Area Fire Districts Receive Portable Car Navigation Systems
Several area fire departments were the recipients recently of portable car navigation systems.

Mystery Package Remains Undelivered after 84 Years
By: Karen Reynolds, Rural Reporter
Many of us dream of finding something valuable or interesting in the basement or attic of our home.

Lathrop superintendant Chris Blackburn Rotary Guest Speaker
Members of the Lathrop Rotary met Thursday, February 26 in their new location, at the corner of Oak and East (northeast corner) 618 Oak St., the newly renovated building of Kay Chandler.

PWSD #4 Board Candidates Announced
Candidates for the April election for positions on the PWSD #4 Board of Directors were recently accounced. Those filing include:

Lathrop prepares in hopes of President's Stimulus Package
Should President Obama's Stimulus Package find its way to Lathrop, Missouri, the Lathrop City Council is preparing a proposal for a much needed infrastructure improvement. Replacing the sewer main throughout the city is at the top of the city's list, and the council approved $3,000 for the engineering firm of McDonald & Warger to prepare a preliminary plan.

Accidents send area residents to hospital
Snowy weather contributed to an accident early Saturday morning, February 28, 2009, on MO 33. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at approximately 3:25 a.m., a 2003 Chevrolet, driven by Brittni P. Shanks, 19, of Lathrop, was northbound on MO 33, a half mile south of Lathrop. The vehicle slid off the east side of the roadway and struck a ditch and overturned, coming to rest on its top.

Clinton County Burn Ban
The Sheriff of Clinton County has issued a burn ban for the entire county of Clinton. This ban is effective immediately. This is due to an overwhelming number of grass fires; one of which contributed to a person losing his life. It is very dry at this time of year and fires spread quickly and become out of control. We are utilizing county resources and expense daily for unnecessary circumstances. This ban will be lifted by the Clinton County Sheriff when it is prudent to do so.

Evans Farms recognized

Evans Farms, Lathrop, Missouri, has been recognized nationally by the American Angus Association (R) for having 5 registered Angus cows included in the Association's 2009 Pathfinder(R) Report.

Clinton County Commission Update
By: Larry King
Western Commissioner
Ronda VanDyke has been working to obtain members for the Economic Development Council of Clinton County (EDCCC). Members of the group attended Great Northwest Day. This was the first time that Clinton County had been represented.

Clinton County Benefits from Economic Recovery Dollars
The Missouri Department of Transportation wasted no time in spending some of the funds it from the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed recently into law by President Barrack Obama.

Lathrop PTO Promoting Community Family Night
submitted by Gwen Maycomber
On Thursday, February 26th, the WHOLE town is being asked to take the night off, so that families can stay home and spend some quality time together.

Lathrop Teens Injured in Weekend Accident
In the early hours of the morning on Sunday, February 15, 2009, two local teenagers were taken to Liberty Hospital with serious injuries, due to a one-vehicle automobile accident.

Water District #4 continues to review/adopt Rules & Regulations; Addresses petitioned Audit and Oversight Committees
By: Norma Ward, Rural Reporter
The PSWD #4 Board of Directors met this past Thursday, February 5, 2009 with a full board in attendance; President Gorham, Mr. Gerling, Mr. Archer and Mr. Bumgarner, with District Clerk Lori Ahart, Maintenance Contractor Ryan Mellon, District Attorney Mark Hubbard.

Petty Theft Results in Arrest
If you believe the old adage, "Time is money," then Monday night's arrest of Melissa R. Prescott on charges of shoplifting from Lathrop's Dollar General and Hy-Klas Foods was expensive.

Lathrop School Board Introduces 'BoardDocs,' new 'Muleskinner'
Changes in how the public receives information from the school district highlighted Monday night’s Board of Education meeting.

Remembering a Hero
Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Kelley was killed in action in Iraq on Jan. 26, 2009. He was assigned to the Tenth Mountain Division as a helicopter pilot flying Kiowa helicopters.

Daviess County Drug Arrest Reported
On January 29, 2009, a northbound 2004 Chevrolet truck was stopped for a registration violation on Interstate 35 in Daviess County. While conducting the traffic stop, the trooper noticed what he believed to be narcotics in a bag located inside the truck.

PWSD #4 Oversight Committee Reports Audit is on the Horizon
The Public Water Supply District #4 Oversight Committee recently stated that their progress in obtaining the signatures needed for a Petitioned State Audit for the PWSD #4 District is on target.

Polo Resident in Three-Vehicle Accident
On Tuesday, January 27, the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated a three vehicle accident at US Highway 36 and State Route J, at the Kidder Junction.

Personal Property Lists Due by March 1
Jerry Howard, Clinton County Assessor reminds all Clinton County residents, including business owners, that they must report all personal property owned or held on January 1, 2009 to the Assessor's Office by March 1, 2009. Those not returning a completed list to the Assessor by the deadline may be subject to a penalty.

Community Chorus practices begin
Submitted by Becky Black
Plattsburg - February 2, 2009 - The Combined Community Chorus and Band began practices on Monday, February 2nd at the First Baptist Church in Plattsburg.

Clinton County Commissioners report on Extension Office's move, Road & Bridges
After months of discussions and negotiations, it appears that the University of Missouri Extension Office that has been housed in the Clinton County Courthouse will be moving into the old Plattsburg Chamber of Commerce Building as of April 1st.

90# on your telephone
I dialed '0', to check this out, asked the operator, who confirmed that this was correct so please pass it on . . . (l also checked out This is true, and also applies to cell phones!)

Gov. Nixon appoints R. Brent Elliott as Circuit Judge for the 43rd Judicial Circuit
Jefferson City - Gov. Jay Nixon today announced the appointment of DeKalb Associate Circuit Judge R. Brent Elliott, of Stewartsville, as Circuit Judge for the 43rd Judicial Circuit. The position became vacant upon the retirement of Circuit Judge Stephen K. Griffin.

MHP Reports Two Area Accidents
The Missouri Highway Patrol reports that a Heidi L. Phillips, 30, of Polo was injured in a one-vehicle accident that occurred on Route D, in Ray County, on Friday, January 23, at 2:10 p.m.

Clinton County Personal Property Lists due by March 1, 2009
Jerry Howard, Clinton County Assessor reminds all Clinton County residents, including business owners, that they must report all personal property owned or held on January 1, 2009 to the Assessor's Office by March 1, 2009. Those not returning a completed list to the Assessor by the deadline may be subject to a penalty.

EDCC meets with input of local businesses, citizens and politicians
After nearly two year's worth of hard work and preparation, the Economic Development Council of Clinton County (EDCCC) was ready Saturday, January 24th, to share with the community what they call "the best kept secret": Clinton County is a county primed for development and economic growth.

Lathrop Cable Operator Will Be Ready for Digital Changeover
Allegiance Communications, the cable operator for the city of Lathrop, has informed the city that it will be ready for the transition to digital broadcasting scheduled for February 17, 2009.

Filings Close for April's Municipal Election
The filing period for both seats on the Lathrop R-II Board of Education and for Lathrop city offices closed Tuesday, January 20.

Sewer extension planned near Colonial Village Apartments
Sewer extension planned near Colonial Village Apartments
By: Pauli Clariday, Publisher
Plagued by years of storm water backup, residents on the west side of town along Park Street should see some relief with a sewer line extension planned to begin by Spring 2009.

Congressman Sam Graves Mobile Office to Visit Lathrop City Hall
Members of Congressman Sam Graves' staff will be in the area in the coming weeks with their Mobile Office.

Second Fatality Accident of the Year Reported in Clinton County
A one-vehicle accident on Missouri 116 claimed the life of a 22-year-old Holt man Sunday morning, January 11th..

Mautino promoted in rank
Cayce Mautino was promoted to RP1 (First Class Petty Officer) on December 7, 2008.

Water District #4 Board Met January 8
Water District #4 accepts proposal of purchase of new meters, signs contract for purchase of land for new tower - receives reduced bid for tower

City of Lathrop Goes Online
Without a lot of fanfare, the City of Lathrop rolled out their new website,, earlier this month.

Lathrop District Recognized for 'Distinction in Performance'
On Monday, January 12, the Lathrop School District’s Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting.

Drug Lab Bust in DeKalb County
On January 7, 2009, members of the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Cameron Police Department, Caldwell County Sheriff's Office, NITRO Task Force and Cameron Fire Department worked together to recover a clandestine drug lab at a residence in rural DeKalb County.

LHS Grad/Teacher Performs at Nixon Inauguration
When Carmen Breckenridge Bennett, a 1980 graduate of Lathrop High School and currently the Vocal Music Teacher for both the Lathrop Middle and High Schools, performed the National Anthem last August at a campaign rally for then candidate for governor Jay Nixon, a campaign worker told her after the rally that "when" Nixon won the election, she would be asked to sing at his inauguration.

Mackintyre's Legacy Brings Holiday Cheer and Comfort to Others
by Candy Spilman
Christmas is over, but Stacey Garton is already planning for next year's event.

Head-On Crash Claims Life of Plattsburg Man
Two separate accidents in our area, within a day of each other, injured five people, one fatally.

Project Supplies Power to Decker Household
By Karen Reynolds
If you asked Tom Decker why he decided to build a wind generator next to his home, he would tell you, as he told me, “I’ve always been interested in the weather.”

Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings
The Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission will be holding its first meeting of the year on Thursday, January 8, 2008.

Clinton County Officials Take Oath of Office
Inauguration of newly elected Caldwell County officials.

Yearend Review: A Look Back at 2008
The ending of the year and the beginning of a new one is the perfect time to take a look back at the stories that made the headlines of the Rural Reporter in 2008.

Route PP Site of Another Accident
On Saturday, December 27, 2008, at approximately 11:30 a.m., a one-vehicle accident occurred on State Route PP, 2 miles east of Holt.

Hurricane force winds hit area
Saturday, December 27, 2008, Jane and Dan Snodgrass had a rude awakening. At approximately 5:00 a.m., their house on AB Farms, was hit by a blast of wind.

MO State Senator Brad Lager visits with Clinton County Commissioners
By: Norma Ward, Gower Editor
Senator Brad Lager, in his annual visit to the Commissioners stopped by Tuesday, December 30th, at the Clinton County Courthouse, seeking questions from the commissioners.

Recycling tips for trees, boxes,and cards
After you enjoy your real Christmas Tree this holiday, recycle it. Since 1992, it has been illegal to dispose of Christmas Trees in Missouri landfills.

Clinton County could benefit from proposed economic stimulus package
Missouri's Department of Transportation would benefit from a federal economic stimulus package that president-elect Barrack Obama's has pledged.

Senator Brad Lager to meet with Clinton County Commissioners
In preparation for the 2009 Legislative Session, 12th District State Senator Brad Lager will be meeting with the Clinton County Commissioners on Tuesday, December 30th, at 1:00 p.m. in the Clinton County Courthouse.

New GPS for Caldwell County leads to changes in 911 addresses
Some of the 911 addresses in Caldwell County may change in the near future.

Snow covered roads send 2 Lathrop residents to hospital
The first heavy snow storm that hit Clinton County on December 16 sent two Lathrop residents to the hospital in two separate accidents.

In the Spirit of the Season - Toy Drive a Success
Dr. Kyle Beane, of Lathrop Chiropractic Center has been working at a side job during the past few weeks - playing Santa's helper.

Blood Drive a success; Community Blood Center grateful
On Friday, November 28, a blood drive, coordinated by Gerald Snodgrass, Ron Erickson and the Lathrop Rotary Club, was held in Lathrop.

Storm Shelter Committee makes report to City Council; Open fiing continues for city seats
By Pauli Clariday
During the regular Lathrop Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, December 16, Karen Stout gave a report of two meetings from a committee formed to increase the use of the Goppert Community Center as a public storm shelter.

Filing for Lathrop City Offices Opens Dec. 16, Closes Jan. 20
The winding down of the year signals the beginning of filing for offices within the City of Lathrop.

Fatal crash leaves three dead
A one-vehicle accident in Clay County claimed the lives of three people, two of which were from Holt.

Lights of Hope and Healing
by Candy Spilman, Rural Reporter
This time of year, there are many displays of Christmas lights, ranging from a simple strand around a window to the lavish Plaza lights, which would string out for over 80 miles, and include 280,000 bulbs. No matter the size or magnitude of the displays, they all proclaim the joy of the season, and are appreciated by those who pass by.

Lathrop Telephone Donates $500 to The Zone
Late Friday morning, December 5, 2008, officers of The Zone met with representatives of the Lathrop Telephone Company to receive a $500 donation for activity equipment.

KC Man Arrested After Pursuit
On Monday, December 1, 2008, at approximately 1:26 a.m., Sergeant Seth Cox, of the Caldwell County Sheriff Department, observed a suspicious vehicle and conducted a license plate check.

PCWD #4 adopts new procedures, policies
During the District #4 regular meeting, December 4, 2008, President Jim Gorham stated, “We will revise something (Procedures and Policies) every month.”

Vandals Hit Casey's
What should have been a calm and peaceful Thanksgiving morning was shattered for Beth Scott, who was working alone inside the Lathrop Casey’s General Store, when a brick was thrown through one of the store’s front doors at 3:45 a.m.

Highway Patrol reports 3 area accidents; 11 fatalities statewide over Thanksgiving
The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports 11 people died during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday counting period--from 6 p.m. Wednesday, November 26, 2008 through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, November 30, 2008.

Clinton County Seeks to fill Planning & Zoning Spot
Clinton County is currently in the process of seeking someone to an opening on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Old Town Pantry to Open
Perhaps it’s a sign of the times or a sign of our struggling economy, but Lathrop will soon have a second food pantry.

Evening Farm Management Course to be offered in Lathrop
The University of Missouri Extension is offering an evening farm management course, Annie's Project, beginning January 12, 2009 in Lathrop, Missouri. 

Lathrop Hy-Klas donates 10 Turkey dinners to the Community Outreach
View photo of food donation.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
View photos of Santa and the children.

Lathrop Names Police Chief
One of Lathrop’s own was recently named Police Chief when the Board of Alderman voted in their last meeting to offer the job to Leonard Eads.

In the Spirit of the Season - Reaching Out
by Candy McNab-Spilman
Holidays can be agonizing for someone who has lost a loved one.

Vandals hit downtown Lathrop
In the early morning hours of October 25, 2008, vandals threw three bricks into the plate glass windows of Over-Time Sports Lounge at 619 Oak Street.

Weatherization Class Offered
The Lathrop Community Outreach Committee is sponsoring a Weatherization class at the Lathrop Vets Hall on Thursday, November 20, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Citizens speak to pool site issue
At the October Lathrop Board of Aldermen meeting, Lathrop citizen Karen Stout expressed her concern for using the
Lathrop Community Center basement for a bath/shower/concession stand for a proposed swimming pool near the Ingram Park ball fields.

A full house greeted the new elected Officials
By Norma Ward, Rural Reporter
The Sunday, November 16th Appreciation Lunch, hosted by newly elected 1st District Commissioner Charles Dawson, Clinton County Coroner Kathy Little and Sheriff Porter Hensen with Missouri 6th District Representative Jim Guest, saw Republicans and Democrats rubbing elbows as they enjoyed a full luncheon at the Lathrop Antique Showground’s main building.

PWSD #4 Audit shows 'Vast Improvement'
By: Norma Ward
Clinton County Public Water Supply District #4 regular meeting of November 6, 2008 was called to order by President Jim Gorham at 7:30 p.m.,

Clinton County Planning & Zoning denies crematory permit
In their regulary monthly meeting held Thursday, November 6, the Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission voted to deny a Special Use Permit requested by Ron Akers of Lawson.

Lathrop remembers
View photos of the assembly!

Spooky characters roam Lathrop streets!

Youth gets first deer

Cameron Tumor Clusters: Too Close for Comfort?
For years, some Cameron residents have questioned why there is a seemingly high incidence of brain tumors in and around their city. Many pointed to the site about 3 miles west of the city where Rockwool Industries turned iron into fiber insulation until 1981, when they went out of business.

Accident injures Lathrop man
Garland E. Ashley, 45, of Lathrop was injured Sunday, Nov. 1, in a one-vehicle accident, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Clinton Countians joined Americans from across the country i n exercising their right to vote on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. According to the unofficial results from the Clinton County Clerk's office, of the 14,269 registered voters in Clinton County, 10,536 - or 73.84% - voted on Tuesday.

Gower Christian Church to host fundraiser for Lifelong Learning Center
What could be more fun than a dodge ball tournament? On Saturday, November 1, 2008, the Antioch Fellowship Center at the Gower Christian Church will be hosting a tournament in an attempt to raise $1300 toward building an all-purpose basketball/volleyball court at the Lifelong Learning Center.

Measuring MAP Scores: How does EB stack up?
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recently released the latest Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) scores for the state’s school districts.

Deer causes Easton resident injuries
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol on October 24, 2008, 7:30 a.m., at Rt. Z, 1/2 mile south of San Antonio, in Buchanan County, Ms. Coleen C. Whitworth, 56, Easton, MO was southbound on Rt. Z, when the vehicle swerved to miss a deer in the roadway. The 2002 Buick Century traveled off the west side of the road, striking an embankment, coming to rest on its wheels, partially blocking the southbound lane of Rt. Z.

Two injured in one-vehicle crash
On October 24, 2008, 12:07 p.m., according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 4 miles east of Plattsburg on 116 Hwy., driver David M. Foecke, 18, Lathrop, who was traveling east on 116 Hwy. in a 1997 Pontiac, attempted to pass another vehicle eastbound on 116. As the driver swerved back into the right lane to avoid oncoming traffic, he lost control, sliding off the south side of the roadway and overturned one time, coming to rest on its wheels off the south side of the roadway.

Lathrop teen critically injured in beating
Details are still sketchy at press time regarding the apparent beating of a Lathrop High School senior following a Halloween party last Friday night, October 24th, in rural Lathrop.

Missing Teens Return Home
Nearly ten days after they went missing during the Lathrop-Lawson football game, Christina Paige Alley, 14, and Levi Carlson, 16, were located in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Someone driving on the interstate notified the Council Bluffs Police Department that they observed two teens under an overpass, according to Clinton County Sheriffs Department spokesman, Major John Farmer.

Pool, Police and Back-Ups City Council Topics
In the midst of hot city topics such as the police department, swimming pool proposals, and storm water and sewer back up, Tuesday’s Lathrop Board of Aldermen meeting was long, but benign.

Lathrop/Plattsburg partner Alternative School
Clinton County will welcome a new school into the system when the Alternative School opens for student placement on October 27th. The school is a cooperative effort between the Lathrop and Plattsburg school districts.

Woman Assaulted at Lathrop Bridge
The Clinton County Sheriffs Department is investigating the assault of a woman on Tuesday, October 14, at the Lathrop Bridge access.

First Midwest Porcelain Art School Held
The First Midwest Porcelain Art School was held at the Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs.

Mound School Reunion
The Mound School Reunion was held on October 5, 2008, at the home of J.V. and Mary Pollard.

The Lathrop Bank changes name
On October 1, the name The Lathrop Bank became a part of Lathrop history as it was renamed the Goppert Financial Bank.

Standoff ends in area man's suicide
On October 13, 2008, at 8:24 a.m., Clinton County deputies responded to the 7100 block of Rhodus Road on a well-being call.

Mellon Plumbing awarded PWSD #4 contract
The Board of Directors of PWSD #4 met in a special meeting on Thursday, October 9, to review contractor bids and to hire replacements for the two administrative clerks who resigned last month.

Construction begins on Mackintyre's Church
By Candy McNab
Hammers thudded, the echoing sound breaking the stillness of the morning air.

"Colonel" Covey graduates from auction college
Mason City, Iowa - Earning the honorary title of "Colonel", Nicholas A. Covey, Turney, MO, was graduated recently from World Wide College of Auctioneering, Mason City, Iowa, in the September 2008 class held in Denver, Colorado.

PWSD #4 reviews contractor bids for District
The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors for PWSD#4 was held October 2, 2008, with President Gorham calling the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with all members of the board present; Jerry Archer, Jim Gerling, Russell Bumgarner, District Attorney Mark Hubbard. A full audience of 16 people crowded the boardroom, with 5 persons filling out requests to speak during the public participation portion of the meeting.

Lathrop City Council meets in special session
Lathrop’s mayor, Rodney Greer, and the Board of Aldermen addressed a number of issues in a Special Session on Tuesday evening.

Lathrop woman killed in one-vehicle accident
On September 25, 2008, at approximately 1:30 p.m., a fatality accident took place on I-35.

Police chief fired
In a specially called closed executive session, the Lathrop City Council voted 3-1 to fire Police Chief Raymond Sprague.

Carrie Sellers qualifies for NAFCC National Accredidation
The Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network announced that Carrie Sellers from Lathrop met high standards for quality from NAFCC- National Accreditation for Family Child Care.  Meeting these standards took much effort and hard work by Carrie Sellers and her process was supported by the YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral in St. Joseph.  

Plattsburg man charged with receiving stolen property
Plattsburg resident Edward D. Page appeared before Judge Paul T. Luckenbill on Tuesday, Sept. 9, in response to a warrant that had been issued for his arrest.

LATHROP: PWDS Board President Dan Snodgrass Resigns
On Monday, September 15th, attorney Mark Hubbard confirmed to the Rural Reporter that Public Water Supply District #4’s Board President, Dan Snodgrass, had submitted his resignation, effective as of 12:01 a.m. that morning.

Lathrop City Council Addresses Full Agenda
Despite being short two members, the Lathrop City Council took on a full agenda in their regular monthly meeting held Tuesday, September 16th, in the Betty Brazelton Community Center.
In attendance were Alderman James Martin, Alderwoman Alice Crawford and Alderwoman Susan Pryor. Lathrop Mayor Rodney Greer and Alderwoman Faye Seller-Sims were not in attendance.

Class A Waste Water Operator's license places city in compliance with DNR

The regular September 8th City Council meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Randy Jameson, with Aldermen Broderick, Barnhill and Kellam; City Personal, Jane Clark, Chief Joe Wellington, City Attorney Mark Hubbard, City Manager Carroll Fisher, Mike Kellam and visitors Matt Schilling and Norma Ward in attendance.
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved by the council, as Mayor Jameson explained, Mr. Jeff Rhode, new Ward I Alderman was unable to attend due to a family medical emergency.
Packets were passed to the Aldermen containing revisions to the Park Board Ordinances for review, decisions to be make at the October meeting.
Department Reports: Mayor Jameson congratulated Carroll Fisher on his completion of Class A Operator license for the Water Waste plant. The city is now in compliance with the Department of Natural Resource by having a Class A operator. Alderman Broderick recommended a pay raise for Fisher, stating that with the license a raise was within the city personnel manual. A .50 cent per hour raise was approved unanimously.
Carroll reported that the old water tower needed painting, as the paint was peeling. Under the maintenance contract the tower will be painted with no cost to the city.
Chief Wellington reported on the Personnel Manual re-do by Mo-Kan, being ready by the October meeting.
He asked for the ability to offer training to officers, with the requirement of 48 hours every three years stipulation, a firm in Independence was offering training for $175 per officer per year. The council gave their approval.
He then commented about a busy Saturday with the vandalism at the high school and 2 domestic assaults.
August Monthly GPD Activity Summary:
Calls - 65
Reports - 7
Traffic Accidents - 1
Stealing - 1
Property Damage - 1
Driving while Susp/ Revk - 1
Car Stops - 46
Pedestrian Checks - 6
Business Checks - 360
Residential Checks - 27
Fire Calls - 3
Medical Emergency -13
Assist Other Agencies - 3
Dogs Impounded - 5
Inform Traffic Tickets & Arrests
Non-Moving - 7
Moving - 16
Warrants/Statue/Ord Arrests
City - 4
State - 3
Alderman Broderick, Park Commissioner, reported that the school, ball organizations and the EB Booster Club wanted to raise money for new scoreboards at the ball park. At a cost of $7,358 for the boards, more revenue would be needed for installation. Matt Schilling, as visitor, reported that the old scoreboards could be purchased by a company in St. Joseph for $150 to be refurbished for low income sports organizations. The cost to refurbish was not available to the city or park board. The council gave their approval for the community organization to raise monies for the project, all aldermen were in agreement.
Discussion ensued about the ball park and the need to resurface the fields, Carroll Fisher stating, “We need someone with the right equipment, I’m not sure if we can do it (leveling, etc.) to please everyone.” It’s more than just throwing dirt on the fields, it’s got to be a mixture, Matt Schilling commented, “The fields are balled out, and needs to be chiseled.” Recommendations by Alderman Barnhill was to sell it (ball park) to the school right now for a $1 or a 99 year lease, allowing the school to have all the money generated, agreed upon by all of the aldermen. Mayor Jameson said, “I’ll go back (to the school) and bring it up again.”
No further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Nearly $100,000 in stolen property recovered
Sheriff K. Porter Hensen and members of the Clinton County Sheriffs Department served a search warrant for stolen property at 5785 SW Lakewood Drive in Plattsburg on Wednesday, Sept. 3.
Once inside the residence, deputies located between $75,000 and $100,000 worth of stolen merchandise, according to department spokeman, Major John Farmer.
Items found included chain saws, construction equipment, stereo equipment, TV’s, hand tools and garden equipment.
The Clay County Sheriffs Department took away four pickup truckloads of recovered stolen property from the scene.
Recovery of these items cleared up several burglary cases throughout the county and in Clay County and Smithville.
The owner of the property, Edward Page, was not at home at the time of the search.
Clay County authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest for receiving stolen property.
A $15,000 bond has been set for Page.
According to the Sheriffs Department, the investigation into this case continues..

Suspected burglar die at scene of the crime
The Clinton County Sheriffs Department reported that a suspected thief died at the scene of the crime on Wednesday, Sept.3.
Members of the Cliton County Sheriffs Department were dispatched to 5644 U Highway in reference to a dead body found in a van at that address.
Upon arrival, deputies located a white male, later identified as Richard Wright, 51, of Harrisonville, slumped over in the front seat of the van dead, according to a department press release.
Investigation by the deputies revealed that Wright broke into the residence while the homeowner was gone and had stolen a .22 caliber rifle. When Wright returned to his van, he had a heart attack and died at the scene.
Deputies further learned that Wright had an extensive background, which led him to prison of over the last 30 years. In addition, he also had a heart attack the previous week, according to the release.
Taken into evidence at the scene was a syringe with narcotic residue. Deputies believe that Wright had recently used the syringe, based on fresh needle tracks on his arm.
The body was removed from the scene to the Klien Funeral Home in Gower.

Springfield accident claims lives of two Plattsburg residents
Two Plattsburg residents attending Missouri State University in Springfield were killed and two other people were injured in a crash Friday night
According to Springfield police, Andrew D. Schauer, 22, and his passenger, Jared Lee Gudde, 21, both of Plattasburg, were killed
Guidde was pronounced dead at the scene. Schauer, who was unconcious when EMT’s arrived, was freed with the Jaws of Life, but died at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield the following day.
The crash happened when the 2003 Nissan 350Z driven by Schauer jumped a median, stricking a Toyota Tundra head-on. A southbound Ford passenger car then rear-ended the Tundra. Reports say that the Nissan was travelling at an excise rate of speed.Kansas Expressway, just south of Sunshine Avenue, was shut down temporarily because of the crash.
According to Lt. Ben King of the Springfield Police Department, it is believed that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash, but they won’t know for sure until lab results are returned.
An obituaries for both young men appear in this edition.

Decker resigns from PWSD #4
Last Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Directors of PWSD #4 saw the end of an 11- year relationship between the water district and Decker Construction. On behalf of Decker Construction, Tom Decker resigned from the position of maintenance contractor for the district, effective Friday, September 5.

The payment box for the District has been removed from the Decker Construction location.

Subsequent to Decker's resignation, the office staff also resigned. The office is being manned by temporary employees, pending employment of replacements. Normal business hours are being observed during this time.

The board of directors will meet Thursday evening, September 11, at 7:30 p.m. with an eye towards opening up bids to permanently fill the maintenance contractor opening.

Lathrop High welcomes new principal
When you ask Lathrop High School’s new principal, Stan Elliott, how he came to choose Lathrop as his new home, he just says, “It felt like coming home.”

Garden Club donation at LHS honors John Barrett
The Lathrop Garden Club, as part of their continuing community projects, voted over two years ago to honor the memory of John Barrett with a memorial bench placed at the new Lathrop High School.

Assel's generous donation seen by all entering LHS
The month before her death in May 2006, Diane Assel called her children, Tami Murdock of Lathrop and Rance Carlson of Kansas City, together to discuss her decision to bequeath $25,000 to the new Lathrop High School, which had recently become a reality. With that bequest, she hoped to honor her late husband, Paul Assel, with a lasting tribute to the school and the community they both loved. Paul had only been gone since January of that year.

Body found in Clinton County identified as Iowa resident
The Clinton County Sheriffs Department identified the body discovered on Aug. 22, 2008 in a field west of the 41.6 mile marker on I-35 as Levi J. Quandahl of Ridgeway, Iowa.

Fly returns stateside

Sage family visits Hannibal

LHS Alumni Association being formed

New Lathrop laundromat nears completion

Order of protection granted in case of Commissioner Crenshaw

Local 4-H supporter inducted into Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame

Crenshaw discusses gravel with rural homeowners

Man walking coast to coast comes through Lathrop

Council places tax continuance on upcoming ballot; drug-testing policy falls one vote short

Lathrop loses 350,000 gallons of water in 24 hours

Lathrop City Council sets tax levy for 2008; Decker Construction approved as water system maintenance contractor.

Welcome Baby Gauge!

Benefit dinner in memor of fallen Lathrop resident

Clinton County Sheriff's Department arrests three, recovers child at Lake Arrowhead

Lathrop Board of Education gears up for 2008-2009 school year
Cheerleading program reinstalled at Lathrop Middle School; False numbers won't change '08-'09 tax rate; Elliott attends his first meeting as Lathrop High School's new Principal.
By Brett Adkison

PWSD #4 to turn send rate changes to USDA for pre-review
Proposed rate changes, district policy of reinstalled meters and letters to the editor headline the monthly meeting of the Consolidated Public Water Supply District #4.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop Street Bond, Telecommunications Business Tax pass, County Library fails
Crenshaw, Dawson to battle for First District in November; Hensen defeats Eads in Democratic race for sheriff.

Lathrop Police Department makes two arrests during Friendship Festival

Lathrop Outreach to offer medical equipment

Clinton County Planning and Zoning to discuss outdoor arena

Lathrop FFA Chapter beats the summer heat with trip to Worlds of Fun
Lathrop FFA is one of three schools that take a mid-summer trip to Worlds and Oceans of Fun.

44th Annual Lathrop Friendship Festival Preview
The 44th Annual Friendship Festival looks to "Head Down to the Farm", as a mixture of yearly favorites and new additions look to make this year's event as good as any other before it.

County P&Z approves permit for 160-acre Learning Center in rural Lathrop
Dispite some citizen disapproval, the Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission grants the Disciples of Christ a special use permit, allowing them to begin work on Lifelong Learning Center.
By Brett Adkison

City Council discusses Oak St. sidewalk replacement, flooding on Lisa Avenue
The Zone looks to find home in the basement of the community center; Leasing space in Lathrop Community Center could help Lathrop stay in the black; Clinton County Library Board speaks to the council about August ballot issue.
By Brett Adkison

Baker enlists in Missouri Army National Guard

Third Annual "Stuff the Bus" event in Plattsburg

Gagnon opens law firm in Lathrop
1997 Polo High School graduate Joe Gagnon opens the doors for business in Lathrop on July 7.

"Change" key theme in Eads' bid for Sheriff
Lathrop's Leonard Eads has announced that he will be running for the position of Clinton County Sheriff in next month's Primary Election, scheduled for August 5th. For Eads, the name of the game is change, as his mission statement states that he will be looking to "restore trust, integrity and honesty to the Sheriff's office."

Burris looks to bring experience to Sheriff's Department
Steve Burris filed for the Clinton County Sheriff’s race in March out of a sense of obligation and conscience. “I could not stand back and see the county go through 4 more years of being over budget and undermanned without at least trying to do something about it.”

Crenshaw files for third term as First District Clinton County Commissioner
Jim Crenshaw, Lathrop announced that he would be seeking a third term as 1st District Clinton County Commissioner in the Aug. 5th Primary. His goal for the third term is to establish more economic development in the County. Already this past year, the county was the beneficiary of $57,000 in sales tax dollars as a result of Design Homes Inc. moving their business to Clinton County. It is just one example that has Crenshaw excited about the future.

44th Annual Lathrop Friendship Festival heads down on the farm!
This year's installement of the Lathrop Friendship Festival is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent years, as residents will see a new event that will take the place of the highly missed bath tub races.

Youth accidents plague Independence Day weekend
Four Lathrop residents, all under the age of 17, require medical attention for injuries sustained in vehicle accidents.

Public Water Supply District #4 discusses rate change proposal
PWSD #4 undertakes a busy July meeting, with a rate change proposal, the election of board president and an update on the district's third elevated storage tank headlining the gathering
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Gateley attends 115th P.E.O. Convention

Absentee Voter Information
The County Clerk’s Office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. beginning June 24, 2008 for Absentee voting

CBC Blood Drive coming to Lathrop
The Community Blood Center will be hosting a Blood Drive in the Lathrop area, Wednesday, July 2, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m, sponsored by the Lathrop Women's Service and Social Club.

Lathrop gears up for the Antique Show
Lathrop will be packed this weekend, as the Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor and Engine Shoe celebrates its 30th year.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop City Council approves new police vehicles, mini excavator
2009-2009 budget, new Lathrop police officer, codes update headline meeting.
By Brett Adkison

Young Lathrop Hoopsters attend Larry Holley Camp

Kid's Fishing Day is June 14 at Wallace State Park
JEFFERSON CITY, MO., MAY 30, 2008 -- Kids can enjoy a day set aside just for them to fish. Kid's Fishing Day, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Conservation, is 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 14, at Wallace State Park near Cameron.

Clinton County Fair to honor Clinton County's 175th birthday

"Celebrating the 175th birthday of Clinton County" will be the theme of 2008 Clinton County Youth 4-H & FFA Fair, beginning June 16-17 at the Clinton Youth Livestock Show Pavilion, 1 mile east of Plattsburg on Highway 116.

Bibb, Collins visit Lathrop Rotary
Sally Bibb, Governor of Rotary International District 6040 (north Missouri), and Denys Collins, member of the South Platte Rotary Club in Riverside were the guests of the Lathrop Rotary Club on Thursday, June 5.

Busy summer ahead for "The Zone"
Who ever said there isn’t a cure for the summertime blues may have not known that “The Zone” is town, because Lathrop’s newest program is looking to provide entertainment to the youth of the community.

Richards enlists in Missouri National Guard
Timmy Richards, of Lathrop, recently enlisted in the Missouri Army National Guard and will serve with Battery B, 1-129th Field Artillery in Chillicothe.

Lathrop Board of Education holds regular June meeting
Board approves changes to level handbooks, accepts new drug testing program and says good-bye to two Lathrop faithfuls.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop City Council looks at possible bridge over Shoal Creek
A project that was once thought to be too expensive for the City of Lathrop to undertake may be possible with the uncovering of a cheap, but suitable, 83 foot span bridge.
By Brett Adkison

Clinton County Equalization to meet
The Clinton County Board of Equalization will start Monday, July 14, 2008.

Man on the Street
Residents of Lathrop answer: "Where would you rather see the new Lathrop Swimming Pool located: The Lathrop Community Center or at its former location?" The response may suprise you.

Lathrop woman and family involved in auto accident
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on May 30, 2008, 5:20 p.m., .2 miles north of Gower on NW Keith Rd., drivers Christine M. Sperry, 41, (southbound) of Lathrop and Cara A. McNulty, 18. of St. Joseph, MO (northbound), both entered a curve at the same time. Ms. McNulty in a 2001 Daewoo, was on the wrong side of the road and struck Ms. Sperry’s 2008 Jeep Liberty head-on. Both vehicles came to rest in the roadway.

Small town, small businesses prove to be good combination
Lathrop continues to prove that area is prime for business growth and economic success.
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Lathrop City Council finalizes pool demo, begins work on budget
With just one month until the 2007-2008 fiscal year ends for the City of Lathrop, the council takes its first steps into next years financial plans.
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Lathrop Police conduct check point

Jeff Stevens visits Lathrop Rotary

Four comprise 2008 class for Lathrop High School Alumni Hall of Fame
William Mark Gassman, Sam Breckenridge, William Ray Gall and Dan Kratzer inducted as first class of Lathrop Alumni Hall of Fame.

Lathrop City Council holds regular May meeting
New ware main, new mower and annexation of land headline meeting.

Shrewsbury graduates from University of Missouri-Columbia

The Veteran Organizations of North Central Missouri to hold workshop

Summer Reading Program comes to Clinton County

Nine-year old hit by car while waiting for the school bus

"The Zone" to host second event for the youth of Lathrop
With The Zone's first event in the books, which was a tremendous success among the middle schoolers of Lathrop, the organization aims to entertain the older kids with a dance.

Lathrop honors its fallen on Memorial Day

Announcing the Lathrop High School graduating class of 2008

Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor and Engine Show to celebrate 30 years

Shrewsbury, Herbel announce engagement

2008 Deer Hunting Information
From Vince Crawford
Caldwell County Conservation Agent

Polo residents dies in early morning auto accident

Lathrop School Board hears proposal on drug testing program
With the end of the 2007-2008 school year fast approaching, the Lathrop Board of Education holds their May meeting. Among the issues heard by the the board were the school lunch/breakfast prices for 2008-2009, next month's budget meeting, LES's success program and the drug testing of extracurricular activity participants at LHS.
By Brett Adkison

Share your pet with a Clinton County senior

Afterprom Chairperson thanks everyone that made the event possible

Copper Thief caught in Clinton County

City-wide cleanup May 3
Ready for a little spring cleaning? The City of Lathrop can help you out!

Lathrop School District considers random drug testing for extracurricular participants
Students wishing to take part in sports, extracurricular activities at Lathrop High School during the 2008-2009 school year may have to submit to random drug testing to do so; Issue could go to the Lathrop Board of Education as soon as May 19.
By Brett Adkison

Brisco named to state council

Lathrop Parks and Recreation Association holds monthly meeting
Lathrop Parks and Recreation to host cleanup day at Lathrop Park on Friday, April 26.
By Brett Adkison

"The Zone" to hold first event this coming Friday
Lathrop Youth Support Group, now known as The Zone, will entertain local youth with pizza, dancing and music this Friday at Gambino's Pizza. Survey results from LHS, LMS show scary trend of bullying in Lathrop School District.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop City Council hears third proposal for Lathrop Swimming Pool funding
Special meeting also results in decision on local speed limit lowerings, water service to new Lathrop business.
By Brett Adkison

Annual youth/kindergarten screening begins March 31

Improvements continue at Ingram Field
Field construction, hiring of employee headline Lathrop Parks and Recreation meeting.
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Council opens bids for tractor, pool demo
FEMA funds and the new First Baptist Church also headline meeting.
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Community meeting reveals the concerns of parents
Follow-up meeting March 27 will further address the issue of teen suicide.

Lathrop police seek to end current rash of robberies
Latest burglary spurs Lathrop Police to offer $500 reward for information leading to the arrest/conviction of culprit.

Lathrop City Council hold special meeting to discuss sewer problem.
Rare circumstances allow broken sewer line to go unseen for seven years.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop Board of Education discusses drug-testing, budget and LHS driveway
Committee on drug-testing for sports and extra-curicular activities will host community meeting sometime within the next month.
By Brett Adkison

Consolidated Public Water Supply District #4 to begin $1.5 million project in 2008
A new 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank and a water line upgrade may help water problems in the eastern portion of the district.
By Brett Adkison

Two Local Angus Breeders Receive Recognition
A B Farms Inc, Lathrop, Missouri, has been recognized nationally by the American Angus Association for having 1 registered Angus cow included in the Association's 2008 Pathfinder Report. Evans Farms, Lathrop, Missouri, was also recognized by the
American Angus Association(r) for having 6 registered Angus cows included in the Association's 2008 Pathfinder(r) Report.

Where does downtown go from here?
Like many small towns around the country, Lathrop's downtown continues to be a revolving door of businesses on their way in and on their way out.
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Lathrop City Council holds February meeting
Preparation for Street Bond Election, downtown demolition and new Lathrop Swimming Pool headline council meeting.
By Brett Adkison
Rural Reporter

Ducks Unlimited event to help support conservation efforts
The Lathrop-Plattsburg Chapter of Ducks Unlimited will be holding its 3rd Annual event at the Lathrop Community Center, in Lathrop, Missouri, on Saturday, January 26th at 5 p.m.

Gaining viewpoints
12th District Missouri State Senator Brad Lager vistis the Clinton County Commission in order to address concerns with the upcoming 2008 legislative session.

Salvage yard turned down by Clinton County Planning and Zoning
After 13 years of existence, a salvage yard in southeast Clinton County learned on Thursday, January 3, that they will no longer be able to continue operations at their current location, as ruled by the Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission.
The commission's unanimous decision to turn down a special use permit requested by John Howes, of Mike & Bob's Late Model Rebuilders, may finally bring in end to nearly a year's worth of concerns and complaints by neighboring landowners
By Brett Adkison

New school opens to the public
After years of anticipation, the new Lathrop high school goes on display for the people of Lathrop to see.

Local, long-standing business changes hands.
Howard's Market has been a cornerstone of Lathrop since 1973, but the well-known business will now become a Hy-Klas store.

Salvage yard seeks special use permit from Clinton County Zoning
After several long months, a zoning issue in southeast Clinton County may actually be resolved, as John Howes applies for a special use permit for his salvage yard.

2007: The year in review
2007 was a year to remember, as exciting developments sprung up for Lathrop and the rest of Clinton County. Swimming pools, floods, new schools, jails, junk regulations, economical developments and governmental shifts... oh my!!

Heimsoth family brings in four national awards - 12/20/07

Be wary of scams: A word of caution from FEMA - 12/20/07
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A word of caution to individuals with damages from the severe winter storm: be wary of promises for reimbursement for generator purchases or debris removal from private property. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has received reports that some vendors are going door-to-door offering services or goods to help residents recover from the severe winter storm of last weekend.

Lathrop City Council holds the last meeting of 2007 - 12/20/07
After Tuesday night's Lathrop City Council meeting, someone may want to contact the people from the Gunniess World Records. From the moment that Lathrop Mayor Rodney Greer's gavel hit the wood to the moment that the meeting adjourned, less than 10 minutes passed off of the clock.
By Brett Adkison

Jail Committee reports to Clinton County Commission - 12/20/07
In a switch from their initial policy, the Clinton County Commission, comprised of Presiding Commissioner Randall Relford, First District Commissioner Jim Crenshaw and Second District Commissioner Larry King, were in attendance for the Clinton County Jail Committee (CCJC) meeting on Friday, Dec. 14. The commission was invited to the meeting by the CCJC so that the commission could be updated on the CCJC's current stance on a new Clinton County jail.
By Brett Adkison

Local teens take part in Missouri 4-H Leadership Retreat.
19 kids from northwest Missouri travel to St. Joseph to learn what it takes to be a leader.

Smithville Lake Eagle Days 2008
The 12th annual, two-day event will give citizens a chance to learn about the elusive bald eagle.
By Caldwell County Conservation Agent Vince Crawford

Lathrop School District creates Alumni Hall of Fame.
Many Lathrop graduates have gone on to accomplish great things. Now, through the Lathrop School District, they will get the recognition they deserve.

Lathrop falls victim to school threat epidemic.
On Friday, Nov. 30, a bomb threat at the Lathrop Middle/ Elementary Schools marked the seventh such threat in Clinton County in the past month.

Lathrop Planning and Zoning addresses trailer park issues
When Randy and Terri Wilson went to the city of Lathrop to inquire about the zoning of property, they must have never thought they would get the news they were given.
By Brett Adkison

New Clinton County jail hits speed bump.
County must find new study creator; Committee waiting for new information.

Mayor Greer: Seven months in...
Lathrop Mayor Rodney Greer recaps his first seven months in office, discussing the new pool, issues with Lathrop School District and a potential skate park in Lathrop.

CCEDC continue to gain strength.
The Clinton County Economical Development Committee takes in a speech from economical development specialist Terry Rumery.

Lathrop School District holds monthly meeting.
Issue with Missouri Gas Energy, funding for new school and alumni Hall of Fame headline the event.
By Brett Adkison

Help make Christmas special for our troops

VanBuren-Spaeth Library to close for winter

City Council helps with National Lunch Week

David Thompson Memorial Bench dedicated

Kay Barnes visits Lathrop

Peace Prize with Lathrop ties

Missouri's Shoal Chapter DAR news

Lathrop's new Post Master

City purchases the Lathrop Swimming Pool
What was once a popular destination for Lathrop's youth may now be a summer hit once again; Lathrop Police Chief Raymond Sprague and City Council discuss teen drinking party.
By Brett Adkison

Falling back into the past
The Lathrop Living History Festival provides a taste of history to citizens and students alike.
By Brett Adkison

2007 Homecoming Queen Mikayla Lunsford
LHS senior Mikayla Lunsford had a busy week last week, winning the the title of 2007 Homecoming Queen and being honored as the Lady Mules softball program's lone senior.

FEMA, Clinton County meet to restructure locla flood plain maps.
May's flood offers insight to changing flood plains in Lathrop and throughout the county.
By Brett Adkison

Jim Gerber retires from Sheriff's office.
The Clinton County Sheriff's report will never be the same, as Gerber steps down from the office clerk position.
By Brett Adkison

2007 Homecoming Court

Former NFL player to headline Coaching Appreciation Night
Former NFL player Paul Coffman will speak during coachng event on Oct. 3.

Turney Day October Fest coming soon
Annual event will bring one more day of summer fun into a fall setting, as Turney community members gear up for event on Oct. 7.

Jail Committee holds monthly meeting
Committee meets with members of HMN Architects, Municipal Financial Group, and the Konrath Group; Committee vote signals that they believe that Clinton County Jail is insufficent and something must be done, but discussion afterwards leaves the validity of the vote in question.
By Brett Adkison

Music in the Morning

FFA announces fruit sales; tailgate event
By Emelia Heimsoth Lathrop FFA Reporter

Local Missouri DAR Chapter holds meeting

Tengesdal & Collins announce Engagment

Clinton County joins Kansas City Area Development Council
Private donation allows Clinton County to join KCADC; Tim Cowden, KCADC Vice President, gives speech to Clinton County Economical group.
By Brett Adkison

Clinton County Jail Committee tours Caldwell County facilities.
Members of the Clinton County Jail Committee tour Caldwell County's facilities to gain a perspective on what makes a successful detention center.
By Brett Adkison

City Council tackles full agenda
Low-speed vehicles and a son of former Lathrop Mayor Roy Wieneke headline September meeting.
By Brett Adkison

Local youths participate in 2007 Missouri State Fair

Region D recycling events successful

Stokes travel to Wyoming

Clinton County Economical Development Council begins to organize
Council formed to research and seek out development; Lathrop's Don Moore heads up the board.
By Brett Adkison

70 years of memories...
The Lathrop PTO, Student Council, and other organizations help to make "Walk Down Memory Lane" a huge success.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop City Council faces multiple issues
Citizens have concerns about Lathrop Police Department and the city's purchasing of gas.
By Brett Adkison

University courses offered in Polo

Lathrop undergoes mainstreet makeover

Faulty ground causes concern for new school
Prior planning by Lathrop School District helps to dodge dirtwork problems. Drug testing program and audit report headline school board meeting.
By Brett Adkison

Latrhop Fire approves application for levy increase
Lathrop Fire District approves application to state for raise in standing levy from 27 cents per $100 value to 30 cents. If approved, the issue won't go to the voters.
By Brett Adkison

Sew and Sews' Quilt Show results

Northwest Acro Level 7 Team wins National Championship

MWSU 2007 Spring Graduates

Clinton County Back to School Fair

2007 Clinton County 4-H Horse Show

Huffman awarded scholarship

Clover Kids attend 4-H Camp

Lathrop Garden Club holds summer tour

LHS enrollment day announced

Accident claims life of local resident
Rose Hoskins, 43, loses life in car accident.

Lathrop Fire Department given $2,500 grant
LFD uses funds from VFA Grant Program to purchase eight new radios.

Clinton County to hold third economic development meeting
Clinton County Commission will be looking for "leadership" from citizens in the third economic meeting on August 16th.
By Brett Adkison

LHS gets set for " A Walk Down Memory Lane."
The Lathrop PTO will be hosting a look back at the old Lathrop High School and its seven decades of service.

Lathrop park levy increase fails
Lathrop's only question on the August 2007 ballot fails by only five votes.
By Brett Adkison

Route PP bridge to reopen
MODOT announces that bridge construction will be completed early.

Jail Committee to meet July 18
Citizens will meet to discuss the chances of a county jail extension.
By Brett Adkison

Clinton County Junk Ordinances to be dicussed again
A yearlong debate on a county junk policy will come closer to an end on July 11 with public hearing.
By Brett Adkison

Missouri DAR club news

Radio Operators talk coast to coast for annual Field Day

CSI: Clover Scene Investigation

Lathrop Women's Breakfast

Man injured in Holt car chase

Community Blood Drive set for July 3
Lathrop Women's Service and Social Club to hold blood drive.

29th Annual Lathrop Antique Show
16th Ford/Fordson Collector's meeting brings big crowd to the showgrounds.
By Brett Adkison

Second meeting set for County Chamber
June 12th meeting spurs second meeting to create county-wide Chamber of Commerce.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop water rates raised for the first time in 13 years
For the first time since 1994, Lathrop water customers will see higher water rates.
By Brett Adkison

Area Law Enforcers injured in motor accidents
Clinton County Deputy and Caldwell County Sheriff released from hospital.

Special Election to fill water district's vacancy
With Public Water Supply District #4 leaving Ray, Clay, and Caldwell counties off of the April ballot, voters will be asked to go to the polls on June 5th.
By Brett Adkison

Flood Assesment Teams tour Clinton County
Clinton County Commission guides teams through the damage.
By Brett Adkison

Commission tackles problems ones at a time
Busy Tuesday for the Clinton County Commission.
By Brett Adkison

Bridge Closing has Holt Businesses on Edge
Closing of Route PP bridge over I-35 leads to losses for local businesses.
By Brett Adkison

School Board holds last meeting of the school year
Teacher salary recommendation and construction updates headline meeting.
By Brett Adkison

Emergency plan, park levy topics at city council
City looks for answers in the wake of this month's flood.
By Brett Adkison

Junk ordinances, salvage yard still topic of debate for Planning and Zoning
Need for junk ordinances motivates citizens to speak out.
By Brett Adkison

Flood strikes Clinton County
Over seven inches of rain in one night inundates Lathrop and Plattsburg.
By Brett Adkison

A fond Farewell
Norma Ward says goodbye to the office mascot and family member.

Larry Hughes not rehired to coach boy's basketball
Board of Education decides against rehiring the former state champion coach for the 2007-2008 season.
By Brett Adkison

Yes, Herb, the REA is still okay!
By Barry Hart

Clinton County Planning and zoning to hold first meeting since March
Zoning Assisting Administrator to be presented; Rezoning classification and salvage yard issue to headline meeting.
By Brett Adkison

I-35 and PP to undergo bridge construction

Saling Racing hopes to improve in 2007
Jeremiah Saling looks to put the racing world on notice, with his eyes on the IMCA, Winston, and Osborn point leads.
By Brett Adkison

Clinton County schools fall victim to multiple threats
Plattsburg, Gower, and Lathrop lock down as threats cause worry.
By Brett Adkison

Pritchett retires after four decades with U.S. Postal

County looks to create two new organizations
Jail Advisory Council and Clinton County Chamber of Commerce could soon be reality.
By Brett Adkison

New Officials sworn into Lathrop City Council
Buckridge, Huitt, and Wieneke say goodbye to the board, while Crawford, Sellers-Sims, and Greer enter service.
By Brett Adkison

Quinn, Johnston to wed
The Quinn family announces the engagement of 2003 LHS grad Jennifer Quinn.

Warrant Arrest in Lathrop
Wesley Merritt, Jr. of Kansas City taken into custody.

New School update and Elementary class headline School Board meeting
Visible changes to school show significant progress, while a third grade class is in debate.
By Brett Adkison

Sellers-Sims, Crawford win Lathrop Aldermen races
Mother-Daughter duo to be on Lathrop City Council.
By Brett Adkison

Community members continue to help the Eads Family.
Lathrop gives back to a family that has helped to make Lathrop the town it is.
By Brett Adkison

County looks to citizens for jail input
Clinton County sheriff Porter Hensen and attorney Bill Burris pitch Advisory Panel to County Commission.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop residents cast thier vote.
Rodney Greer elected the next mayor of Lathrop.

County resident looks for answers from Clinton County Courthouse
Paul Brown and company want justice to be done.
By Brett Adkison

City remains clam over missing sales tax
$60,000 dent from missing sales tax doesn't scare too many at city hall.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop Friendship Festival set for July 25-28
Lathrop Festival to take a dive into the sea for 2007!

Situation worsens for Lathrop City Council
City Sales tax remains missing for another quarter; Lathrop Schools may not have to pay city of Lathrop for new school.
By Brett Adkison

Lake Arrowhead resident charged with murder
Phil Allen Leopold, 43, taken into custody and charged with the murder of his 71 year-old mother, Irene Leopold.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop FFA members place first at Area level

Sage takes second in regionals
Sage finishes second in third competition of spelling bee

Clinton County 4H Contest Day

Theft, Drug arrests in Caldwell County

Fly returns from Iraq
2004 LHS grad Derek Fly returns from his second trip to Iraq.

Lathrop School Lockdown
Friday's bomb threat ends safely with the poise of the Lathrop School District.

Lathrop residents look to help one of their own
David Eads has spent the last 40 years helping the city of Lathrop. Now town residents look to return the favor.
By Brett Adkison

Lathrop School Board holds March meeting
The Clinton County Library Board asks the Lathrop school district for an endorsement; School construction gets up and running.
By Brett Adkison

Jump Rope for Heart a success at LES.
Students help to raise money for AHA.

The 21st Century Library
By Jim Patrico

Natural gas compressor station could bring Clinton County $800k
Clinton County Planning and Zoning approves two operations that could help pull county out of the hole.
By Brett Adkison